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The Beatles' Album Secret Revealed

9th May 2005

THE BEATLES' album cover for their classic 1965 disc HELP! was shot in a grim English car park - not the glamorous Austrian location originally believed by fans. JOHN LENNON, SIR PAUL McCARTNEY, GEORGE...

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Beatles Letter Under The Hammer

29th April 2005

A letter that details the dispute that spelt the end of THE BEATLES is going up for auction in London on Thursday (05MAY05). The 1969 note - signed by all four members - informed...

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Skinner Dating Beatle's Stripper Granddaughter

28th April 2005

THE STREETS rapper MIKE SKINNER is dating BEATLES legend RINGO STARR's teenage granddaughter - who is a member of British erotic dancing troupe the NARNI SHAKERS. The DRY YOUR EYES star is besotted with...

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Beatles Backstage History Revealed In Rare Contract

20th April 2005

THE BEATLES were one of the most modest rock groups of all time, according to a rare US tour contract which has been unearthed after almost 40 years. Instead of ordering champagne and far-fetched...

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Portia De Rossi Erases Tattoo Of Ex's Name

15th April 2005

Former ALLY McBEAL star PORTIA DE ROSSI is shedding a tattoo with her former partner's initials, after embarking on a romance with comedienne ELLEN DeGENERES. The tattoo, which is on De Rossi's ring finger,...

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U2 To Showcase Concert On Tv

13th April 2005

U2 fans are set to get a sneak peak of the Irish supergroup's current VERTIGO tour during a broadcast American breakfast TV. GOOD MORNING AMERICA will join the Irish rockers on their roadshow, then...

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Final Peel Session To Be Released

7th April 2005

Legendary British DJ JOHN PEEL's final Peel Session CD will be released later this month (APR05). The BBC radio icon recorded San Diego, California rockers HOT SNAKES for his seminal show just before...

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Gallagher Destined Not To Meet Starr

1st April 2005

OASIS rocker NOEL GALLAGHER still hasn't met his BEATLES idol RINGO STARR, even though the legend's son is currently drumming for the British band. The LIVE FOREVER stars - who are self-confessed worshipers of...

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Lemmy: 'Ringo Was Underrated'

31st March 2005

MOTORHEAD rocker IAN 'LEMMY' KILMISTER has defended the talents of frequently criticised former BEATLES drummer RINGO STARR. The heavy metal veteran is a devoted fan of the Fab Four, and is still amazed at...

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Baker's Boy Offers To Replace Starr's Son

31st March 2005

The son of legendary CREAM drummer GINGER BAKER has contacted THE WHO guitarist PETE TOWNSHEND to offer his services, following last week's (ends25MAR05) news that ex-BEATLE RINGO STARR's son ZAK STARKEY has quit the band....

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The Who Scrap Tour And Album

24th March 2005

British rock legends THE WHO have ditched plans to tour this year (05) after drummer ZAK STARKEY pulled out to work with OASIS. Starkey, son of former BEATLES drummer RINGO STARR, has pledged to...

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Beatles Generating Millions - 25 Years On

16th March 2005

Legendary group THE BEATLES are generating millions of dollars in royalties - even though they split 25 years ago. APPLE CORPS, which handles the ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE quartet's joint business interests, has...

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Ringo's Erotic Dancer Granddaughter

21st February 2005

Former BEATLE RINGO STARR's teenage granddaughter is working as an erotic dancer, touring nightclubs around Britain. TATIA STARKEY is the 19-year-old daughter of Starr's drummer son ZAK STARKEY She trained to be a...

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Mccartney Scraps Love Songs Album

3rd February 2005

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY has ditched plans to record an album of BEATLES love songs because he couldn't get the estates of JOHN LENNON and GEORGE HARRISON to agree with him on the project. McCartney...

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Ringo Gets Animated As Stan Lee's New Superhero

25th January 2005

Former BEATLE RINGO STARR is to be turned into a superhero thanks to comic mastermind STAN LEE. The rocker, who voices THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE in Britain, has teamed up with SPIDER-MAN creator Lee's...

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Starr's Drumming Pledge

24th January 2005

Former BEATLE RINGO STARR has vowed to continue drumming until he's too old to hold the sticks. The YELLOW SUBMARINE star admits he often considers retirement after his gruelling tours, but he doubts he'll...

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Starr: 'England Doesn't Love Me Enough'

24th January 2005

Former BEATLE RINGO STARR has slammed his fellow Britons - because he fears they don't love him enough. The legendary drummer spends most of his time at his Los Angeles home, because he prefers...

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Degeneres Ex-lover Seeks Double Revenge

9th January 2005

The former girlfriend of ELLEN DEGENERES is considering legal action against both the comedienne and her new lover, ALLY McBEAL actress PORTIA DE ROSSI. Chat show host DeGeneres ended her four-year relationship with photographer-director...

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Starr Plans Movie Comeback

5th January 2005

Former BEATLES star RINGO STARR is destined for a return to the big screen - 40 years after making his movie debut with the HEY JUDE legends. The veteran drummer - regarded by many...

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Mccartney Angry With Ono's Beatles Song Ban

28th December 2004

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY is fuming over YOKO ONO's refusal to allow him to include his ballad YESTERDAY on a new solo album. Ono, the widow of late Beatle JOHN LENNON, insists the classic 60s...

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De Rossi Has Tattoo Traces Of Ex Removed

27th December 2004

Comedienne ELLEN DEGENERES's new actress lover PORTIA DE ROSSI is removing all traces of her previous girlfriend following their high-profile split earlier this month (DEC04). Chat show host DeGeneres ended her four-year relationship with...

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Rod Leads Knighthood Bets

16th December 2004

ROD STEWART, RINGO STARR and CHARLIE WATTS are the leading rockers expected to land a knighthood in British royal QUEEN ELIZABETH II's New Year's Honours list, according to British bookmakers. WILLIAM HILL BOOKMAKERS are...

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Starr Finally Plays Love Me Do

13th December 2004

Legendary drummer RINGO STARR has made his own version of THE BEATLES' first hit LOVE ME DO - more than 40 years after the original version was released. Starr was furious Beatles producer GEORGE...

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Mccartney Plans 64th Celebration

2nd December 2004

Rock legend SIR PAUL McCARTNEY is considering re-recording former BEATLES hit WHEN I'M 64, when he reaches the landmark in 2006. McCartney's only surviving Beatle bandmate RINGO STARR resisted the temptation to mark the...

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The Beatles' Lost Love Children

29th November 2004

A British TV documentary will shock BEATLES fans with claims the Fab Four fathered a string of children before they married. The CHANNEL FIVE network alleges the group's manager BRIAN EPSTEIN provided prostitutes for...

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Starr Has Surgery To Play Drums

18th November 2004

Former BEATLE RINGO STARR has had extensive surgery on his left shoulder so he can play the drums again. The legendary drummer was devastated a painful bone growth had forced him to give up...

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Beatles Show To Hit Las Vegas

14th October 2004

The surviving BEATLES have joined forces with world renowned theatre group CIRQUE DU SOLEIL to create a new Las Vegas show. SIR PAUL McCARTNEY and RINGO STARR will not appear in the $100 million...

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Williams Plans Paranormal Show

5th October 2004

Pop hunk ROBBIE WILLIAMS is desperate to launch and host a TV series about his favourite subject - ghosts. The RADIO singer's obsession with the paranormal began when he was living in GHOSTBUSTERS star...

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Oasis Aim For Starr Partnership

29th September 2004

OASIS are desperate to get former BEATLES drummer RINGO STARR to play on their next album. The WONDERWALL band will first travel to Los Angeles to finish work on the disc, their sixth studio...

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Starr Hits Out At Diana Memorial

23rd September 2004

Former BEATLES star RINGO STARR has hit out at the London memorial for DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES. The princess has been honoured with a fountain in the capital's Hyde Park, which cost $6.5 million...

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