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'New' Beatles Music To Be Released

10th April 2006

THE BEATLES will release an album of "completely new music" taken from unreleased archive material to tie in with an upcoming Las Vegas, Nevada theatrical show. The stage production, due to open this summer (06),...

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Apple War Rages On

7th April 2006

LATEST: The legal clash between THE BEATLES' company Apple Corps and Apple Computer raged on yesterday (06APR06), with the computing firm insisting they possess the exclusive right to use their apple logo. Apple Corps has...

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Beatles Toyed With Calling Abbey Road Everest

2nd April 2006

THE BEATLES almost called their iconic ABBEY ROAD album EVEREST after a brand of cigarettes. Recording engineer GEOFF EMERICK was a fan of Everest cigarettes and while the Fab Four were considering a title for...

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Apple Vs Apple Over I-tunes

29th March 2006

THE BEATLES' record label Apple Corps has clashed in London's High Court with Apple Computer in the latest of a long-running series of battles over the companies' names. Apple Corps has accused Apple Computer of...

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Beatles' Cigarettes Erased From Box Set Cover

28th March 2006

Capitol Records have air-brushed cigarettes from an original picture featured on the cover of a BEATLES four-CD box set, in a bid to fit in with more health-conscious times. THE CAPITOL ALBUMS, VOL 2 -...

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Auction Gives Instruments To Gulf Coast Musicians

28th March 2006

Music Rising, an organisation that replaces lost instruments belonging to US Gulf Coast musicians affected by hurricanes Katrina and Rita, is hosting an online auction for summer (06) concert tickets. Every Saturday throughout April (06)...

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Starkey Offered Full-time Oasis Role

24th March 2006

RINGO STARR's son ZAK STARKEY has been offered a full-time job as drummer for OASIS, songwriter NOEL GALLAGHER has confirmed. Starkey has been drumming for the ALL AROUND THE WORLD rockers since former sticksman ALAN...

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Mclaren: 'Pistols Stopped My Waxwork Plan'

2nd February 2006

Punk svengali MALCOLM McLAREN has blasted his former band the SEX PISTOLS for acting like "girls" after they snubbed his plan to burn waxworks of THE BEATLES. Outrageous McLaren, who managed the Sex Pistols...

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Row Erupts Over Best-less Beatles Statue

12th January 2006

A new statue of THE BEATLES dating back to the early 1960s has resulted in a row, after original drummer PETE BEST was excluded in favour of his famous replacement RINGO STARR. The sculpture...

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Beatles Sue Emi

16th December 2005

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY, RINGO STARR and the relatives of late BEATLES bandmates JOHN LENNON and GEORGE HARRISON are suing record company EMI over $54 million (GBP30 million) in unpaid royalties. London's High Court will...

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Mccartney Had Planned To Reunite Beatles

6th December 2005

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY planned to reunite THE BEATLES a year before JOHN LENNON was murdered, according to a newly released record contract. In a 1979 deal with CBS Records, McCartney claimed he could again...

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Starr Recalls Raunchy Shoot With Ageing West

2nd December 2005

Former BEATLE RINGO STARR was the target of screen siren MAE WEST's advances while they worked together on 1978 comedy SEXTETTE. The iconic drummer, who played one of West's husbands in the film, was...

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Original Shadows Drummer Dies

29th November 2005

TONY MEEHAN, the founding drummer with pop instrumentalists THE SHADOWS, has died in hospital. He was 62. Meehan, who played with the group between 1958 to 1961 on hits including the much-sampled APACHE, had...

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Waxwork Beatles Sell At Auction

28th October 2005

Waxwork heads of THE BEATLES from the cover of their classic album SGT PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND sold for $146,700 (GBP81,500) at auction yesterday (27OCT05). The busts of JOHN LENNON, GEORGE HARRISON, RINGO...

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Starr: 'Don't Campaign To Save My Birthplace'

13th October 2005

Former THE BEATLES drummer RINGO STARR has urged fans not to bother campaigning to save his birthplace, because he feels little emotional attachment to the house. The home in the Toxteth district of Liverpool,...

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Superfan Finds Beatles' Lost Shots

11th October 2005

Lost photographs of THE BEATLES, tracked down and collected by superfan MARK HAYWARD, are being released in a new book. Hayward spent years purchasing the photographs and their copyrights for the new book, THE...

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Heartbreak Of Lennon's Ex

30th September 2005

JOHN LENNON's first wife CYNTHIA claims she was mentally tortured by the former BEATLE, because he refused to admit his love for Japanese artist YOKO ONO. The pair married in 1962 but their relationship...

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Mccartney Felt Lennon's Presence At Beatles Reunion

20th September 2005

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY is convinced late rocker JOHN LENNON took on the form of a white peacock and visited his former THE BEATLES bandmates during a recording session for his song FREE AS A BIRD....

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De Rossi 'Outed' By Ally Mcbeal Co-star

14th September 2005

Actress PORTIA DE ROSSI decided to go public with her sexuality after ALLY McBEAL castmate GREG GERMANN outed her in a New York bar. The Australian blonde was still struggling to come to terms...

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Starr's Birthplace To Be Destroyed

9th September 2005

The British birthplace of former BEATLES drummer RINGO STARR is to be destroyed, as local officials have decided it has "no historical significance". The house in the Dingle district of Liverpool, England, was initially...

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The Beatles Championed To Appear On British Money

28th August 2005

Legendary pop group THE BEATLES could soon find themselves pictured on the British GBP20 note to honour their incredible achievements in the 1960s. Calls for SIR PAUL McCARTNEY, RINGO STARR and the late JOHN...

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The Who To Tour Next Year

16th August 2005

Veteran rockers THE WHO have promised their loyal fans they will take to the road next year (06), after recently abandoning a series of planned gigs because their drummer was unavailable. Surviving members PETE...

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Stones Track Performed By Beatles To Be Released

15th August 2005

New footage of members of THE BEATLES playing a ROLLING STONES song has emerged and will be aired for the first time on a forthcoming DVD. Deceased Beatles guitarist GEORGE HARRISON and drummer RINGO...

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Schaffer Raises Funds For Paralyzed Sixties Star Smith

20th July 2005

LATEST: US TV host PAUL SCHAFFER is organizing two concerts and a celebrity auction to raise money for his idol, MIKE SMITH who has spent two years in hospital following a 2003 accident which left...

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Mccartney Dreams Of Beatles Reunion

15th July 2005

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY predicts THE BEATLES would have reformed for LIVE 8 if all the band members had still been alive - because JOHN LENNON and GEORGE HARRISON would have been desperate to help the...

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Starr Slams Mccartney For Not Inviting Him To Live 8

10th July 2005

Ex-BEATLE RINGO STARR has hit out at former bandmate SIR PAUL McCARTNEY for not asking him to play the drums at London's historic Live 8 concert last weekend (02JUL05). McCartney opened the star-studded gig...

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Ringo's Birthplace Saved

10th July 2005

The birthplace of former BEATLES drummer RINGO STARR has been saved from demolition after locals hit out at the British government's decision to bulldoze the historic home. The house in the Dingle district of...

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Ringo Misses Out On Tramp Dreams

3rd July 2005

Former THE BEATLES drummer RINGO STARR has failed in his ambition to become a tramp. The rocker admits he grew up dreaming of being homeless and penniless because he feared he'd never amount to...

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The Beatles Considered Reforming For Shark Show

30th June 2005

THE BEATLES once considered reforming for a one-off TV show when they heard they'd be performing after a fishy novelty act. RINGO STARR admits he and his former bandmates did discuss a reunion show...

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Ringo Moves To Monte Carlo To Avoid Tax Laws

30th June 2005

Former BEATLE RINGO STARR has set up a permanent home in Monte Carlo so he can avoid tax laws in Britain and Los Angeles. The rocker still has homes in England and California but...

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