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Nude Pictures Of Jennifer Lawrence Leak, But Hacker Is On Borrowed Time

By Michael West | 1st September 2014

Hundreds of explicit images of celebrities including nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence leaked onto the internet on Sunday (August 31, 2014) via the 4chan website. Images of more than 100 well-known actors, singer and celebrities...

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Nfl Asks Super Bowl Half Time Acts To 'Pay To Play'

By Ed Biggs | 20th August 2014

The National Football League has taken the unprecedented step of asking potential performers at the Super Bowl Half Time show to ‘pay to play’. Traditionally, the NFL doesn’t pay those it selects for the highly...

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Rihanna Wants To Buy A Football Club - Which Team Suits Her Best?

By Joe DeAndrea | 11th August 2014

You're a multi-platinum selling recording artist, people know you everywhere you go, and you can pretty much buy anything in the entire world. You have it all, so what do you do next? Buy a...

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Eminem And Rihanna Kick Off U.s Tour

By Hannah Woodhead | 9th August 2014

As far as musical collaborations go, Eminem and Rihanna have given us some of the best. Between 'Love the Way You Lie' (Parts 1 and 2), 'Numb' and 'The Monster', every time the pair team...

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Eminem Joined Onstage By Rihanna At Lollapalooza 2014

By Ed Biggs | 4th August 2014

US rap legend Eminem capped off a triumphant headline set on Friday at Lollapalooza 2014 by inviting Rihanna to join him on stage for three songs.Eminem at Lollapalooza 2014 (Getty/Theo Wargo)In addition to reprising her...

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From Stages To Film Sets: Singers Who Have Traded Microphones For Acting Careers

By Charlotte Court | 1st August 2014

It seems if you can sing, you should be able to act with a whole host of super singers putting down their microphones and picking up a script instead. Justin Timberlake has made one of...

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Rihanna's Stalker Put Her "In Fear For Her Physical Safety"

By Victoria Pavlova | 27th July 2014

What is it with all the celebrity stalkers lately? The latest star to fall victim to an overeager “fan” is Rihanna, who had handwritten letters allegedly delivered to her SoHo apartment. Think that sounds romantic?...

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Everything You Need To Know About Drake's 'Views From The 6'

By Sarah Newman | 16th July 2014

The world’s favorite Canadian rapper has announced another album. “Views From The 6”, Drake’s fourth offering so far, will be released under the emerging OVO Sound, Drake’s own label. Although he’s announced the album, according...

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Rihanna Causes Controversy With #Freepalestine" Tweet, Deletes It Moments Later

By Nick Hill | 16th July 2014

Rihanna and social media are becoming a bad mix.The 26 year-old songstress took to Twitter to show her support for Palestine during the country's conflict with Israel."#FreePalestine," RiRi posted on Tuesday (July 15th), but only...

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Chris Brown And Drake, Arch Enemies, Recording Together

By Michael West | 12th July 2014

Enemies Chris Brown and Drake appear to have put their personal differences aside, all in the name of music. Probably pretty bad music, but music nonetheless. The pair, who have been feuding over Rihanna for...

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Eminem Lands Second Diamond Single Award - A Look At His Biggest Singles

By Joe DeAndrea | 13th June 2014

After thirteen Grammy Awards, six number one albums, and a billion other accomplishments to his name, rapper Eminem is still going strong. This is because he’s the first artist ever to receive two Digital Single...

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Celebrity Break-ins And Crazed Fans: When Fans Break Into Celebrity Homes

By George Percival | 13th June 2014

Oscar-winning Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock has just recently discovered how far some fans will go to come into contact with their idols as a man broke into her Beverly Hills home in the early hours...

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The Boobycake Drama: Rihanna Vs. Tlc

By Sophie Miskiw | 9th June 2014

Don’t nobody criticise Rihanna for putting her “boobycakes" on display! On a recent interview with Australian talk show Sunrise, TLC’s Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins made a comment, allegedly about Rihanna, that the “Monster” singer is clearly...

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Rihanna Responds To Tlc Criticism By Sharing Old Topless Photo Of Girl Band

By Nick Hill | 7th June 2014

Rihanna isn't backing down!The 26 year-old singer was recently blasted by TLC's Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins and Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas for using the "sex sells" tactic to promote herself.The band members made the criticisms when appeared...

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Tlc Criticises Rihanna's "Booby Cakes" Costume - 'We Kept Our Clothes On'

By Elinor Cosgrave | 6th June 2014

Rihanna has responded to TLC's comments about her brazen and bare breasted appearance at Monday (2nd June) night's CFDA awards.Rihanna's dress has certainly prompted discussion.The 26-year-old appeared wearing a lilac coloured, embellished dress which left...

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Rihanna Is Cool With 'Family Guy's' Jab At Her Fashion Choices

By Victoria Pavlova | 5th June 2014

Rihanna’s red carpet look, you know the one we’re taling about – CFDA awards, sheer floor lenghth dress, sparkles – was generally a hit with fashionistas, not to mention it was such a big hit...

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Rihanna's Perfume Poster Restricted For Being "Sexually Suggestive"

By Michael West | 4th June 2014

A poster for Rihanna's Rogue perfume has been given a "placement restriction" in the UK after the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said the image was "sexually suggestive." The shot sees the singer lying topless on...

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The Cfda Awards: Was Rihanna Best Dressed At The 'Fashion Oscars'? [Pictures]

By Stephanie Chase | 3rd June 2014

If you really matter in the fashion world, then last night (June 2nd) you would have found yourself attending The CFDA awards or the Oscars of fashion, as they’re also known. Being honoured at the...

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Diamonds, Fur And No Bra: Rihanna Proves Fashion Icon Status At Cfda Show [Pictures]

By Lauren James | 3rd June 2014

Rihanna has yet again proved her status as a style icon by wowing in the most daring of ensembles at Monday evening's CFDA Fashion Awards ceremony. The 26 year-old pop star attended to collect the...

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Will Justin Bieber's Racist Joke Damage His Career?

By Sophie Miskiw | 2nd June 2014

There’s a lot of words we’d use to describe Justin Bieber, but “racist” wasn’t one of them. That was, until a video emerged of the pop star over the weekend, in which he tells a...

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One Direction Take Note: How Celebrities Survived And Thrived After Their Drugs Scandals

By Victoria Pavlova | 29th May 2014

So the clean-cut guys of One Direction (two of them, anyway) have been caught on video smoking weed. It’s not entirely surprising, especially to anyone familiar with celebrity culture. In fact, the drugs bust is...

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Rihanna Responds To Charlie Sheen's Rant On Rejecting His Porn Star Fiancé

By Elinor Cosgrave | 25th May 2014

Charlie Sheen does not handle rejection well - at all. Sheen took to Twitter to vent his fury at singer Rihanna who declined his request to be introduce his fiancé, Brett Rossi AKA Scottine Ross.Charlie...

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Why Charlie Sheen And Rihanna Began A Twitter Feud

By Nick Hill | 24th May 2014

Charlie Sheen is known for taking to Twitter to air any grievances or verbally attack another individual, but the 48 year-old's latest target is quite surprising.Sheen directed a lengthy rant towards Rihanna because she allegedly...

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Charlie Sheen Vs Rihanna: It's A War Of Words Only Twitter Could Bring Us

By Stephanie Chase | 23rd May 2014

Here’s a twitter feud we didn't see coming, Charlie Sheen vs the bad girl herself, Rihanna, It seems Charlie’s more than a little miffed than Rihanna allegedly snubbed his fiancee on a night out and...

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Rihanna The Cyberbully? Singer Gives Cruel Response To Fan's Prom Dress

By Stephanie Chase | 16th May 2014

Rihanna is certainly no stranger to controversy, but this time she just might have gone a little too far with her response to a teenage fan on twitter. The singer has been accused of ‘cyber...

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Rihanna Unloads $25 000 For Charity To Apologize For Broken Phone

By Victoria Pavlova | 15th May 2014

Don’t let it be said that Rihanna doesn’t do enough charity. The singer is taking part in the LAPD’s auction to benefit cadets and the families of fallen officers and we all know Rihanna doesn’t...

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Rihanna Donates $25,000 To Lapd For Breaking Police Commissioner's Phone

By Nick Hill | 14th May 2014

Rihanna felt so bad for dropping a policeman's phone, apologizing just wasn't good enough.While attending Friday night's (May 9th) NBA playoff game between the Los Angeles Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder, the 26 year-old singer...

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The Plot Thickens: Rihanna's Involved In Jay Z/solange Knowles Fight?

By Victoria Pavlova | 14th May 2014

The story of how Solange Knowles attacked Jay Z after the Met Gala was bizarre enough on its own, but it sounds even stranger since Rihanna’s name was mentioned. According to the New York Daily...

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Mac Cosmetics Releasing 'The Simpsons' Collection, Our Top Five Mac Collaborations

By Sophie Miskiw | 9th May 2014

There’s a reason why MAC is consistently considered the most current and coolest cosmetics manufacturer. They regularly produce the most coveted seasonal shades, as well as limited edition celebrity and themed collections. We can’t wait...

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Instagram Explain Reason For Pulling Rihanna's Account Offline

By Michael West | 7th May 2014

Rihanna's Instagram account was conspicuous by its absence on Tuesday (May 7, 2014) with the social media organization seemingly having yanked the profile offline. Some fans had suggested RiRi's racy pictures had caught up with...

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