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Scott Is The New Monopoly Man

18th June 2007

Director RIDLEY SCOTT is set to turn the board game Monopoly into a comedy thriller. The Academy award-nominated filmmaker has been promised his pick of young actors for the film, including Scarlett Johansson and Kirsten...

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Scott Brings Blade Runner Replicant Back To Life For Reshoot

2nd May 2007

Moviemaker RIDLEY SCOTT still isn't finished with sci-fi epic BLADE RUNNER, 25 years after the film's release. The director has reportedly shot new footage with Joanna Cassidy, the actress who played one of the escaped...

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Crowe + Scott Team Up For Fourth Time

30th April 2007

Hollywood actor RUSSELL CROWE is teaming up with director RIDLEY SCOTT for a fourth time for a contemporary spin on Robin Hood. Crowe and Scott have previously worked on Gladiator, A Good Year and the...

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Dicaprio To Star In Al Qaeda Story

9th April 2007

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO is set to track an Al Qaeda leader in a hardhitting new RIDLEY SCOTT drama. The actor will play a journalist-turned-CIA agent who is given the task of locating a terrorist in Jordan,...

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Crowe To Star In Alternative Robin Hood

1st February 2007

RUSSELL CROWE is set to play a good SHERIFF OF NOTTINGHAM in an alternative movie version of ROBIN HOOD. Universal Pictures has won a bidding war to take the project to the big screen and...

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Crowe Slammed By French Critics

4th January 2007

Australian RUSSELL CROWE has been admonished by French critics for refusing to destroy global stereotypes of France in his new movie A GOOD YEAR. The actor, alongside his British director RIDLEY SCOTT, has been mauled...

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Fascinating Fact 2556

5th December 2006

Director CATHERINE HARDWICKE saved cash on her religious epic THE NATIVITY STORY by using a set from RIDLEY SCOTT's KINGDOM OF HEAVEN movie as KING HEROD's palace in her film....

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Murdoch Brands Gladiator Reunion 'A Flop'

19th November 2006

The heavyweight reunion of GLADIATOR director RIDLEY SCOTT and star RUSSELL CROWE in new movie A GOOD YEAR has been branded a flop by media mogul RUPERT MURDOCH, the man behind the studio which backed...

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Green Slams Ridley Scott Experience

17th November 2006

New BOND girl EVA GREEN has blasted the movie bosses behind RIDLEY SCOTT's epic KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, after they cut most of her scenes out. The CASINO ROYALE beauty was devastated when she saw the...

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Borat Stays At Top Of Us Box Office

12th November 2006

SACHA BARON COHEN's comedy BORAT: CULTURAL LEARNING OF AMERICA FOR MAKE BENEFIT GLORIOUS NATION OF KAZAKHSTAN took in $29 million (GBP16 million) at the US box office this weekend (ends12NOV06) to hold on to the...

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Will Borat Have Second Glorious Weekend?

10th November 2006

There is no consensus among box-office analysts on which film will come out on top this weekend. Several are betting on Borat to be the victor for a second week as 20th Century Fox expands...

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Movie Reviews: A Good Year

10th November 2006

Ridley Scott's A Good Year is a not-so-good film, most critics have concluded. In it, Russell Crowe portrays a stuffy Englishman who, in midlife, inherits a chateau in Provence, which changes him. Carrie Rickey in...

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Scott: 'Crowe Is A Puppy Dog'

6th November 2006

Oscar-winning director RIDLEY SCOTT has attacked RUSSELL CROWE's Hollywood hardman image - insisting he is a "puppy dog". Scott, who has worked with Crowe on GLADIATOR, A GOOD YEAR and the forthcoming AMERICAN GANGSTER,...

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Scott's Abusive Streak Inspires Crowe

4th October 2006

RUSSELL CROWE decided how to portray an Englishman living in rural France in new movie A GOOD LIFE when he saw British director RIDLEY SCOTT's casually abusive manner towards the French. Crowe found Scott's unintentional...

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Scott's Abusive Streak Inspires Crowe

2nd October 2006

RUSSELL CROWE decided how to portray an Englishman living in rural France in new movie A GOOD LIFE when he saw British director RIDLEY SCOTT's casually abusive manner towards the French. Crowe found Scott's unintentional...

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Ridley Researching Another Black Hawk Down

30th September 2006

Movie-maker RIDLEY SCOTT is planning another BLACK HAWK DOWN-style war film and he's heading to the war-torn Middle East to research it. The British director received great acclaim for his 2001 movie, set in Somalia,...

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Crowe And Scott To Bring Gladiator Back From The Dead

25th September 2006

RUSSELL CROWE has confirmed he and director RIDLEY SCOTT are plotting to bring his GLADIATOR character back from the dead in a sequel to the hit 2000 epic. Crowe's character MAXIMUS was killed off at...

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Scott To Bring Crowe Back To Life For Gladiator Sequel

31st August 2006

Director RIDLEY SCOTT has confirmed he plans to make a GLADIATOR sequel with RUSSELL CROWE, despite Crowe's character having been killed off. Scott intends to write around the problem of Crowe dying at the finale...

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Rappers Sign On For Roles In America Gangster

22nd August 2006

Rappers COMMON, TI and RZA have joined the cast of director RIDLEY SCOTT's new film AMERICAN GANGSTER. Common, real name LONNIE RASHID LYNN JR, TI, real name CLIFFORD JOSEPH HARRIS JR, and RZA, real name...

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Douglas, Willis And Kidman Unite Against Terrorism

17th August 2006

Hollywood stars MICHAEL DOUGLAS, BRUCE WILLIS, SIR RIDLEY SCOTT and NICOLE KIDMAN have united in the fight against terrorism, after taking out a full-page advertisement in the Los Angeles Times condemning violent extremists. The foursome's...

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Scott's 'Tacky' House To Be Redecorated

4th August 2006

Hollywood director RIDLEY SCOTT has approved a massive makeover for his $13 million (GBP7 million) London home after an interior designer described is as a "tacky hairdressing salon". The 68-year-old has lived in the house...

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Grazer Calls Off Separation From Wife

3rd August 2006

Hollywood film-maker BRIAN GRAZER has reconciled with his novelist wife GIGI LEVANGIE-GRAZER after they split in April (06). The producer, 54, filed for legal separation from Levangie-Grazer in Los Angeles Superior Court on 17 April...

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Gucci Family Get Movie

23rd June 2006

GLADIATOR director RIDLEY SCOTT is set to bring the story of the turbulent GUCCI clan to the big screen. The story will span many years and several locations while tracking the lives of the famous...

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Schwarzenegger To Be Given Production Credit

23rd May 2006

California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is refusing to turn his back on the movies as he serves office - he'll reportedly coproduce sci-fi film I AM LEGEND from his state office. The former action man was...

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Gladiator The Musical?

14th May 2006

RIDLEY SCOTT's epic blockbuster GLADIATOR is set to be made into musical staged in London's West End. The Oscar-winning film, which starred Hollywood hardman RUSSELL CROWE, will be adapted for the stage by WILLIAM NICHOLSON,...

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Fascinating Fact 1482

8th May 2006

Hollywood director SIR RIDLEY SCOTT's Hovis bread advert, featuring a little boy and a bike, has been voted the UK's all-time favourite commercial.

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Scott Joins The Company

12th April 2006

GLADIATOR director RIDLEY SCOTT will team-up with US cable network TNT to create a six-part mini-series based on ROBERT LITTELL's best-selling book THE COMPANY. The thriller will follow the lives of a group of CIA...

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Davis Failed To Liberate Women

5th April 2006

GEENA DAVIS is sad her efforts in road trip movie THELMA + LOUISE failed to encourage Hollywood studios to make films about strong, determined women. The 50-year-old is known for starring in empowering female roles,...

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Washington Drug Smuggling Film Back On

24th March 2006

DENZEL WASHINGTON's dream role as a drug kingpin is being realised, with RUSSELL CROWE joining him for AMERICAN GANGSTER. Washington has been behind the project for years but costs left the film languishing last year...

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Scott To Direct War On Terror Film

15th March 2006

Veteran film-maker SIR RIDLEY SCOTT will follow in the footsteps of OLIVER STONE and PAUL GREENGRASS and direct a new film inspired by the "war on terror". The 68-year-old will be in charge of an...

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