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Scott Nearly Scrapped Thelma And Louise

15th May 2005

Legendary director SIR RIDLEY SCOTT nearly scrapped the script for his hit 1991 movie THELMA AND LOUISE - because it was considered "irritating". The KINGDOM OF HEAVEN filmmaker, 68, admits it was only when...

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Scott Keeps Filmmaking In Perspective

13th May 2005

Legendary director SIR RIDLEY SCOTT has ditched stress in order to make his filmmaking life more fruitful. The KINGDOM OF HEAVEN moviemaker, 68, is working harder than ever, but he puts less importance on...

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Green Feared Being Fired

12th May 2005

French screen sensation EVA GREEN may be the toast of Hollywood but she was terrified of being fired from the set of KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. British director RIDLEY SCOTT was determined to cast the...

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Ridley Scott Film Sparks Fresh Conflict Fears

10th May 2005

Hollywood movie KINGDOM OF HEAVEN has been branded "OSAMA BIN LADEN'S version of history" by historians who fear it could incite bitter inter-faith conflict. The box-office hit, which stars ORLANDO BLOOM, portrays the battle...

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Green Keeps Sex Scenes With Bloom Professional

6th May 2005

French actress EVA GREEN may have starred in a steamy sex scene with ORLANDO BLOOM, but she was never in danger of falling for the hunk in real life. Green, 24, and Bloom had...

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Green Slams Scott For Removing Her Sex Scenes

6th May 2005

Sexy actress EVA GREEN has slammed director RIDLEY SCOTT for removing most of the raunchy sex scene she had with screen hunk ORLANDO BLOOM from new movie KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. Green enjoyed playing Bloom's...

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Scott Furious Over Kingdom Of Heaven Critics

3rd May 2005

KINGDOM OF HEAVEN director SIR RIDLEY SCOTT has hit out at claims the epic movie is anti-Islamic, and has accused the vocal objectors of forming their verdicts without even watching the film. The crusader...

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Spike Lee Directs Harrowing Aids Film

2nd May 2005

SPIKE LEE has joined the list of directors making short films for a new UNICEF project after agreeing to turn a harrowing script written by his siblings into a movie. The movie mogul joins...

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Royal Film Axed By Hollywood

29th April 2005

A Hollywood movie about executed royal MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS has been axed because filming locations in Scotland proved too expensive for studio bosses. Plans were cancelled to bring the story of the ill-fated...

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Scott: 'Kingdom Of Heaven Is Bigger Than Gladiator'

29th April 2005

British director SIR RIDLEY SCOTT is proud his new movie KINGDOM OF HEAVEN cost more to make than his OSCAR-winning movie GLADIATOR - because the film relies less on computer generated imagery (CGI). The...

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Irons Begged Scott To Employ Him

28th April 2005

OSCAR-winning actor JEREMY IRONS is such a huge fan of film-maker SIR RIDLEY SCOTT he was prepared to take any part in new historical epic KINGDOM OF HEAVEN so he could work with him....

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Bloom Plans To Buy A Moroccan Home

20th April 2005

Hollywood heart-throb ORLANDO BLOOM is planning to buy a property in Morocco, because he loved filming forthcoming movie KINGDOM OF HEAVEN there. The British actor - who stars alongside LIAM NEESON and JEREMY IRONS...

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Scott Praised For Accurate Muslim Portrayal

17th April 2005

Director RIDLEY SCOTT has been praised for challenging the post 9/11 demonisation of the Muslim religion and warfare in his latest movie KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. The controversial film depicts a 12th century Muslim-Christian battle...

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Scott Defends Muslims In Controversial Movie

17th April 2005

Acclaimed director RIDLEY SCOTT hopes his latest movie KINGDOM OF HEAVEN will challenge the destructive Muslim stereotypes which has developed since the 9/11 New York terrorist attacks. Scott's controversial film - about the 12th...

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Ridley Scott's New Film Accused Of Plagiarism

31st March 2005

GLADIATOR film-maker SIR RIDLEY SCOTT has been accused of plagiarising an historical author's research for his forthcoming epic KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. Author JAMES RESTON JR claims three-times OSCAR-nominated Scott ripped off his book WARRIORS...

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Irons Waiting To Judge Bloom

3rd March 2005

Veteran actor JEREMY IRONS will reserve judgment on ORLANDO BLOOM's first starring Hollywood role until he watches his performance on the big screen. Irons, 56 - who stars with 28-year-old Bloom in RIDLEY SCOTT's...

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Bloom And Bosworth Blame Split On Work

1st February 2005

LATEST: ORLANDO BLOOM and KATE BOSWORTH have blamed their love split on their increasingly heavy work schedules. The screen stars spent two years together, but reports recently emerged that they had decided to go...

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Scott Buys Rights To Children's Fantasy

23rd January 2005

SIR RIDLEY SCOTT has paid $4 million (GBP2.1 million) to secure the film rights to fantasy children's book WOLF BROTHER. The British film director agreed the deal with author MICHELLE PAVER through the FOX...

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Scott Denies Cashing In On Iraqi War

18th January 2005

Celebrated director SIR RIDLEY SCOTT has slammed accusations he's cashing in on current tensions between Muslims and Christians in his forthcoming war movie, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. The historical epic, which stars ORLANDO BLOOM, focuses...

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Weaver Begs Scott To Write Alien Sequel

16th December 2004

SIGOURNEY WEAVER is desperate to reprise her signature role as tough warrior ELLEN RIPLEY and is disappointed director RIDLEY SCOTT has failed to write a fourth sequel in the ALIEN series. The actress is...

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Scott Ups Warriors Violence

25th August 2004

RIDLEY SCOTT is preparing to immortalise his remake of cult movie THE WARRIORS as the most violent film ever. THE SOPRANOS writer TERENCE WINTER has signed up to script the reworking of the 1979...

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Scott And Woo Make Unicef Film

18th May 2004

Hollywood heavyweight movie-makers RIDLEY SCOTT and JOHN WOO have teamed up to make a new movie for children's charity UNICEF. The pair have each contributed one of seven short films about the plight of...

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Suspected Terror Attack Halts Blooms Filming

25th April 2004

British Hollywood star ORLANDO BLOOM was rushed off set amid suspected terror attacks whilst filming RIDLEY SCOTT's new film KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. The 27-year-old actor who was shooting in Morocco when he had to...

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Scott Involved In New Alien Movie

24th March 2004

Director RIDLEY SCOTT is desperate to work on another ALIEN movie, but knows his plans for a new installment depend on the performance of ALIEN VS PREDATOR at the box office. The OSCAR-winning movie-maker...

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Hollywood Director In Death Threat Scare

22nd March 2004

Movie director RIDLEY SCOTT is being guarded by hundreds of soldiers on location in Morocco - after receiving death threats from Islamic extremists upset about his new movie. The 'terrorists' are offended by battle...

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Ridley Scott's Good Year

2nd March 2004

Hollywood movie-maker RIDLEY SCOTT is poised for the challenge of directing a big screen adaptation of PETER MAYLE's novel A GOOD YEAR. The GLADIATOR director will work on the film for FOX 2000 with...

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Rowling And Gervais Head Up British Culture List

11th February 2004

HARRY POTTER author JK ROWLING and THE OFFICE star RICKY GERVAIS are the two British celebrities will the most influence on popular culture - according to a new survey. The Top 50 Cultural Movers...

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Ridley's Camera Banned From Cathedral

14th January 2004

Director RIDLEY SCOTT's hopes of filming in the famous MEZQUITA cathedral in Spain have been dashed - after the Catholic Church banned him from using the former mosque. The GLADIATOR film-maker asked religious authorities...

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Sigourney Presents Aliens Egg To Museum

12th December 2003

Actress SIGOURNEY WEAVER has presented the alien-producing egg from her 1986 movie ALIENS to a museum in Washington, DC. Weaver handed the silver egg to the NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AMERICAN HISTORY on Wednesday (10DEC03),...

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Parker Blasts His Film Peers

25th November 2003

Veteran British director SIR ALAN PARKER has launched into a scathing attack on his peers. The LIFE OF DAVID GALE movie maker was speaking at a debate to launch a new Screen School at...

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