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American Gangster Wrestles Beowulf To Top U.k. Charts

20th November 2007

Director RIDLEY SCOTT's AMERICAN GANGSTER has forced its way to the top of the U.K. box office - taking $5 million (GBP2.5 million) in its opening weekend (16-18Nov07). The real-life crime drama - which stars...

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Gangster Slays UK Box Office

20th November 2007

Sir Ridley Scott's new Oscar-hopeful American Gangster has shot to the top of the UK and Ireland box office after its opening weekend.The crime epic, starring Academy award-winners Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, took 2.5...

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Beowulf Conquers Us Box Office

19th November 2007

Animated film Beowulf has conquered the US box office this week, displacing Bee Movie at the top of the charts.The action picture, which is based on an English poem about a hero's battle with evil...

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Crowe Tips Scott For Oscar

15th November 2007

RUSSELL CROWE has tipped director SIR RIDLEY SCOTT to scoop an Academy Award for his new movie AMERICAN GANGSTER. Crowe, who stars alongside Denzel Washington in the crime thriller, is sure this is the film...

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Gangster Kills At Us Box Office

5th November 2007

Ridley Scott's new film America Gangster has stormed to the top of the US box office after its first three days on release.The Universal Studios crime thriller - starring Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington -...

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Crowe: 'Scott Epic Will Be True To History'

29th October 2007

Oscar-winner RUSSELL CROWE can't wait to star in RIDLEY SCOTT's forthcoming ROBIN HOOD epic, as he's been a fan of the tales since childhood. And the Gladiator star - who will play the Sheriff Of...

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Crowe 'Too Fat' For Movie Role

29th October 2007

RIDLEY SCOTT ordered RUSSELL CROWE to lose weight for their new movie collaboration - because the actor was too fat for his part. The 43-year-old plays C.I.A. boss Ed Hoffman alongside Leonardo Di Caprio in...

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Scott: 'I Should Have Made Last Alien Film'

19th October 2007

British director RIDLEY SCOTT has blasted film bosses of the ALIEN franchise for not allowing him to direct 2004's ALIEN VS PREDATOR. The 69-year-old filmmaker, who took charge of the first of the movies but...

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Scott Amazed When Ford Dressed As Indiana Jones For Meeting

1st October 2007

Filmmaker RIDLEY SCOTT will never forget the first time he met HARRISON FORD - because the actor arrived to discuss starring in movie BLADE RUNNER dressed as his swashbuckling character INDIANA JONES. Scott was certain...

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Jay-z Dedicates Album To Ridley Scott

20th September 2007

Rapper JAY-Z was so inspired by RIDLEY SCOTT's upcoming movie AMERICAN GANGSTER, he has dedicated his next album to the director. The hip-hop star even stole the name of the film - which stars Denzel...

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Scott Calls On Hollywood To Pick Art Over Money

3rd September 2007

SIR RIDLEY SCOTT has urged Hollywood studios to stop making films for financial reasons. The 69-year-old director fears too many poor films have been given the green light because studios know they will sell-out movie...

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Scott: 'Technology Is Killing Film'

3rd September 2007

Hollywood director SIR RIDLEY SCOTT fears the internet and new technology is killing the cinema experience. The Oscar winner claims film fans have little incentive to go to the cinema now they can watch movies...

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Sir Ridley Scott: 'Sci-fi Is Dead'

30th August 2007

Film maker SIR RIDLEY SCOTT has proclaimed the science fiction genre dead. The British Blade Runner director claims the likes of Independence Day, The War Of The Worlds and The Matrix movies are pale in...

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Scott Plays Down Blade Runner Sequel Reports

6th August 2007

LATEST: Director RIDLEY SCOTT has played down reports he plans on making a sequel to his cult 1982 movie BLADE RUNNER. Last week (ends03Aug07), the 69-year-old filmmaker promised to consider all Blade Runner sequel script...

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Scott Eyes Blade Runner Sequel

31st July 2007

Director RIDLEY SCOTT is appealing for scripts to help realise his dream of creating a BLADE RUNNER sequel. The moviemaker is desperate to follow up his 1982 sci-fi hit and has promised to consider all...

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Proud Bachchan Considers Hollywood Offer

9th July 2007

Bollywood superstar AMITABH BACHCHAN has turned down the chance to star in a RIDLEY SCOTT movie, because he was offered the role by email. The 64-year-old actor - the biggest name in the Indian movie...

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Crowe + Dicaprio To Star In Scott Film

28th June 2007

Actor RUSSELL CROWE will team up with director RIDLEY SCOTT for a fifth time in a movie thriller with an Al Qaeda plot. Leonardo DiCaprio will also star in Body of Lies which has been...

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Scott Is The New Monopoly Man

18th June 2007

Director RIDLEY SCOTT is set to turn the board game Monopoly into a comedy thriller. The Academy award-nominated filmmaker has been promised his pick of young actors for the film, including Scarlett Johansson and Kirsten...

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Scott Brings Blade Runner Replicant Back To Life For Reshoot

2nd May 2007

Moviemaker RIDLEY SCOTT still isn't finished with sci-fi epic BLADE RUNNER, 25 years after the film's release. The director has reportedly shot new footage with Joanna Cassidy, the actress who played one of the escaped...

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Crowe + Scott Team Up For Fourth Time

30th April 2007

Hollywood actor RUSSELL CROWE is teaming up with director RIDLEY SCOTT for a fourth time for a contemporary spin on Robin Hood. Crowe and Scott have previously worked on Gladiator, A Good Year and the...

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Dicaprio To Star In Al Qaeda Story

9th April 2007

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO is set to track an Al Qaeda leader in a hardhitting new RIDLEY SCOTT drama. The actor will play a journalist-turned-CIA agent who is given the task of locating a terrorist in Jordan,...

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Crowe To Star In Alternative Robin Hood

1st February 2007

RUSSELL CROWE is set to play a good SHERIFF OF NOTTINGHAM in an alternative movie version of ROBIN HOOD. Universal Pictures has won a bidding war to take the project to the big screen and...

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Crowe Slammed By French Critics

4th January 2007

Australian RUSSELL CROWE has been admonished by French critics for refusing to destroy global stereotypes of France in his new movie A GOOD YEAR. The actor, alongside his British director RIDLEY SCOTT, has been mauled...

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Fascinating Fact 2556

5th December 2006

Director CATHERINE HARDWICKE saved cash on her religious epic THE NATIVITY STORY by using a set from RIDLEY SCOTT's KINGDOM OF HEAVEN movie as KING HEROD's palace in her film....

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Murdoch Brands Gladiator Reunion 'A Flop'

19th November 2006

The heavyweight reunion of GLADIATOR director RIDLEY SCOTT and star RUSSELL CROWE in new movie A GOOD YEAR has been branded a flop by media mogul RUPERT MURDOCH, the man behind the studio which backed...

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Green Slams Ridley Scott Experience

17th November 2006

New BOND girl EVA GREEN has blasted the movie bosses behind RIDLEY SCOTT's epic KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, after they cut most of her scenes out. The CASINO ROYALE beauty was devastated when she saw the...

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Borat Stays At Top Of Us Box Office

12th November 2006

SACHA BARON COHEN's comedy BORAT: CULTURAL LEARNING OF AMERICA FOR MAKE BENEFIT GLORIOUS NATION OF KAZAKHSTAN took in $29 million (GBP16 million) at the US box office this weekend (ends12NOV06) to hold on to the...

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Movie Reviews: A Good Year

10th November 2006

Ridley Scott's A Good Year is a not-so-good film, most critics have concluded. In it, Russell Crowe portrays a stuffy Englishman who, in midlife, inherits a chateau in Provence, which changes him. Carrie Rickey in...

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Will Borat Have Second Glorious Weekend?

10th November 2006

There is no consensus among box-office analysts on which film will come out on top this weekend. Several are betting on Borat to be the victor for a second week as 20th Century Fox expands...

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Scott: 'Crowe Is A Puppy Dog'

6th November 2006

Oscar-winning director RIDLEY SCOTT has attacked RUSSELL CROWE's Hollywood hardman image - insisting he is a "puppy dog". Scott, who has worked with Crowe on GLADIATOR, A GOOD YEAR and the forthcoming AMERICAN GANGSTER,...

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