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Movie Reviews Robin Hood

13th May 2010

Ridley Scott's Robin Hood opened the Cannes Film Festival Wednesday night, and there were arrows flying everywhere -- most of them let loose by critics. They are upset that there is no dashing, romantic hero...

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Robin Hood Is Cannes Opener

13th May 2010

The 63rd edition of the Cannes Film Festival got underway Wednesday night with a screening of Ridley Scott's Robin Hood, starring Cate Blanchett and Russell Crowe. The film is not entered in the competition for...

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Ridley Scott's Real Robin Hood

12th May 2010

Ridley Scott wanted his 'Robin Hood' to be more real than other versions of the character.The blockbuster - starring Russell Crowe as Hood in his fifth collaboration with Scott - is opening today at the...

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Volcano Threatens Cannes Film Festival

10th May 2010

Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano was threatening to turn Cannes into "can't" on Sunday as new eruptions sent clouds of ash into the atmosphere causing some airlines to curtail or call off hundreds of flights in the...

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Injured Scott Pulls Out Of Robin Hood Premiere

10th May 2010

Director RIDLEY SCOTT is to miss ROBIN HOOD's screening at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday (12May10) to continue his recovery from recent surgery.Scott's epic, starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett, is opening the...

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Russell Crowe Respects Ridley

9th May 2010

Russell Crowe couldn't fight with his 'Robin Hood' director because he's so "non-confrontational". The actor - who stars as the titular outlaw in the forthcoming big screen epic - can be argumentative on set at...

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Crowe 'Fine' With Robin Hood Sequel

7th May 2010

RUSSELL CROWE is already eyeing a sequel to his upcoming ROBIN HOOD blockbuster - insisting he and director RIDLEY SCOTT would happily produce a follow-up if the film is a hit.The Oscar-winner has spent years...

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Ridley Scott Wants Robin Hood Return

1st May 2010

Ridley Scott has plans for a 'Robin Hood' sequel. The 72-year-old director - who unveils the Russell Crowe-led movie at the Cannes Film Festival on May 12 - wants to make a sequel which may...

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Ridley Scott Not An Artist

30th April 2010

Ridley Scott does not believe movie making is an art.The 'Robin Hood' director admits the Cannes Film Festival - where the Russell Crowe-led project will be the opening movie - is about little more than...

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Cannes Festival Announces Closing Film

29th April 2010

The Cannes Film Festival announced today (Thursday) that French director Julie Bertucelli's English-language The Tree will be the closing film at the 63rd annual festival on May 23. The film, shot in Australia and starring...

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Ridley Scott Plans Comedy Monopoly Film

28th April 2010

Ridley Scott's 'Monopoly' movie will not feature the board game. The filmmaker confesses his discussion with Hasbro chief Brian Goldner led to the conclusion the movie version will not focus on the game, and will...

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Fascinating Fact 9134

17th April 2010

RUSSELL CROWE left TV mogul OPRAH WINFREY speechless on Friday (16Apr10) when he presented her with the sword used in his new RIDLEY SCOTT movie ROBIN HOOD. The weapon features a mother of pearl handle...

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The Things They Say 16146

16th April 2010

"Ten years ago, national parks wouldn't allow you to tread on certain meadows because they wanted to protect the black butterfly or some other bug. But now these institutions really need the money, so they...

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Cannes Lineup Announced

15th April 2010

British director Mike Leigh, who has already won the Cannes Film Festival's top Palme d'Or award twice, will be going for his third win this year with the announcement that his new film, Another Year...

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Mike Leigh Up For Palme D'or

15th April 2010

Films from Woody Allen, Mike Leigh and Oliver Stone will all play at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Leigh's comedy drama 'Another Year', featuring Jim Broadbent and Imelda Staunton, is the only British film to...

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Tony And Ridley Scott Hope To Tame Mgm's Lion

9th April 2010

British producer-directors Tony and Ridley Scott are riding to the rescue of MGM, the London Financial Times reported today (Friday) citing people familiar with the situation. The two brothers, who separately have created such hits...

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Scott Planning Robin Hood Sequel

5th April 2010

Director RIDLEY SCOTT is hoping his upcoming ROBIN HOOD blockbuster is a hit - because he has already mapped out plans for a sequel.The moviemaker has reteamed with Gladiator star Russell Crowe for the epic,...

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Fascinating Fact 9023

26th March 2010

Director RIDLEY SCOTT is to premiere his new movie ROBIN HOOD at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in France in May (10). The epic stars RUSSELL CROWE and CATE BLANCHETT.

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Robin Hood To Open Cannes Film Festival

26th March 2010

'Robin Hood' is opening this year's Cannes Film Festival. The Ridley Scott movie - which stars Russell Crowe as the titular character - will show on the opening night of the prestigious French event on...

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Moore Still Upset G.i. Jane Wasn't A Hit

26th March 2010

DEMI MOORE is still sore with critics who blasted her G.I. JANE movie in 1997 - because she thinks the RIDLEY SCOTT film was one of her best.The Ghost star was baffled when the film...

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Russell Crowe Scared On Robin Hood

2nd March 2010

Russell Crowe was scared filming scenes for upcoming movie 'Robin Hood'. The 45-year-old actor, who plays the titular character in the Ridley Scott-directed film, claims some scenes were harder to create than on Oscar-winning movie...

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My Chemical Romance's Strange Inspiration

24th December 2009

My Chemical Romance spent longer making their new album because they were watching 'Blade Runner'.The 'Teenagers' hitmakers say the movie and its director Ridley Scott have been a huge influence on their most recent recording...

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Jeff Bridges' Brush With Death

1st November 2009

Jeff Bridges nearly died filming an elaborate stunt.The actor was shooting an action scene in Ridley Scott's 1996 film 'White Squall' when he inhaled so much water and jet fumes his body starting "shutting down".The...

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The Things They Say 13940

30th October 2009

"I'm driving him mad with questions. It's great to know you can call somebody who has your best interests at heart and can give you brilliant advice. You'd be out of your mind not to...

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Jolie & Dicaprio To Play Gucci Exes On Screen?

22nd October 2009

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and ANGELINA JOLIE are in talks to play the king and queen of the GUCCI fashion dynasty in director RIDLEY SCOTT's new movie.Jolie is slated to play Patrizia Reggiano, the ex-wife of Maurizio...

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Scott & Dicaprio Tackle A Brave New World

6th August 2009

RIDLEY SCOTT is heading back to the future - he is teaming up with LEONARDO DiCAPRIO to transform cult novel BRAVE NEW WORLD for the big screen.The Alien auteur has reportedly signed to helm the...

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Fascinating Fact 7714

24th July 2009

RUSSELL CROWE and director RIDLEY SCOTT have returned to the Surrey, England landscape where they filmed battle scenes for GLADIATOR to shoot epic fight sequences for their new Robin Hood movie.

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Sienna Miller Chooses Cate

1st July 2009

Sienna Miller says Cate Blanchett will make a "better" Maid Marian.The British star - who was initially lined up to appear in the forthcoming Ridley Scott blockbuster 'Robin Hood' - is not bitter about losing...

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Weaver Opts Out Of Alien Prequel

1st July 2009

SIGOURNEY WEAVER has ruled out a return to the ALIEN film franchise, insisting she's finished with director RIDLEY SCOTT's sci-fi blockbusters.Weaver's iconic character Ellen Ripley died in the third Alien film after battling a horrific...

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Crowe: 'Feud With Scott Brings Out Best In Us'

22nd June 2009

Hollywood actor RUSSELL CROWE has opened up about rumours of a feud with director RIDLEY SCOTT - insisting they have always had a fiery relationship.The star has worked with Scott on a string of movies,...

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