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Madonna Meets Comedy Hero Gervais

3rd July 2005

MADONNA's most memorable moment from yesterday's (02JUL05) Live 8 concert in London was meeting her hero - British comedian RICKY GERVAIS. The veteran superstar pleaded with THE OFFICE actor to give her a...

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Fascinating Live 8 Fact:

3rd July 2005

GRAMMY-winning British comedian RICKY GERVAIS treated the audience at the London leg of Live 8 to an impromptu performance yesterday afternoon (02JUL05) - of the wince-inducing jig made famous by his character in UK TV...

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Eastwood Fails To Make Gervais' Day

1st July 2005

Hollywood legend CLINT EASTWOOD has turned down a cameo role in comedian RICKY GERVAIS' new British TV show EXTRAS. THE OFFICE star Gervais has enlisted the talents of Hollywood A-listers including SAMUEL L JACKSON,...

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Gervais' Paper Days

1st July 2005

British comedian RICKY GERVAIS hates newspapers using his photograph to accompany negative articles about randy bosses, office hours or employment surveys. Despite discouraging publicity, THE OFFICE star insists his image still makes the...

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Gervais Wants Cruise For Comedy Show

30th June 2005

Comedian RICKY GERVAIS is desperate for superstar TOM CRUISE to make a cameo appearance in the yet-to-be-made second series of his new show EXTRAS. The OFFICE creator has already convinced BEN STILLER, KATE WINSLET...

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Gervais Sees The Funny Side Of Poverty

27th June 2005

RICKY GERVAIS is desperate to join London's Live 8 line-up, and has even developed a poverty-inspired comedy routine just in case he's asked to take part. The British funnyman, who hasn't yet received a...

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Gervais Considers Us Cameo

24th May 2005

RICKY GERVAIS is considering a cameo role in the American version of his hit comedy show THE OFFICE, after a second series was commissioned. The funnyman, who starred as misguided boss DAVID BRENT in...

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Stewart To Join Extras Cast

26th April 2005

PATRICK STEWART has joined the all-star cast for RICKY GERVAIS' new British TV comedy EXTRAS - even though the GOLDEN GLOBE-winning funnyman pokes fun at his varied acting career. THE OFFICE creator and his...

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Carey Chases Role In Extras

13th April 2005

Superstar singer MARIAH CAREY is begging British comedian RICKY GERVAIS for a cameo role in his new show EXTRAS. The curvy BUTTERFLY singer "laughed herself hoarse at THE OFFICE", Gervais' GOLDEN GLOBE-winning TV show,...

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Gervais Defends American Office

6th April 2005

Comedian RICKY GERVAIS has staunchly defended the US version of his hit British TV series THE OFFICE, insisting it's just as funny as the celebrated original. The 43-year-old comic, who played irritating office manager...

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Office Star Storms Hollywood

24th March 2005

THE OFFICE beauty LUCY DAVIS has landed her first role in America after grabbing attention in the GOLDEN GLOBE-winning British comedy. The blonde actress, who played DAWN in RICKY GERVAIS' hit show, will star...

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Gervais Fraudsters Found Guilty

23rd March 2005

The men accused of stealing nearly $380,000 (GBP200,000) from award-winning British comic RICKY GERVAIS have been found guilty. The thieves stole the money to buy 27 kilograms (60 pounds) of gold from bullion dealer...

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Gervais Declined Huge Money Offer

23rd March 2005

GOLDEN GLOBE-winning comedian RICKY GERVAIS turned down an exclusive $9.5 million (GBP5 million) deal with the BBC because he didn't want to become the UK broadcaster's "bitch". Gervais was offered the huge sum on...

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Law Backs Out Of Gervais Comedy

20th March 2005

Actor JUDE LAW has disappointed British comic RICKY GERVAIS by pulling out of his forthcoming star-studded television comedy EXTRAS. The ALFIE heart-throb, who was set to play himself in an episode of the long-awaited...

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Office Fan Foiled Gervais Fraudsters

2nd March 2005

LATEST: RICKY GERVAIS' fortune was rescued by a fan of his TV hit THE OFFICE - who called police when he suspected five people planned to buy gold bars with $372,000 (GBP196,000) stolen from British...

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Gervais Not Interested In Money

1st March 2005

Comedian RICKY GERVAIS has downplayed the financial success he's achieved since his hit TV show THE OFFICE launched to fame, insisting money has never motivated him. The star and writer of the hugely successful...

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Gervais Fraudsters On Trial

28th February 2005

Five people accused of forging THE OFFICE star RICKY GERVAIS' passport and wiring $372,000 (GBP196,000) from his bank account stood trial today at London's Wood Green Crown Court. The four men and a woman...

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Stardom Helped Gervais Get In Shape

23rd February 2005

British comedian RICKY GERVAIS is rediscovering his svelte physique after finding international stardom in hit TV satire THE OFFICE. The GOLDEN GLOBE-winner has embarked on a keep-fit regime to counter his penchant for booze...

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Jackson To Work With 'Hero' Gervais

21st February 2005

Hollywood star SAMUEL L JACKSON jumped at the chance to appear in British comedian RICKY GERVAIS' new comedy show - because THE OFFICE creator is his "comedy hero". Jackson will line-up alongside a star-studded...

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Hollywood Stars In New Gervais Comedy

13th February 2005

Screen stars SAMUEL L JACKSON, BEN STILLER and KATE WINSLET have been recruited by British comic RICKY GERVAIS to feature in his eagerly awaited new series EXTRAS. THE OFFICE creator and star approached the...

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Gervais To Woo Marge Simpson

26th January 2005

British funnyman RICKY GERVAIS will steal cartoon matriarch MARGE SIMPSON from her husband HOMER in a forthcoming episode of the hit animated TV show. The star and creator of cult comedy THE OFFICE, Gervais,...

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Stiller And Jackson Latest Gervais Extras

23rd January 2005

Hollywood stars BEN STILLER and SAMUEL L JACKSON have confirmed cameo appearances in THE OFFICE creator RICKY GERVAIS' new TV comedy. Stiller and Jackson join a star-studded cast on the British show, which will...

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Gervais: 'I'm Not An Actor'

12th January 2005

RICKY GERVAIS hates being described as an 'actor' - because he finds them "vain" and "boring". The stand-up comedian shot to fame after co-writing and starring in sitcom THE OFFICE, which became a smash...

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Gervais For Lead Role In 10 Remake

9th January 2005

British comedian RICKY GERVAIS is lined up for lead role in the remake of 1970s film 10. THE OFFICE star is set to play character GEORGE WEBBER - originally undertaken by the late comic...

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Gervais Delighted To Be Writing The Simpsons

23rd December 2004

GOLDEN GLOBE-winning comic RICKY GERVAIS has fulfilled his lifetime's ambition - he is writing an episode of THE SIMPSONS. The British OFFICE star will also voice a character in the popular animation show, which...

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Gervais: 'I've Turned Down Fame And Fortune'

20th December 2004

RICKY GERVAIS has turned down $18 million (GBP10 million) in earnings from a host of Hollywood roles, because he isn't motivated by money. The British comedian, who shot to fame after writing and starring...

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Britain To Rival America At Oscars

14th December 2004

The UK's hopes for next year's (FEB05) OSCARS have been given a boost, after eight British actors picked GOLDEN GLOBE nominations yesterday (13DEC04). English stars IMELDA STAUNTON, JOELY RICHARDSON, KATE WINSLET, CLIVE OWEN, IAN...

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Gervais Not Worried About Beating The Office

5th December 2004

British comedian RICKY GERVAIS refuses to entertain the gloomy prospect his hit show THE OFFICE will prove to be his career highlight. The funnyman, who also features as the show's star DAVID BRENT, insists...

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Gervais In Movie Deal

5th December 2004

British comedian RICKY GERVAIS will produce a $90 million (GBP50 million) Hollywood animated movie based on his children's book FLANIMALS. The creator of GOLDEN GLOBE-winning seminal comedy THE OFFICE will be executive producer and...

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Gervais Is 'Better' Than Shakespeare

1st December 2004

THE OFFICE creator and star RICKY GERVAIS is a "better writer" than legendary playwright WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, according to his TV co-star MACKENZIE CROOK. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN actor Crook played down-trodden office worker GARETH...

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