Richardson Demanded A Scene With Her Mum

NATASHA RICHARDSON only agreed to appear in new movie EVENING if writer/director MICHAEL CUNNINGHAM agreed to write her into a scene with her mother. The British actress plays her real-life mum Vanessa Redgrave's daughter in the film and was upset when she realised she wouldn't share a scene with the veteran thespian. She says, "When they offered me the part there was no scene with my mother and I was like, `You have a unique opportunity here. You've got to take advantage. If I do this with my mom, this is the one shot deal and we have to have a moment, and I think it makes sense for the story.' "I said, 'If you write a scene for the two of us, then I'll do the movie,' and so Michael wrote that scene." Richardson admits parts of the film were extra tough because the movie focuses on the last days of a dying woman, played by her own mum. She adds, "It's incredibly painful to watch your own real mother lying in that bed and being so convincingly ill. It makes me project all sorts of things... This will probably be the first and last time we play mother and daughter, which is why it was so special. I can't imagine that anyone would ask us to do it again."


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