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Simmons' Rep Denies Fitness Guru Is Ill

12th October 2011

A representative for Richard Simmons has assured fans the beloved exercise guru is fit and well after his gaunt appearance on U.S. TV show Dancing With The Stars sparked concerns for his health.The eccentric fitness...

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Richard Simmons Appears In Flight Safety Video

28th March 2011

Richard Simmons features in a new in-flight safety video for 'Air New Zealand'.Richard Simmons, the American fitness guru and television personality, asks passengers to "stretch it up" when they put their travel bags overhead in...

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Jane Fonda Hosts Fitness Day

22nd March 2010

Jane Fonda is to host the first-ever World Fitness Day.The 72-year-old actress - whose workout videos were a huge hit in the 70s - wants to promote the event in Atlanta's Georgia Dome on May...

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Kevin Smith Too Fat To Fly

15th February 2010

Kevin Smith has been kicked off a plane - for being too fat. The 39-year-old director-and-actor - who played Silent Bob in his 'Clerks' movies and who has battled his weight for years - usually...

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Movie Reviews Hamlet 2

27th August 2008

After five days in limited release, Hamlet 2 is opening wide today (Wednesday) but ticket sales for it are likely to be as lackluster as the reviews for it, analysts suggest. The movie follows the...

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Fascinating Fact 421

25th October 2005

Since 1965, exercise guru RICHARD SIMMONS has purchased over 10,000 original pictures of BARBRA STREISAND. Simmons, who's yet to meet Streisand, has also been collecting dolls for 15 years....

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Simmons Furious About Kfc Lies

11th April 2005

Hip-hop mogul RICHARD SIMMONS is to join black rights leader REVEREND AL SHARPTON in an explosive new anti-KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN commercial after learning he was duped by the company's marketing men. KFC bosses met...

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Simmons Assault Charges Dropped

28th May 2004

An assault charge against celebrity American fitness guru RICHARD SIMMONS has been mysteriously dropped. Simmons, 55, was accused of slapping cage fighter CHRISTOPHER FARLEY in an altercation at an Arizona airport in March (04)....

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Arquette Brands Simmons' Alleged Attack A 'Good Career Move'

29th March 2004

SCREAM star DAVID ARQUETTE believes fitness guru RICHARD SIMMONS' alleged "bitch slapping" of a man in an airport is a "good career move" for the flamboyant star. Simmons, 55, was ticketed for misdemeanour assault...

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Fitness Icon Richard Simmons Cited For Slapping Man

25th March 2004

Flamboyant fitness guru RICHARD SIMMONS has been cited by authorities in Arizona for allegedly "bitch slapping" a man in an airport for poking fun at his exercise videos. Simmons, 55, was ticketed for misdemeanour...

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