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Bewkes Takes Over All Reins At Time Warner

12th December 2008

Richard Parsons completed handing over the reins of power at Time Warner to Jeff Bewkes Thursday. Last January, Parsons ceded the CEO title to Bewkes, while retaining the title of chairman. On Thursday, he handed...

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You've Got Loss

1st May 2008

AOL remained an albatross around the neck of Time Warner during the first quarter as profits from the Internet-access business plummeted a ghastly 73 percent versus the same quarter a year ago. The company's decision...

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Bewkes May Break Up Time Warner, Says Report

28th December 2007

Incoming Time Warner CEO Jeffrey Bewkes is likely to movie quickly to dismantle the company by spinning off Time Warner Cable and selling AOL and Time Inc., according to Bloomberg News. Such a move would...

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Karmazin Says He Tried Three Times To Buy Cnn

31st October 2007

When Mel Karmazin presided over CBS and later, when he was the the No. 2 man at Viacom, he made three efforts to combine the network with CNN, he said in an interview on Fox...

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Parsons May Break Up Time Warner, After All

19th September 2007

Two years after winning his battle with corporate raider Carl Icahn, who had called for the break-up of Time Warner into four separate companies -- cable, Internet, publishing and movies/TV -- Time Warner Chairman and...

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Iger Says Blu-ray Didn't Pay Off Disney

19th September 2007

Disney CEO Robert Iger said Tuesday that his company has not taken any money from the Blu-ray high-definition video camp to continue releasing its movies in Blu-ray exclusively. Iger's comments came at an investors' conference...

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And Then There'll Be Two?

8th June 2007

While competition from satellite TV providers DirecTV and and Echostar's DISH Network were originally expected to increase competition among cable companies, just the opposite may prove to be the case, Time Warner CEO Richard Parsons...

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Eisner Tanks Again

17th August 2006

Officially retired, Michael Eisner continues to preside over what must certainly be the biggest failure of his career. According to TV Newser, his Tuesday night Conversations with Michael, which aired on Tuesday night, drew just...

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Lord Of The Rings Stars In Bonus Row With Studio

25th November 2003

LORD OF THE RINGS bosses have put down a potential revolt by the film trilogy's stars by agreeing to pay them increased bonuses. NEW LINE STUDIOS agreed to the payments after 18 actors in...

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