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Nicolas Cage To Star In Richard Kelly's Amicus

27th September 2012

Nicolas Cage is set to star in Richard Kelly's 'Amicus'.The 'Stolen' actor will team up with the 'Donnie Darko' director for the real-life crime thriller based on former record producer Lawrence Horn who hired a...

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The Things They Say 5038

1st July 2007

"My biggest fear was that it would get pulled back so far it became a period piece!" Director RICHARD KELLY's futuristic film TALES took a long to make....

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Kelly Upset With Planned Movie Edits

25th August 2006

Hollywood director RICHARD KELLY is furious after learning distributors plan to cut one hour of footage from his latest movie SOUTHLAND TALES. Kelly's follow-up to his cult hit DONNIE DARKO received a disastrous reception from...

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Darko Director Investigated Over 'Terrorism Links'

10th May 2006

DONNIE DARKO director RICHARD KELLY could be forced to miss the Cannes Film Festival because his passport is being reviewed by the US Government. Homeland Security is investigating 31-year-old Kelly, reportedly because there is a...

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Gellar To Play Porn Star In Southland Tales

15th May 2005

Hollywood beauty SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR is shunning her wholesome image to play a porn star in RICHARD KELLY's new movie SOUTHLAND TALES. The BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER actress will star alongside wrestler-turned actor DWAYNE...

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Gyllenhaal Wants To Be Queen Of Hollywood

1st February 2005

MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL wants to follow in her brother JAKE's footsteps and make the giant leap from independent films to Hollywood blockbusters. Jake first grabbed attention in RICHARD KELLY's dark masterpiece DONNIE DARKO before going...

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Donnie Darko Gets American Re-release

21st April 2004

Cult film DONNIE DARKO is being released in American cinemas following its massive success on DVD - although it made just over half a million dollars (GBP278,000) on its original theatrical stint. Director RICHARD...

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