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Swayze Blows Chicago Secret 1953216 12th December 2003 <p>DIRTY DANCING hunk PATRICK SWAYZE has miserably failed to keep his upcoming run in the stage version of CHICAGO a secret.</p> <p> The 51-year-old star has secured the part of BILLY FLYNN, made famous by RICHARD GERE in the OSCAR-winning movie, on the New York stage in the near future, but has blown his attempts to keep the news quiet.</p> <p> He tells gossip site PAGESIX, "I am going in without anyone knowing about it.</p> <p> "We're keeping it quiet. The idea is that this is to be strictly unadvertised. I'm only doing it for two weeks.</p> <p> "I'm playing that sleazy lawyer Billy Flynn. The whole thing is to get me ready for doing the role in LA." </p> <b>12/12/2003 17:16</b> news_wenn_old 30747 1155166 Dirty Dancing, Patrick Swayze, Chicago, Billy Flynn, Richard Gere, Pagesix, La
Gere Launches Indian Aids Collective 1953944 2nd December 2003 <p>Hollywood star RICHARD GERE has launched a new campaign in India to battle the country's AIDS problems - using the country's top stars to highlight the issue.</p> <p> The PRETTY WOMAN star has contacted Bollywood movie stars, sports celebrities, business leaders and government officials for his HEROES PROJECT to help battle the killer disease, which has left 4 million Indians infected with either HIV or AIDS.</p> <p> He says, "If you work with the creative community, the incredible power of industry, then bring in the government and the judicial system, you can solve any problem.</p> <p> "We've touched each other because of our genuine commitment to this issue and my own commitment that I'm not going away and I'll be back again and again and again." </p> <b>02/12/2003 17:34</b> news_wenn_old 66742 495887 Richard Gere, Aids, Heroes Project, Hiv
Gere Embarrasses Presidential Hopeful 1954460 24th November 2003 <p>Committed Buddhist actor RICHARD GERE put American presidential hopeful WESLEY CLARK on the spot at a recent fundraiser, by quizzing him on the death penalty.</p> <p> Clark was taking part in a question and answer session at designer DIANE VON FURSTENBERG's New York studio when the CHICAGO star stepped up from the floor to ask him about his stance on capital punishment.</p> <p> According to gossip website PAGE SIX, the Democrat politician said, "I don't believe in the death penalty, per se, but I do believe we should reserve the right to use it in extreme cases, like that of OSAMA BIN LADEN."</p> <p> However, Clark faltered when Gere quickly replied, "How can you not believe in the death penalty, but reserve that right for certain cases?"</p> <p> Gere went onto state, "I believe only God has the right to take life. We as people don't have that right," before Clark wrapped up the strained exchange by saying, "We could have a philosophical discussion about this for hours, but I don't think this is the right venue." </p> <b>24/11/2003 21:22</b> news_wenn_old 66742 495887 Richard Gere, Wesley Clark, Diane, Von Furstenberg, Page Six, Osama Bin Laden
Swayze Set For Chicago 1954591 21st November 2003 <p>DIRTY DANCING star PATRICK SWAYZE is set to strut his stuff in CHICAGO when the touring stage musical hits California.</p> <p> The actor will play BILLY FLYNN, the role immortalised by RICHARD GERE in the hit multi-OSCAR winning-film, when the production opens in San Diego at the end of December (03). </p> <b>21/11/2003 19:11</b> news_wenn_old 57108 570362 Patrick Swayze, Chicago, Billy Flynn, Richard Gere, Oscar
Binoche To Play Gere's Wife 1955217 12th November 2003 <p>French OSCAR-winner JULIETTE BINOCHE is to play RICHARD GERE's wife in a new movie about America's SPELLING BEE contest.</p> <p> They will star as an estranged couple desperately trying to save their marriage while their 11-year-old daughter attempts to become a spelling champion in BEE SEASON. </p> <b>12/11/2003 21:09</b> news_wenn_old 42716 510694 Juliette Binoche, Richard Gere, Spelling Bee, Bee Season
Richard Gere To Star In West End Musical? 1956963 17th October 2003 <p>Hollywood superstar RICHARD GERE has been offered a part in THE SOUND OF MUSIC stage show - by musical legendary SIR ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER.</p> <p> The veteran composer was so impressed with Gere's performance in movie musical CHICAGO he wasted no time in pitching his idea when he spotted the actor at an event in London earlier this week (ends17OCT03).</p> <p> And Gere is said to be interested at the prospect of appearing on London's prestigious West End stage.</p> <p> An insider says, "Lloyd Webber came darting over to Gere and said, 'My wife MADELEINE has been a fan ever since she saw you in AMERICAN GIGOLO. She took me along to Chicago and I can tell you I was incredibly impressed.</p> <p> "'You have fantastic pitch. Would you consider playing the lead in The Sound Of Music? I think you would be perfect for the role.</p> <p> "'I bought the rights to it some years ago and I'm itching to stage it, I'm just waiting to cast the right leads. How about it?'" </p> <b>17/10/2003 13:39</b> news_wenn_old 66742 495887 Richard Gere, The Sound Of, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Chicago, Oct, Madeleine, American Gigolo
Gere Set For Moving Images Honour 1957013 16th October 2003 <p>Hollywood actor RICHARD GERE will be honoured by the AMERICAN MUSEUM OF MOVING IMAGES next year (04) at the organisation's 19th annual black-tie benefit.</p> <p> The salute, which will take place on 20 April at New York's WALDORF-ASTORIA HOTEL, will follow in the tradition of honouring a film personality whose career has had a major impact on both industry and audiences.</p> <p> Gere recently won a GOLDEN GLOBE for his role as BILLY FLYNN in the hit musical CHICAGO. </p> <b>16/10/2003 21:14</b> news_wenn_old 66742 495887 Richard Gere, American Museum Of, Moving Images, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, Golden Globe, Billy Flynn, Chicago
Hurley Bedazzles 1957085 16th October 2003 <p>British beauty LIZ HURLEY outshone a galaxy of stars at a Royal bash in London last night (15OCT03).</p> <p> The BEDAZZLED actress hosted the high-profile FASHION ROCKS catwalk show in aid of the PRINCE'S TRUST, along with her comedian pal DENIS LEARY, at the ROYAL ALBERT HALL.</p> <p> And she gave fellow guests, including the charity's patron PRINCE CHARLES, an eyeful with her plunging pink dress.</p> <p> Pop hunk ROBBIE WILLIAMS, who turned up in a classy suit, joked, "I only came here to see Liz Hurley's nipples. I can see her nipples - and even her thong."</p> <p> R+B diva BEYONCE KNOWLES, 22, took to the stage in a shimmering gold ARMANI gown, while musicians SHERYL CROW, BRYAN FERRY, BRYAN ADAMS, BJORK, BLUE and DURAN DURAN also donned their finery to support the worthy cause.</p> <p> Hollywood star RICHARD GERE, 54, drew the biggest cheers from the thrilled crowd. </p> <b>16/10/2003 02:03</b> news_wenn_old 43418 423048 Liz Hurley, Oct, Bedazzled, Fashion Rocks, Prince's Trust, Denis Leary, Royal Albert Hall, Prince Charles, Robbie Williams, Beyonce Knowles, Armani, Sheryl Crow, Bryan Ferry, Bryan Adams, Bjork, Blue, Duran Duran, Richard Gere
Titanic Has Best Ending 1957172 15th October 2003 <p>Movie blockbuster TITANIC has the best film ending of all time, according to a new poll.</p> <p> The scene in which an aged ROSE, played in her younger incarnation by curvy KATE WINSLET, throws her locket in the ocean and dies, to be reunited with LEONARDO DiCAPRIO, has been voted most moving ending ever by a poll conducted by DIET COKE.</p> <p> The top ten best endings are:</p> <p>1. TITANIC, 1997 - lovers reunited in death.</p> <p>2. SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, 1994 - prisoners reunited after one escapes and one is paroled.</p> <p>3. THE ITALIAN JOB, 1969 - coach full gold hangs over the edge of a cliff.</p> <p>4. CASABLANCA, 1942 - HUMPHREY BOGART helps INGRID BERGMAN escape but stays behind.</p> <p>5. THE USUAL SUSPECTS, 1995 - the villain's identity is revealed.</p> <p>6. AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN, 1982 - RICHARD GERE carries DEBRA WINGER out of the factory.</p> <p>7. THE SIXTH SENSE, 1999 - BRUCE WILLIS finds out the truth about HALEY JOEL OSMENT's "dead people".</p> <p>8. ET, 1982 - ET goes home.</p> <p>9. BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID, 1969 - ROBERT REDFORD and PAUL NEWMAN face a hail of bullets.</p> <p>10. FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL, 1994 - HUGH GRANT finds true love. </p> <b>15/10/2003 02:29</b> news_wenn_old 71362 3272202 Titanic, Rose, Kate Winslet, Caprio, Diet, Coke, Shawshank Redemption, The Italian Job, Casablanca, Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, The Usual Suspects, An Officer And A Gentleman, Richard Gere, Debra Winger, The Sixth Sense, Bruce Willis, Haley Joel, Osment, Et, Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid, Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Four Weddings And A Funeral, Hugh Grant
Sarandon And Robbins Buy Frampton's Dream Home 1957378 12th October 2003 <p>Rock legend PETER FRAMPTON is desperate to befriend Hollywood couple SUSAN SARANDON and TIM ROBBINS after learning they live in his dream home.</p> <p> Frampton was forced to move out of the Pound Ridge, New York, mansion when he faced a legal crisis a decade ago, but he admits the home still has a special place in his heart.</p> <p> RICHARD GERE was originally interested in buying the property, but now Frampton has learned Sarandon and Robbins are calling the place home.</p> <p> He says, "I didn't know. Me and my wife TINA are such huge fans of both of them. I'd love to say hi and see how they like it.</p> <p> "It was not the best time for me having to leave that house. It was designed by a student of FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT and it was a phenomenal house." </p> <b>12/10/2003 20:51</b> news_wenn_old 248922 593137 Peter Frampton, Susan, Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Richard Gere, Tina, Frank Lloyd Wright
Out Of Sight Couple Top Poll 1957865 5th October 2003 <p>Latina beauty JENNIFER LOPEZ and rugged OUT OF SIGHT co-star GEORGE CLOONEY have been voted the hottest Hollywood on-screen couple by movie fans. </p> <p> The poll by TV channel E! saw J.Lo and George trounce classical greats including AUDREY HEPBURN and GREGORY PECK, and LAUREN BACALL and HUMPHREY BOGART.</p> <p> An E! spokesman says of the poll's winners, "Every time the pair of them are on screen they sizzle. It's really amazing stuff and if you didn't know already you'd think they were real-life lovers."</p> <p> The full top 10 is:</p> <p>1. JENNIFER LOPEZ and GEORGE CLOONEY in OUT OF SIGHT</p> <p>2. JULIA ROBERTS and RICHARD GERE in PRETTY WOMAN</p> <p>3. AUDREY HEPBURN and GREGORY PECK in ROMAN HOLIDAY</p> <p>4. DEMI MOORE and PATRICK SWAYZE in GHOST</p> <p>5. FAYE DUNNAWAY and STEVE McQUEEN in THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR</p> <p>6. KATHARINE HEPBURN and SPENCER TRACY in ADAM'S RIB</p> <p>7. KATHLEEN TURNER and WILLIAM HURT in BODY HEAT</p> <p>8. JULIE CHRISTIE and DONALD SUTHERLAND in DON'T LOOK NOW</p> <p>9. LAUREN BACALL and HUMPHREY BOGART in TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT</p> <p>10. GRACE KELLY and CARY GRANT in TO CATCH A THIEF. </p> <b>05/10/2003 14:05</b> news_wenn_old 39979 426129 Jennifer Lopez, Out Of Sight, George Clooney, Tv, Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck, Lauren Bacall, Humphrey, Bogart, Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Pretty Woman, Roman Holiday, Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze, Ghost, Faye Dunnaway, Steve Mcqueen, The Thomas Crown Affair, Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, Adam's Rib, Kathleen Turner, William Hurt, Body Heat, Julie Christie, Donald Sutherland, Don't Look Now, Humphrey Bogart, To Have And Have Not, Grace Kelly, Cary Grant, To Catch A Thief
Richard Gere And Goldie Hawn Pledge Support To Exiled Tibetans 1958812 22nd September 2003 <p>Hollywood superstars RICHARD GERE and GOLDIE HAWN have jointly offered $1 million (GBP625,000) to improve the condition of Tibetans living in exile in a north Indian town. </p> <p> The two stars are longtime supporters of the Tibetan spiritual leader the DALAI LAMA, and made the offer after seeing unhygienic living conditions in McLeodganj, headquarters of the Tibetan government-in-exile.</p> <p> A senior Tibetan official says, "They were concerned about the condition of the roads and sanitation when they visited us in October last year. Gere, in fact, sent some contributions immediately after his return and had promised to do more. That seems to be coming through now."</p> <p> McLeodganj, a sleepy town in the Himalayan foothills which is home to 10,000 exiled Tibetans, has been home to the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government-in-exile since the early 1960s.</p> <p> Tibetan and Indian officials said McLeodganj and Dharamsala, which together have a population of 25,000, had to tackle problems created by a growing population and an increase in tourists. </p> <b>22/09/2003 02:25</b> news_wenn_old 66742 495887 Richard Gere, Goldie Hawn, Gbp, Dalai Lama
J.LO Parties With Film Crew 1960167 1st September 2003 <p>JENNIFER LOPEZ celebrated the end of production on her new movie SHALL WE DANCE? by taking 200 crew members out for a night of dancing.</p> <p> J.LO, whose shooting schedule in Winnipeg, Canada, forced her to miss out on performing with BRITNEY SPEARS and MADONNA at the MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS on Thursday (28AUG03), danced away with her colleagues at local nightspot VERTIGO until 2.30 am on 25 August (03).</p> <p> The club's spokesperson TINA ROSENBERG says, "She was happy and really enjoyed herself. She looked as if she didn't have a care in the world.</p> <p> "She looked like a single woman having a night out of fun. She was smiling and laughing. She didn't look as if she was worried about where BEN (AFFLECK) was or what he was up to."</p> <p> Earlier in the evening, Lopez dined with co-stars RICHARD GERE and SUSAN SARANDON at 529 WELLINGTON, a popular Winnipeg restaurant. She left to join members of the film crew for the wrap party. </p> <b>01/09/2003 02:39</b> news_wenn_old 39979 426129 Jennifer Lopez, Shall We, Dance, Lo, Britney Spears, Madonna, Mtv Video Music Awards, Aug, Vertigo, Ben, Affleck, Richard Gere, Susan, Sarandon, Wellington
J.LO'S Ballroom Blitz 1960378 28th August 2003 <p>Singer and actress JENNIFER LOPEZ can add ballroom dancing to her impressive resume, after taking notes on the set of new movie SHALL WE DANCE?</p> <p> Rather than just turning up and going through the motions with co-star RICHARD GERE, J.LO brought her notepad along so she should really learn the new skill.</p> <p> She says, "Just being able to come to work every day and dance is a wonderful experience. We had the top ballroom dancers in the world working on this, so I didn't step on anybody's toes. I was like, 'Teach me, teach me.' I learned a lot."</p> <p> One thing Lopez found out in making the film was just how hard Gere works to nail a part, especially when it involves dancing.</p> <p> She adds, "I was on the last movie and people were telling me, 'Richard's rehearsing eight hours a day, every single day,' and I was like, 'We don't shoot for another four months!'"</p> <p> Gere admits his new co-star, who plays his dance teacher in the film, was incredibly patient with him.</p> <p> He says, "This very intense tango with Jennifer required an enormous amount of generosity and grace from her side." </p> <b>28/08/2003 08:56</b> news_wenn_old 39979 426129 Jennifer Lopez, Shall We, Dance, Richard Gere, Lo
J.LO Pulls Out Of Power Pop Performance With Britney + Madonna 1960532 26th August 2003 <p>LATEST: JENNIFER LOPEZ has been forced to pull out of the power performance at the MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS because her new movie won't have wrapped in time. </p> <p> J.LO was hoping to join new pals MADONNA and BRITNEY SPEARS for a rendition of LIKE A VIRGIN, but filming of her new project SHALL WE DANCE? in Canada has overrun, and she's having to sit the big show out.</p> <p> Shall We Dance? which also features RICHARD GERE, should have wrapped last week (ends22AUG03), but an extra week of shoots in Winnipeg, Canada, has been added.</p> <p> MTV bosses are still expecting Britney and Madonna to take the stage together on Thursday night (28AUG03). </p> <b>26/08/2003 02:04</b> news_wenn_old 39979 426129 Jennifer Lopez, Mtv Video Music Awards, Lo, Madonna, Britney Spears, Like A Virgin, Shall We Dance, Richard Gere, Aug, Mtv
Weather And Penguins Delay Gere Film 1960688 22nd August 2003 <p>The weather in Antarctica and the peculiarities of penguins have combined to delay RICHARD GERE's next film for a year.</p> <p> The producers of EMPEROR ZEHNDER, in which Gere is to play a photographer dedicated to snapping penguins in their natural habitat, were afraid they would miss the planned October (03) start date.</p> <p> That time of year passes for spring at the South Pole and provides a break in the harsh weather.</p> <p> The complicated technical nature of the film - including underwater footage of penguins - made shooting later in the year too risky.</p> <p> The delay means that Gere now is looking for another project, as Emperor Zehnder was supposed to have been his next film after the JENNIFER LOPEZ-starrer SHALL WE DANCE?. </p> <b>22/08/2003 19:12</b> news_wenn_old 66742 495887 Richard Gere, Emperor Zehnder, Jennifer, Shall We Dance
Richard Gere Sued By Production Company 1960851 20th August 2003 <p>CHICAGO star RICHARD GERE is being sued by a film production company, who accuse him of sinking a planned movie with his high cash demands.</p> <p> SPLENDID PICTURES, whose recent releases include AGENT CODY BANKS and NARC, accuse Gere of causing its $38 million (GBP23.7 million) movie WITHOUT APPARENT MOTIVE to collapse, and claim the actor is demanding $11 million (GBP6.8 million) - even though the picture was never completed.</p> <p> In the lawsuit, filed in LOS ANGELES SUPERIOR COURT, Splendid claim Gere demanded the millions in a bank account before agreeing to shoot the movie.</p> <p> In the meantime, the company claims Gere entertained another offer to star in another picture with JENNIFER LOPEZ.</p> <p> To help keep Gere, Splendid says it agreed to pay Gere $1 million (GBP625,000) immediately, $4 million (GBP2.5 million) in three to four weeks, and defer the remaining $6 million (GBP3.7 million) to a later date.</p> <p> The company says Gere then decided he wasn't interested in doing the picture and that he shouldn't be paid the $11 million.</p> <p> According to the documents, the actor says he had an agreement to receive the money whether or not he made the movie.</p> <p> Gere's lawyers have until next month (SEP03) to file their response to the suit. </p> <b>20/08/2003 21:10</b> news_wenn_old 66742 423635 Richard Gere, Splendid Pictures, Agent Cody Banks, Narc, Gbp, Without, Apparent Motive, Los Angeles Superior Court, Jennifer Lopez, Sep
J.LO Re-Signs With Dumped Agency 1961677 8th August 2003 <p>Superstar actress JENNIFER LOPEZ is re-signing with former agents ENDEAVOR in the aftermath of her film disaster GIGLI.</p> <p> The MAID IN MANHATTAN beauty left the company when she staged a clear out of staff in June (03), which included sacking her svengali manager BENNY MEDINA.</p> <p> Lopez, who signed for CREATIVE ARTISTS AGENCY (CAA) soon after, felt caught between Medina and Endeavor when the two began to clash over her career - and decided to get rid of both in an effort to evade the friction.</p> <p> But now Lopez has decided that the film work presented to her by Endeavor manager PATRICK WHITESELL was excellent, and in the light of the critical mauling she received over Gigli is keen to land more high-profile roles.</p> <p> Whitesell is credited with bringing her SHALL WE DANCE? with RICHARD GERE and LASSE HALLSTROM's AN UNFINISHED LIFE - plus MONSTER-IN-LAW in which JANE FONDA is tipped to be her co-star.</p> <p> Sources close the Latina lovely insist that she has no complaints with CAA - who were not responsible for signing her up for Gigli - but she is keen to resume business with Endeavor. </p> <b>08/08/2003 14:05</b> news_wenn_old 39979 426129 Jennifer Lopez, Endeavor, Gigli, Maid In Manhattan, Benny, Medina, Creative Artists Agency, Caa, Patrick Whitesell, Shall We Dance, Richard Gere, Lasse Hallstrom, An Unfinished Life -, Monster-In-Law, Jane, Fonda
Benny Medina Hunts For J.LO'S Successor 1962338 31st July 2003 <p>After parting ways with JENNIFER LOPEZ, BENNY MEDINA is seeking a new singer and actress to mould into a superstar - and BRANDY and MYA are frontrunners for the role.</p> <p> According to internet news site EURWEB, the singing beauties have met with Medina with a view to signing management deals.</p> <p> A source says, "It's not a done deal, but let's just say the ink is wet on the contract."</p> <p> Other sources also claim CHICAGO stunner Mya has been meeting with Medina about representation. Since appearing in Chicago, the MY LOVE IS LIKE... WO singer has landed parts in the films DIRTY DANCING 2, HAVANA KNIGHTS and SHALL WE DANCE opposite RICHARD GERE and, ironically, J.LO.</p> <p> Lopez ditched Medina last month (JUN03), before filing a complaint with California labour officials claiming he misrepresented her, acted as an unlicensed talent agent and withheld money that was rightfully hers. </p> <b>31/07/2003 09:28</b> news_wenn_old 39979 486185 Jennifer Lopez, Benny Medina, Brandy, Mya, Eurweb, My Love Is Like, Wo, Dirty Dancing, Havana Knights, Shall, We Dance, Richard Gere, Lo, Jun
J.LO Shuns Touring For Movies 1962715 25th July 2003 <p>Sexy superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ has decided to shelve plans to tour in support of her latest album THIS IS ME...THEN - because she is concentrating on her acting career.</p> <p> The JENNY FROM THE BLOCK singer had originally planned to tour to promote the record but couldn't turn down the chance of appearing opposite RICHARD GERE and ROBERT REDFORD.</p> <p> J-LO will appear with Gere and SUSAN SARANDON in SHALL WE DANCE? while AN UNFINISHED LIFE sees her teaming up with Redford and MORGAN FREEMAN.</p> <p> And the 33-year-old has already decided to tour when her next album is released.</p> <p> She says, "I think I'm gonna wait. The question was like, 'Do we go out now when we're on the, like, third and fourth single of this album?'</p> <p> "'Cause really, you go out at the beginning of an album. And so that's what we're gonna do. I'm gonna work on something else, and when that comes out I think I'm gonna go out right away, instead of like, 'Oh, maybe I'll go out after the second single.'" </p> <b>25/07/2003 17:02</b> news_wenn_old 39979 426129 Jennifer Lopez, This Is Me, Then -, Richard Gere, Robert Redford, J-Lo, Susan Sarandon, Shall We Dance, An, Morgan Freeman
Travolta Smarts Over Chicago 1963263 17th July 2003 <p>Hollywood star JOHN TRAVOLTA hates anyone mentioning the musical movie hit CHICAGO - because he's still furious he turned down the lead role.</p> <p> The PULP FICTION actor was originally offered the starring role in the 2003 OSCAR-winning musical, but passed on the chance because he wasn't convinced the ambitious project would be a big screen success.</p> <p> However, with fellow middle-aged sex symbol RICHARD GERE in to the role, the ROB MARSHALL directed flick turned into one of the most successful movies of the year.</p> <p> When asked about it in a recent interview Travolta smarted, "You're rubbing salt in my wounds! I'm still angry with myself that I turned down the role of the lawyer in Chicago that Richard Gere then got." </p> <b>17/07/2003 13:59</b> news_wenn_old 49458 467776 John Travolta, Chicago -, Pulp Fiction, Richard Gere, Rob Marshall
Mya Lands Another Gere Role 1963305 17th July 2003 <p>Pop star MYA is taking her acting ambitions seriously after signing up for another RICHARD GERE project.</p> <p> The two teamed up briefly in CHICAGO - and now Mya will play a small role in SHALL WE DANCE, opposite Gere and JENNIFER LOPEZ.</p> <p> She says, "I'm going to relocate to New York and take a few classes - really study hard.</p> <p> "I want to build the way QUEEN LATIFAH and LAURYN HILL did in the beginning of their careers. I want to make sure I deliver good work instead of just quantity."</p> <p> Meanwhile, ever-busy Mya is planning to join both MARIAH CAREY and R KELLY on their upcoming summer tours. </p> <b>17/07/2003 02:08</b> news_wenn_old 63007 478430 Mya, Richard Gere, Chicago -, Shall We Dance, Jennifer Lopez, Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill, Mariah Carey, R Kelly
Lama To Speak At Gere's Concert 1963450 15th July 2003 <p>Celebrity Buddhist RICHARD GERE has persuaded the DALAI LAMA to give a speech at an upcoming concert in his honour.</p> <p> Gere will host the show at New York's LINCOLN CENTER on 21 September (03).</p> <p> Composer PHILIP GLASS, opera star JESSYE NORMAN and Indian musician ANOUSHKA SKANKAR will perform. </p> <b>15/07/2003 02:19</b> news_wenn_old 66742 495887 Richard Gere, Dalai Lama, Lincoln Center, Philip Glass, Jessye Norman, Anoushka Skankar
Caine Keen To Tackle Greene 1963883 8th July 2003 <p>British acting knight SIR MICHAEL CAINE is such a fan of author GRAHAM GREENE, he wants to star in a third of the scribe's stories.</p> <p> The 70-year-old star won widespread critical acclaim and an ACADAMY AWARD nomination for his role in 2002 movie THE QUIET AMERICAN, based on Greene's book.</p> <p> He also starred alongside RICHARD GERE in 1983 Greene adaptation THE HONORARY CONSUL.</p> <p> Now Caine wants to return to the works of his favourite author with the role of a deputy police commissioner in a British-occupied West African state in THE HEART OF THE MATTER.</p> <p> The actor explains, "I'd like to do The Heart Of The Matter. It's one of those things that I should do.</p> <p> "I like Graham Greene and have done two of them, I might as well do the third.</p> <p> "I'm too old for BRIGHTON ROCK and The Heart Of The Matter is a great story." </p> <b>08/07/2003 17:05</b> news_wenn_old 61190 426040 Sir Michael Caine, Graham, Greene, Acadamy Award, The Quiet American, Richard Gere, The, Honorary Consul, The Heart Of The Matter, Brighton Rock
Richard Gere Works Hard On Dance Steps 1964316 2nd July 2003 <p>Actor RICHARD GERE is putting himself through a tough regime on the set of his new movie SHALL WE DANCE? - by using every spare moment he has polishing his fancy footwork.</p> <p> The CHICAGO star, who appears in the flick with JENNIFER LOPEZ, has been brushing up on his ballroom dancing skills on the Canadian set with the help of competition-winning dancers, and his co-star LISA ANN WALTER is astounded with how hard he works.</p> <p> She says, "He's taking over the tile of 'Hardest Working Man in Show Business' from JAMES BROWN, I'll tell you.'</p> <p> "Whenever there's a break in shooting, Richard runs over to the dance studio to work with our instructors, who are like number one-ranked Blackpool competition dancers. Two nights ago, he was there 'til midnight.</p> <p> "He gets this really determined look on his face, which I call 'dance face'. It reminds me of my son JORDAN when he was learning to cut with scissors."</p> <p> The anticipated flick also boasts STANLEY TUCCI and SUSAN SARANDON among its castmembers. </p> <b>02/07/2003 02:35</b> news_wenn_old 66742 495887 Richard Gere, Shall We Dance, Jennifer Lopez, Lisa Ann Walter, James Brown, Jordan, Stanley Tucci, Susan Sarandon
Bond Girl Goes Blind 1965707 11th June 2003 <p>Former BOND girl CAREY LOWELL is giving up life as RICHARD GERE's wife to return to acting - as a blind teacher.</p> <p> The actress was determined to be a stay-at-home mum until one TV movie role made her reconsider.</p> <p> In true story adaptation MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE, she'll play a teacher for the blind who loses her own sight.</p> <p> She says, "It really wasn't until this script came along that I was compelled to say yes."</p> <p> Lowell researched the role by doing the dishes blindfolded at home. </p> <b>11/06/2003 09:09</b> news_wenn_old 67070 3276999 Bond, Carey Lowell, Richard Gere, Tv, More Than Meets The Eye
Gere's Middle Eastern Mystery 1966017 6th June 2003 <p>Movie star RICHARD GERE is following in the footsteps of WHITNEY HOUSTON and BOBBY BROWN by heading off to the Middle East on a top secret mission.</p> <p> The 53-year-old Buddhist held a brief meeting with Palestinian culture minister ZYAD ABU AMR on Tuesday (03JUN03), but is refusing to reveal the reason for his trip.</p> <p> Meanwhile, STAR WARS actress NATALIE PORTMAN is set to become the next star to head for the Middle East - she wants to buy a home in Israel after graduating from HARVARD UNIVERSITY yesterday (05JUN03).</p> <p> She says, "I've been to Israel four times this year. My dad's side of the family is there. It's an amazing place." </p> <b>06/06/2003 09:13</b> news_wenn_old 66742 495887 Richard Gere, Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Zyad Abu Amr, Jun, Star Wars, Natalie Portman, Harvard University
Woody Allen And Wife Have Biggest Hollywood Age Gap 1966606 28th May 2003 <p>Film-maker WOODY ALLEN's controversial marriage to ex-lover MIA FARROW's adopted daughter has broken records - as the biggest age difference between a celebrity couple.</p> <p> Allen, 67, who has been married to 32-year-old SOON-YI PREVIN since 1997, tops the poll with a 35-year age difference - edging out JACK NICHOLSON and LARA FLYNN BOYLE's on-off romance with a 33-year gap.</p> <p> MICHAEL DOUGLAS and his Welsh actress wife CATHERINE ZETA-JONES, who wed in 2000, come third in the list with a 25-year gap - to the very day, with both their birthdays falling in September.</p> <p> The top 10 is as follows:</p> <p>1. WOODY ALLEN (67) + SOON-YI PREVIN (32) - 35 YEARS</p> <p>2. JACK NICHOLSON (66) + LARA FLYNN BOYLE (33) = 33 YEARS</p> <p>3. MICHAEL DOUGLAS (58) + CATHERINE ZETA-JONES (33) = 25 YEARS</p> <p>4. HARRISON FORD (60) + CALISTA FLOCKHART (38) = 22 YEARS</p> <p>5. FRANCESCA ANNIS (59) + RALPH FIENNES (40) = 19 YEARS</p> <p>6. JULIET MILLS (61) + MAXWELL CAULFIELD (43) = 18 YEARS</p> <p>7. KELSEY GRAMMER (48) + CAMILLE DONATACCI (34) = 14 YEARS</p> <p>8. JEFF KWATINETZ (38) + BRITTANY MURPHY (25) = 13 YEARS</p> <p>9. SUSAN SARANDON (56) + TIM ROBBINS (44) = 12 YEARS</p> <p>10. RICHARD GERE (53) + CAREY LOWELL (42) = 11 YEARS </p> <b>28/05/2003 21:22</b> news_wenn_rank 74474 467406 Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Jack Nicholson, Lara Flynn Boyle, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Soon-Yi Previn, Years, Harrison Ford, Calista Flockhart, Francesca Annis, Ralph Fiennes, Juliet Mills, Maxwell Caulfield, Kelsey Grammer, Camille Donatacci, Jeff Kwatinetz, Brittany Murphy, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Richard Gere, Carey Lowell
Richard Gere Chills Out In Antarctica 1966770 26th May 2003 <p>CHICAGO star RICHARD GERE will be getting the cold treatment on the set of his latest movie - because he'll be filming in Antarctica.</p> <p> Gere is set to start shooting on EMPEROR ZEHNDER in September (03), where he'll play wildlife photographer BRUNO ZEHNDER, who's obsessed with emperor penguins.</p> <p> As well as Antarctica, production takes place in New York. </p> <b>26/05/2003 20:56</b> news_wenn_old 66742 423635 Richard Gere, Emperor Zehnder, Bruno Zehnder, A
J.LO Schedule Ko's Wedding Plans 2723360 13th May 2003

JENNIFER LOPEZ and BEN AFFLECK have reportedly halted their wedding plans yet again - this time because J.LO's schedule doesn't allow room for the nuptials.

The MAID IN MANHATTAN stunner is too busy filming with RICHARD GERE on SHALL WE DANCE? to make room for her own big day.

A pal confides to PAGESIX.COM, "Everyone thought she would get married this summer. But then her (work) schedule kept filling up, so it's not happening - yet."

However, her JERSEY GIRL co-star beau has his own plans afoot. He has replaced his long-time publicist DAVID POLLICK for politically connected KEN SUNSHINE - intensifying speculation that he is to make a move into politics.

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