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Richard Dreyfuss' Wife Charged With Dui And Hit-and-run

15th June 2014

Oscar winner Richard Dreyfuss' wife has been arrested for driving under the influence (Dui) and hit-and-run.Svetlana Dreyfuss was detained by cops in Encinitas, California on 2 June (14) after she allegedly smashed her car into...

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The Things They Say: 4074866

18th February 2014

"The fact is, when I first saw the film, it scared the hell out of me. I forgot I was in it. To this day, I won't walk off the beach into the water. I...

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Richard Dreyfuss Feared Drug Use Was To Blame For Bipolar Disorder

21st November 2013

Actor Richard Dreyfuss wrongly feared marijuana caused his bipolar disorder because he smoked so much weed in his youth.The Jaws star has spent years struggling with bipolar disorder and anxiety issues, and he was initially...

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Richard Dreyfuss Opens Up About Manic Depression Battle

12th November 2013

Actor Richard Dreyfuss has spoken candidly about the affect his battle with bipolar disorder has had on his life, revealing he is regularly overcome by debilitating anxiety.The Jaws star revealed his mental health issues in...

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The Things They Tweet: 3834890

26th August 2013

"You read for a part, you feel good about it, you feel confident, then they cast Ben Affleck." Jaws star Richard Dreyfuss jokes about competing for the new Batman role in the Man of Steel...

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Richard Dreyfuss' Future Son-in-law Scrambling To Find Wedding Tie After Mail Mix-up

24th June 2013

Actor Richard Dreyfuss' future son-in-law has been left scrambling for a tie to wear to his wedding after a clothing manufacturer mixed up his order and sent him confidential employee data instead.Emily Dreyfuss' fiance ordered...

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'Paranoia' Sees Liam Hemsworth Sucked Into World Of Industrial Espionage [Trailer & Pictures]

By Michael West | 7th June 2013

Paranoia lead cast: Gary Oldman, Liam Hemsworth & Harrison FordBased on the 2004 novel of the same name, Liam Hemsworth's new movie Paranoia actually might not be instantly forgettable. The Hunger Games actor plays technology...

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Stars Show Support For 'Out' Jodie Foster

14th January 2013

Jodie Foster has been praised by a number of stars after confirming she is gay.The 50-year-old actress candidly spoke about her personal life as she accepted the Cecile B. DeMille award for outstanding achievement in...

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Oliver Stone Hits Back At Richard Dreyfuss Over Fascist Remarks

13th June 2012

Moviemaker Oliver Stone has hit back at harsh comments his W star Richard Dreyfuss made about the director, insisting he has never had a more unpleasant time on a film set that he did with...

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Love Bitten Jessica Szohr

6th September 2011

'Gossip Girl' star Jessica Szohr has signed up for horror comedy 'Love Bite'. The US actress - who left the TV show earlier this year - will star with 'Skins' hunk Luke Pasqualino and 'Ergaon'...

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Jessica Szohr To Star In Owned

27th April 2011

Jessica Szohr will take on the female lead in new teen comedy movie 'Owned'. The 'Gossip Girl' actress will star as a high school student who causes trouble by trying to blackmail her neighbour with...

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Jerry O'connell Reunites With Stand By Me Cast

18th March 2011

Jerry O'Connell and the original cast of 'Stand By Me' reunited in Los Angeles today (18th March 2011).Jerry O'Connell, the American actor and star of the iconic eighties movie 'Stand By Me', reunited with the...

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Inception Nominated For Nine Saturn Awards

24th February 2011

'Inception' leads the pack for this year's Saturn Awards with nine nominationsThe Christopher Nolan-directed movie - starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy - is nominated in nine categories, including Best Science Fiction, Best...

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Cyndi Lauper Snapped After Spa Treatment Nightmare

3rd February 2011

CYNDI LAUPER was photographed with a bright red face and sore looking skin at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday (2nd February 2011) after she had a 'bad reaction' to a spa treatment.CYNDI LAUPER was snapped...

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Fascinating Fact 10221

29th October 2010

Child stars KURT RUSSELL, MIA FARROW and RICHARD DREYFUSS auditioned to play children in THE SOUND OF MUSIC.

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Dreyfuss Heading Off-broadway

18th October 2010

Hollywood veteran RICHARD DREYFUSS is heading back to the theatre - he is set to star in an off-Broadway production of IMAGINING HESCHEL.The Jaws actor will take the role of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel in...

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The Things They Say 18413

14th October 2010

"We all called him 'Jaws' - well, not to his face." BRUCE WILLIS on his nickname for RED co-star RICHARD DREYFUSS, who starred in shark movie Jaws.

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Dreyfuss Honoured For Civics Campaign

29th September 2010

JAWS actor RICHARD DREYFUSS has been handed a prestigious New York award for his work to promote civics lessons in America's schools.The Oscar-winner launched The Dreyfuss Initiative last year (09) to improve U.S. citizens' understanding...

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Movie Reviews Piranha 3d

23rd August 2010

(Updated) Ordinarily a studio either decides to screen a horror film for the critics -- or, more usually, it does not. But The Weinstein Co. took a different tack with Piranha 3D it screened the...

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Jerry O'connell Loves Bad Guy Role

19th August 2010

Jerry O'Connell loved playing a jerk in 'Piranha 3-D'. The 'Obsessed' actor - who stars alongside British beauty Kelly Brook in the comedy horror - admits his character Derrick Jones is a "total jerk" who...

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Lost Jaws Shark Found

7th June 2010

The mechanical shark which terrorised RICHARD DREYFUSS and the stars of STEVEN SPIELBERG's 1975 blockbuster JAWS has been found, ending a decades-long search for the beast.The three shark models initially built for the film -...

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Jaws Cameraman Turned Dreyfuss Onto Booze

28th May 2010

A camera operator on the set of shark thriller JAWS was partly responsible for RICHARD DREYFUSS' alcohol problems - because he introduced the actor to booze.Dreyfuss, who has battled sobriety and is now clean and...

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Dreyfuss Was Terrified By Jaws Co-star Shaw

11th May 2010

Actor RICHARD DREYFUSS was more terrified by his human co-star than he was the giant white shark in JAWS - ROBERT SHAW was a larger-than-life bully.Dreyfuss admits he faced his fears daily on the set...

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Dreyfuss Drops Family Lawsuit

17th July 2009

JAWS star RICHARD DREYFUSS has dismissed a lawsuit against his father and son after he accused the pair of failing to pay back a loan.The actor initially filed suit in Los Angeles last year (08),...

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The Things They Say 12468

2nd June 2009

"I'm retired. I'm not really acting anymore. When you've done something for 45 years, you're allowed to move on." RICHARD DREYFUSS insists he has quit Hollywood, despite making six movies in the last 18 months.

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Dreyfuss Gave Piranha Pay Cheque To Charity

2nd June 2009

RICHARD DREYFUSS didn't earn a penny for his role in new movie PIRANHA-3D - he donated his pay cheque to the kids' charity he runs.More than 30 years after he tacked maneating sharks in Jaws,...

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Dreyfuss Going Off The Grid

1st June 2009

Oscar winner RICHARD DREYFUSS is building an environmentally friendly new home in California.The Jaws star and his wife Svetlana Erokhin have started work on the Encinitas pad, which he hopes will be fully sustainable. Dreyfuss...

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Dreyfuss Boycotts Jaws Events

1st June 2009

JAWS star RICHARD DREYFUSS has vowed to boycott promotional events for his 1975 movie hit JAWS, because studio bosses refuse to pay him.The actor refused to attend a special 30th anniversary bash in Martha's Vineyard,...

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Woody Allen: New York Is Expensive For Filmmaking

24th April 2009

Acclaimed director WOODY ALLEN has stated that he cannot usually afford to make films in his beloved New York, which was the location for some of his most famous releases.His comments came as he premiered...

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Fascinating Fact 7237

23rd April 2009

JAWS star RICHARD DREYFUSS is set to do battle with more killer fish - BOB and HARVEY WEINSTEIN have cast him in forthcoming horror movie PIRANHA 3-D...

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