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Richard Chamberlain To Tackle Musical Favourite At Aids Benefit

7th May 2014

Veteran actor Richard Chamberlain will take to the stage to sing a classic tune from My Fair Lady at an Aids charity benefit on Saturday night (10May14).The Dr. Kildare star will perform at the 30th...

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Brooke Shields To Star In The Exorcist Play

18th May 2012

Brooke Shields and Richard Chamberlain are bringing horror classic The Exorcist to the stage.In the creepy new adaptation, Shields will take on the part of Chris MacNeil, the mother of demonically possessed child Regan, while...

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Rupert Everett Agrees "Coming Out" Can Ruin An Actor's Career

31st December 2010

In an interview on BBC Radio, Rupert Everett appears to side with Richard Chamberlain, another openly gay actor, that "coming out" can wreck the chances of a gay actor being cast in romantic lead roles....

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3d Movies Savior Or Curse?

28th December 2010

According to analysts, 3D played the role of good guy and bad guy at the box office this year. On the one hand, it helped propel ticket sales for films like Avatar and Toy Story...

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Richard Chamberlain A Thorn In Side Of Gay Activists

28th December 2010

Despite efforts by gay activists to persuade gay performers to reveal their sexual orientation, Richard Chamberlain maintains that doing so could wreck the career of any gay actor aspiring to play romantic lead roles. The...

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Chamberlain Advises Gay Stars Not To 'Come Out'

27th December 2010

Veteran actor RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN is urging gay actors not to follow in his footsteps by 'coming out' - insisting the admission has damaged his career.The 76-year-old Dr. Kildare star revealed his homosexuality in his autobiography,...

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Chamberlain Joins Brothers & Sisters Cast

12th October 2010

RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN is returning to TV for a multi-episode gig on hit drama BROTHERS & SISTERS.Chamberlain will play a character linked to show regular Ron Rifkin's homosexual character Saul. Chamberlain 'came out' as a gay...

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Chamberlain Splits From Partner Of 33 Years - Report

24th April 2010

Gay star RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN has reportedly dumped his partner of 33 years and has moved out of the Hawaiian dream home they shared.The Thorn Birds star, 76, and manager/producer Martin Rabbett, who wed in 1984,...

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Fascinating Fact 7102

2nd April 2009

Veteran actor RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN was given a special surprise on Tuesday (31Mar09) when he was presented with a birthday cake to celebrate turning 75. The star had just completed a performance in comedy play Spamalot...

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Moviemaker Gave Boxing Trainer A Makeover For Chamberlain

5th October 2008

Irish moviemaker MARK MAHON landed reclusive RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN for his violent boxing movie STRENGTH + HONOR by turning the actor's character from a small, bald trainer into a distinguished gent. Mahon struck up an unlikely...

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Chamberlain: 'I Had To Keep My Sexuality A Secret'

6th June 2007

Veteran actor RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN has no regrets about keeping his homosexuality a secret, because he is certain he would never have had a Hollywood career had he been openly gay. The Shogun star, 73, eventually...

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Fascinating Fact 1856

27th July 2006

DALLAS star LARRY HAGMAN and French actress CATHERINE DENEUVE are to make guest appearances in hit television show NIP/TUCK. BROOKE SHIELDS, RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN and KATHLEEN TURNER will also feature in the fourth series of the...

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Fascinating Fact 1776

13th July 2006

THE THORN BIDS actor RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN will guest star on two episodes of plastic surgery drama NIP/TUCK this season.

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Chamberlain To Play Gay On Tv

30th June 2006

Actor RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN is set to address his homosexuality again when he plays a gay millionaire in an upcoming episode of hit plastic surgery drama NIP/TUCK. THE THORN BIRDS star stunned Hollywood with his sexual...

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Thorn Birds Lovers Reunite For Blackbeard Tale

17th June 2006

THE THORN BIRDS stars RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN and RACHEL WARD have reunited for a new TV movie about pirate villain BLACKBEARD. Chamberlain, who recently announced he was gay, will play the high seas tyrant in the...

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Fascinating Fact 625

5th December 2005

HAYLEY MILLS and RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN will recreate the roles played by HENRY FONDA and KATHARINE HEPBURN in a US theatrical version of classic movie ON GOLDEN POND in 2006....

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Ross And Rachel's Lip Lock Tops Tv Kissing Poll

22nd September 2005

ROSS and RACHEL's first kiss on FRIENDS has topped a new poll of TV smooches. The television couple, played by DAVID SCHWIMMER and JENNIFER ANISTON, first locked lips in the second season of the...

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Fascinating Fact 75

26th August 2005

THE THORN BIRDS stars RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN and RACHEL WARD are teaming up again in new mini-series BLACKBEARD. Scottish actor ANGUS McFADYEN will play the infamous pirate in the four-hour TV special, which is currently shooting...

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Friends Stars Top Kissing Poll

2nd February 2005

FRIENDS characters ROSS and RACHEL's first smooch has topped a new poll of TV kissing scenes. The couple, played by DAVID SCHWIMMER and JENNIFER ANISTON, set hearts aflutter when they locked lips in fictitious...

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Cassidy Beats Nelson And Travolta To Teen Idol Top Spot

20th January 2005

Fallen heart-throb DAVID CASSIDY has topped a new American poll of TV's Greatest Teen Idols. THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY golden boy beat 1950s hunk RICKY NELSON and JOHN TRAVOLTA to claim the top spot in...

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Day Lewis Pulls Out Of The Sags

12th February 2004

English actor DANIEL DAY LEWIS has mysteriously pulled out of presenting at the SCREEN ACTORS GUILD AWARDS. THE GANGS OF NEW YORK star has cited a "scheduling conflict" as his reason for his no-show...

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Seymour's Squirt Cost Her A Thorn Birds Role

22nd January 2004

British actress JANE SEYMOUR lost out on a lucrative role in TV drama THE THORN BIRDS after squirting breast milk all over RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN. The DR QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN star had given birth to...

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Chamberlain Fell For Paul Newman

14th September 2003

Recently outed gay actor RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN fancied fellow screen star PAUL NEWMAN, and he could hardly keep his hands off him on the set of TOWERING INFERNO. Chamberlain insists he never allowed his homosexuality...

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Richard Chamberlain: 'The Night I Saved Princess Margaret'

5th August 2003

THORN BIRDS star RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN deems the night he whisked the late British royal PRINCESS MARGARET away from a drunk actor as the best moment in his long career. The 69-year-old screen star dined...

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Swayze Takes On Quatermain

15th July 2003

DIRTY DANCING star PATRICK SWAYZE is to take on SEAN CONNERY's latest movie character in a remake of classic adventure story KING SOLOMON'S MINES. Swayze will follow Connery, STEWART GRANGER, RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN and CEDRIC...

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Chamberlain Urges Gay Leading Actors To Stay In The Closet

6th June 2003

THE THORN BIRDS star RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN is urging Hollywood's gay leading men to keep their secret to themselves - even though he's just spoken out about his own homosexuality. Chamberlain, who has been in...

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Chamberlain: I'm Proud Of My Gay Life

30th May 2003

DR KILDAIRE star RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN has finally explained the reasons behind his shock announcement in January (03) that he is gay. The actor, 69, felt no need to keep his sexuality secret anymore because...

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Chamberlain.s Thorn Birds Bash Called Off

31st March 2003

Actor RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN was left looking for a party after he flew all the way from his Hawaii home for a cancelled bash. The screen star's hit mini-series THE THORN BIRDS was set to...

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