British actor Richard E. Grant is convinced therapy sessions saved his life when he was battling a dark bout of depression.

The Gosford Park star, 56, struggled with mental health issues 12 years ago, but recovered with the help of psychoanalysis, and Grant is adamant he would not have been able to move forward without professional help.

He tells Britain's Sunday Telegraph, "(I suffered depression) just once, when I was 42... I got it sorted. I saw the most brilliant psychoanalyst. It saved my life. What I took from it is that if someone is in trouble, ask for help. There is help everywhere, but if you bottle it up, that seems to be... fatal, to me."

When asked whether he fears playing dark roles could trigger another bout of depression, he adds, "If you're playing somebody like that, you can be affected while you're shooting - but when it's scripted depression, it's a whole different thing, because you are going there willingly, by choice. It doesn't come anywhere near the doubt you have when you're unemployed, or the kinds of doubts that come into your head that you can't control. But that's what all of us face."