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Rhona Mitra Sued Over Crash

4th December 2011

Rhona Mitra is facing legal action from a motorcycle rider who claims she suffered severe injuries in a collision with the actress' car earlier this year (11).The Practice star is accused of crashing her Suv...

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Selma Blair Set For Four Saints

22nd October 2010

Selma Blair has signed up to play a World War I medic in 'Four Saints'. The 38-year-old actress will star alongside Lorena Rincon, Melanie Lynskey and Rhona Mitra in the period movie, which tells the...

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The Things They Say 11768

1st April 2009

"It wasn't fun at all but it was a way to get involved in a big studio film." Actress RHONA MITRA hated playing an invisible man's rape victim in KEVIN BACON film HOLLOW MAN....

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Mitra Mad About Her Vampire Fangs

30th January 2009

Movie vampire RHONA MITRA grew so fond of her fangs while making the new UNDERWORLD movie, she refused to take them out - and still carries them around in her handbag. The actress takes over from...

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The Things They Say 10768

13th January 2009

"They're like rock stars. Vampires have a KEITH RICHARD element to them... They're cool and delicious... And they don't have to have Botox." British star RHONA MITRA on why vampires are so appealing to moviegoers....

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Mitra Fighting Fit After Rigorous Movie Bootcamp Regime

13th January 2009

British actress RHONA MITRA is convinced she can save a "portion of the world" after undergoing killer work-out regimes for back to back action films DOOMSDAY and UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS. The star, who...

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The Things They Say 10760

13th January 2009

"He had pictures of wolves all over his mirror. He thought he was a wolf." Actress RHONA MITRA reveals UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS co-star MICHAEL SHEEN really got into character as a wolfman....

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Tomb Raider: New Lara Croft Chosen

12th August 2008

The new face of computer games heroine Lara Croft has been chosen by Tomb Raider publishers Eidos.Alison Carroll, a championship-winning gymnast, has been chosen to represent the franchise, following in the footsteps of Karima Adebibe,...

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Fascinating Fact 3577

16th July 2007

British actress/singer MINNIE DRIVER has joined the ranks of ANGELINA JOLIE, KEELEY HAWES and RHONA MITRA by becoming videogame vixen LARA CROFT. Driver will lend her voice to the Tomb Raider heroine for a new...

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Nip/tuck Stars' Bonus Bonanza

13th June 2005

The stars of US TV series NIP/TUCK have been paid massive bonuses before shooting for the third series gets underway. McMahon, who has expressed his interest in taking over from PIERCE BROSNAN as JAMES...

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Mitra's Auction Fears

25th March 2005

British actress RHONA MITRA was terrified when she put herself up for auction recently - because she feared nobody would want to pay for a date with her. Mitra offered a few hours in...

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Mitra's International Underwear Collection

22nd September 2004

British actress RHONA MITRA takes home an unusual souvenir whenever she returns from abroad - framed underwear. The former star of THE PRACTICE is enchanted by the huge amount of variety in the world's...

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Prinze Jr To Play Shatner's Son In New Drama

10th August 2004

Hollywood heart-throb FREDDIE PRINZE JR has signed up to play WILLIAM SHATNER's underachieving son in DAVID E KELLEY's upcoming drama BOSTON LEGAL. Prinze Jr, married to his SCOOBY-DOO co-star SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR, will appear...

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Mitra's Irish Potato Devotion

16th April 2004

British beauty RHONA MITRA's mother is so determined the actress should stay close to her Irish roots while living in California, she's sent over a batch of potatoes. The London-born screen star is currently...

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Rhona's Tree Guilt

24th December 2003

British actress RHONA MITRA is suffering from what she calls "tree guilt" this Christmas (03) after deciding to splash out on a bushy spruce. THE PRACTICE star admits she had a terrible time picking...

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Mcdermott's Practice Shoes Filled

13th June 2003

Producer DAVID E KELLEY is starting to rebuild the cast of his troubled show THE PRACTICE - by replacing DYLAN McDERMOTT with JAMES SPADER. In addition, SWEET HOME ALABAMA actress RHONA MITRA has been...

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