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manson IS NOT a dopey clown!!!you're just pissed off because he's doing PERFECTLY FINE ON HIS OWN!!!he DOES NOT let drugs and the partying life ruin him in any way!!!he's still making EXCELLENT albums!!!any setbacks he has is because of personal situations that involve his so-called girlfriends.manson's a multi-talented person who does EXCELLENT,AND PERFECT work-no matter what he decides to do!!!the same CAN'T be said about you!!!who are you to put him down?!?!you're nothing compared to him!!!you're just a c**kroach that should be stepped on!!!oh,that's right-manson did step on you!!!that's why you're bad mouthing him!!!manson's a brilliant man-the way he thinks is phenominal!!!manson DOES NOT step on people or use them in any way to get anywhere!!!he DOESN'T have to!!!his talent speaks for itself!!!you're so jealous of him-it's pathetic!!!it all comes down to this:HE'S THE REAL MAN!!!YOU'RE JUST A JEALOUS SORE LOSER WHO'S A NOBODY!!!manson's THE REAL DEAL!!!he's THE BEST!!!manson's my idol,and he's PERFECT-in EVERY ASPECT OF THE WORD!!!get your own life,and leave manson alone!!!
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5 years 2 months ago
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