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A Good Weekend For The Darkness 1951748 13th January 2004 <p>British rockers THE DARKNESS' quiet conquest of America continues - the group's debut album PERMISSION TO LAND has been voted the second best album of 2003 in a new heavy rock poll.</p> <p> The staff at top rock mag REVOLVER has declared the LP number two on its list of the best 20 albums of the year.</p> <p> The group were pipped to the top spot by LAMB OF GOD's AS THE PALACES BURN.</p> <p> The news comes on a good weekend for The Darkness - the group made their live TV debut in America, playing on THE LATE SHOW on Friday night (09JAN03).</p> <p> Revolver's hard rock albums of the year are:</p> <p>1. AS THE PALACES BURN - LAMB OF GOD</p> <p>2. PERMISSION TO LAND - THE DARKNESS</p> <p>3. DELOUSED IN THE COMATORIUM - THE MARS VOLTA</p> <p>4. DAMNATION - OPETH</p> <p>5. KILLING JOKE - KILLING JOKE</p> <p>6. DEATH CULT ARMAGEDDON - DIMMU BORGIR</p> <p>7. SCANDINAVIAN LEATHER - TURBONEGRO</p> <p>8. BILLY TALENT - BILLY TALENT</p> <p>9. INDESTRUCTIBLE - RANCID</p> <p>10. BURN, PIANO ISLAND, BURN - THE BLOOD BROTHERS</p> <b>13/01/2004 02:07</b> news_wenn_old 60888 2650266 The Darkness, Permission To Land, Revolver, Lp, Lamb Of God, As The Palaces, Burn, Tv, The Late Show, Jan, As The Palaces Burn - Lamb Of God, Permission To Land - The Darkness, Deloused In The Comatorium - The Mars Volta, Damnation - Opeth, Killing Joke - Killing Joke, Death Cult Armageddon - Dimmu Borgir, Scandinavian Leather - Turbonegro, Billy Talent - Billy Talent, Indestructible - Rancid, Piano Island, Burn - The Blood Brothers
Twiggy Quit Manson To Become A Better Musician 1957021 16th October 2003 <p>Former MARILYN MANSON bass player JEORDIE WHITE quit the goth group in a bid to become a better musician.</p> <p> The rocker, who adopted the persona of TWIGGY RAMIREZ in Marilyn Manson, has now joined eccentric rocker MAYNARD JAMES KEENAN in A PERFECT CIRCLE, and he has spoken for the first time about his reasons for moving on.</p> <p> Speaking to American heavy rock magazine REVOLVER, White reveals he got too caught up in "the showmanship" of the ROCK IS DEAD stars and felt he should concentrate more on his guitar skills.</p> <p> He explains, "I loved my band, but a lot of time music took a backseat to the image, attitude and showmanship.</p> <p> "I changed my name and played a character for 10 years. So now it's refreshing to concentrate on playing the music.</p> <p> "I've already become a better player, and it's definitely a lot more stable and healthy of a lifestyle."</p> <p> White shocked the rock world when he walked out on Marilyn Manson last year (02). He joins former SMASHING PUMPKINS guitarist JAMES IHA in the new A Perfect Circle line-up. </p> <b>16/10/2003 21:14</b> news_wenn_old 59442 433800 Marilyn Manson, Jeordie White, Twiggy Ramirez, Maynard James Keenan, A Perfect Circle, Revolver, Smashing Pumpkins, James Iha
Lennon Stamps Exceed Selling Expectations 1958520 25th September 2003 <p>Stamps designed by late star JOHN LENNON to highlight the plight of striking British postal workers in 1971 have sold for hundreds of dollars (pounds) more than initially expected.</p> <p> The stamps, depicting a clenched fist, were only expected to fetch around $1,280 (GBP800) at the London auction - but fans of the IMAGINE star splashed out $2,000 (GBP1,260) on them.</p> <p> But other items of Lennon memorabilia attracted even higher bids - a signed copy of the BEATLES album REVOLVER was the most successful item at the auction, fetching $34,560 (GBP21,600). A 1960s table owned by Lennon also reached $3,840 (GBP2,400).</p> <p> A collection of photographs depicting The Beatles in Australia was expected to sell for as much as $24,000 (GBP15,000) but remained unsold at the SOTHEBY's sale.</p> <p> Dozens of other lots featuring the famous Liverpool band, including tickets and signed programmes, made thousands more dollars (pounds).</p> <p> STEPHEN MAYCOCK, rock and pop memorabilia specialist, says, "Overall, the Beatles collection did well but people are still buying collectively. Autographs are guaranteed to sell. Although, it's surprising that they still make money as they are not a scarce commodity.</p> <p> "Most were signed in 1963 but the band only signed a certain number so one day they will dry up, I suppose. They will all be in private collections but I suspect this will not be for a long time." </p> <b>25/09/2003 09:17</b> news_wenn_old 50231 427617 John Lennon, Gbp, Beatles, Revolver, Sotheby, Stephen Maycock
Pistols Named Punk's Best 1960088 2nd September 2003 <p>The SEX PISTOLS' NEVER MIND THE B******S HERE'S THE SEX PISTOLS has topped a new list of the best punk albums ever.</p> <p> The group's revered 1977 album, which featured punk classics ANARCHY IN THE UK and GOD SAVE THE QUEEN, beat eponymous albums by THE CLASH and THE RAMONES to claim the top spot in REVOLVER magazine's top 50 list.</p> <p> Other groups named in the American rock magazine's poll include RANCID, SOCIAL DISTORTION, NOFX, IGGY + THE STOOGES, BUZZCOCKS, BAD BRAINS and CRASS.</p> <p> The top 10 in full is as follows:</p> <p>1. NEVER MIND THE B******S HERE'S THE SEX PISTOLS - SEX PISTOLS</p> <p>2. THE CLASH - THE CLASH</p> <p>3. THE RAMONES - THE RAMONES</p> <p>4. DAMAGED - BLACK FLAG</p> <p>5. MINOR THREAT - MINOR THREAT</p> <p>6. NO CONTROL - BAD RELIGION</p> <p>7. FRESH FRUIT FOR ROTTING VEGETABLES - DEAD KENNEDYS</p> <p>8. ...AND OUT COME THE WOLVES - RANCID</p> <p>9. WIG OUT AT DENKO'S - DAG NASTY</p> <p>10. RAW POWER - IGGY + THE STOOGES</p> <b>02/09/2003 09:21</b> news_wenn_old 59704 527260 Sex Pistols' Never Mind The B, S Here's The Sex Pistols, Anarchy In, The Uk, God Save The Queen, The Clash, The, Ramones, Revolver, Rancid, Social Distortion, Nofx, Iggy, The Stooges, Buzzcocks, Bad Brains, Crass, Never Mind The B, S Here's The Sex Pistols - Sex Pistols, The Clash - The Clash, The Ramones - The Ramones, Damaged - Black Flag, Minor Threat - Minor Threat, No Control - Bad Religion, Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables - Dead Kennedys, And Out Come The Wolves - Rancid, Wig Out At Denko's - Dag Nasty, Raw Power - Iggy
Ritchie Takes On The Civil War 1960689 22nd August 2003 <p>GUY RITCHIE is looking to bounce back from the disappointment of SWEPT AWAY with a film about America's Civil War.</p> <p> The movie maker has decided to ditch plans to make a new movie called REVOLVER, and instead he's onboard to direct Civil War heist comedy SIX SHOOTERS, which will begin in March (04).</p> <p> The SNATCH star's new project is reportedly a film in the vein of western epic BUTCH CASSIDY + THE SUNDANCE KID.</p> <p> Meanwhile, Ritchie will temporarily halt production on Revolver, a Las Vegas swindle project, until after he completes his Civil War film.</p> <p> It is not known if his wife MADONNA will have a part in Six Shooters. </p> <b>22/08/2003 19:12</b> news_wenn_old 67526 426526 Guy Ritchie, Swept Away, Revolver, Six, Shooters, Butch Cassidy, The Sundance Kid, Madonna
Is Kabbalah Ruining Ritchie? 1961425 12th August 2003 <p>GUY RITCHIE and wife MADONNA's obsession with mystical Jewish faith Kabbalah is ruining the British director's Hollywood career, according to film sources.</p> <p> Tinseltown insiders claim the SNATCH movie-maker has already blown a deal with SONY PICTURES to produce his new movie, Las Vegas crime caper REVOLVER - because he insisted on packing it with references to the religion.</p> <p> And they fear his dedication to the Kabbalah, whose followers also include DEMI MOORE and SANDRA BERNHARD, will leave him on he Hollywood scrapheap.</p> <p> A movie source tells American gossip site PAGESIX, "It made Sony very uncomfortable. Kabbalah is seen as a kind of cult in some circles. And no one wanted to be associated with it.</p> <p> "Guy's agents told him to rewrite REVOLVER (without the Kabbalah references) and maybe it would sell. He resisted at first, but when Sony passed and said it would only do the movie with a rewrite he said OK."</p> <p> But according to PageSix, after rewriting the script, Ritchie suddenly fired his agents at WILLIAM MORRIS and scrapped the new version.</p> <p> The source adds, "Guy apparently felt he had to be true to his Kabbalah beliefs and not stick with the rewrite. He was apologetic but felt he had to go to CAA - where Madonna's agent (BRYAN LOURD) was and where they would support his Kabbalah vision for the movie."</p> <p> Now Hollywood insiders are blaming Madonna for Guy's troubles.</p> <p> Another source tells the site, "She brought Guy into this whole Kabbalah thing. She introduced him to the religion and now he's gone into it even further than she has. It's like she created a monster.</p> <p> "Let's not forget she made him do SWEPT AWAY, and made (ex-husband) SEAN PENN do SHANGHAI SURPRISE - another infamous turkey." </p> <b>12/08/2003 20:57</b> news_wenn_old 67526 426526 Guy Ritchie, Madonna, Snatch, Sony Pictures, Revolver -, Demi Moore, Sandra Bernhard, Pagesix, Revolver, Ok, William Morris, Caa -, Bryan Lourd, Swept Away, Sean, Penn, Shanghai Surprise -
Scott Weiland Takes Up Martial Arts 1962912 23rd July 2003 <p>Rocker SCOTT WEILAND has found an energetic way of keeping himself free of drugs - practising martial arts.</p> <p> The former STONE TEMPLE PILOTS star, who on Friday (18JUL03) pleaded not guilty after California police found drug paraphenalia in a car he was travelling in, has taken on the Far Eastern practice after encouragement from one of his VELVET REVOLVER bandmates.</p> <p> He says, "He kidnapped me and brought me up to Seattle up into the mountains in Washington and got me into it."</p> <p> Weiland is due back in court for his drug controversies later this month (JUL03). </p> <b>23/07/2003 09:22</b> news_wenn_old 55791 443003 Scott Weiland, Jul, Velvet, Revolver
Hendrix Album Best Ever 1963122 20th July 2003 <p>JIMI HENDRIX's pioneering three and a half decade-old release ARE YOU EXPERIENCED has been named the greatest guitar album of all time.</p> <p> The 1967 record, which spawned classics such as FOXY LADY and FIRE, was chosen by music experts from Britain's MOJO magazine.</p> <p> THE BEATLES failed to make even the top 20, although the writers thought their 1966 effort REVOLVER, with its backward guitar snatches on TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS, deserved a place in the list of the 100 greatest guitar albums.</p> <p> THE ROLLING STONES managed only number 11 with EXILE ON MAIN STREET, while THE WHO were runners-up with 1965's MY GENERATION.</p> <p> Completing a top three of Sixties releases is a self-titled 1962 compilation by bluesman HOWLIN' WOLF at number three.</p> <p> Mojo writer RITCHIE UNTERBERGER says, "It's impossible to cram all the innovative ways of playing an electric guitar that Hendrix pioneered on his first album into one paragraph." </p> <b>20/07/2003 14:00</b> news_wenn_old 44394 548928 Jimi Hendrix, Are You, Experienced, Foxy Lady, Fire, Mojo, The Beatles, Revolver, Tomorrow Never, Knows, The Rolling Stones, Exile On Main Street, The Who, My Generation, Howlin' Wolf

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