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Lost George Harrison Amp Set For Auction

29th November 2011

A guitar amplifier used by George Harrison on The Beatles' classic albums Revolver and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is to be sold at an auction.The amp was discovered by engineers who spotted the...

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Fascinating Fact 6703

26th January 2009

Muslim convert YUSUF ISLAM, the artist formerly knows as CAT STEVENS, has covered GEORGE HARRISON's THE DAY THE WORLD GET ROUND for a new album, which will be sold to raise cash for American Indians....

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The Things They Say 9055

1st August 2008

"The first record I ever bought on CD was SGT PEPPER'S. It would have been '87, I got Sgt Pepper's, then REVOLVER and then THE WHITE ALBUM. And I remember listening to The White Album...

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Beatles Almost Recorded Revolver At Stax

14th January 2008

THE BEATLES came close to recording their landmark REVOLVER album at soul Mecca Stax but security concerns forced the Fab Four to scrap plans to head for Memphis, Tennessee. The group's manager Brian Epstein visited...

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Pastore Keen To Work With Statham + Ritchie Again

9th December 2007

Former THE SOPRANOS star VINCENT PASTORE was on his best behaviour on the set of GUY RITCHIE's new movie REVOLVER because he wanted to become a regular member of the director's 'Rat Pack'. The tough...

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Ritchie: 'Don't Be Angry With Me Over Revolver'

8th November 2007

MADONNA's moviemaker husband GUY RITCHIE is begging American cinemagoers to stop attacking him for his ultra-violent 2005 flop REVOLVER. The film, starring Jason Statham, Ray Liotta and Andre Benjamin, is only just getting released in...

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Fascinating Fact 2628

28th December 2006

THE BEATLES album covers are the inspiration for a new range of British postage stamps to be launched next year (07). SGT PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND and REVOLVER are among the sleeves which will...

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Beatles Score Five Places On Top 100 Albums List

14th November 2006

THE BEATLES landed five albums on Time magazine's All-Time 100 album list. The Fab Four's ABBEY ROAD, WHITE ALBUM, SGT PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND, REVOLVER and RUBBER SOUL were the most by any group...

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The Beatles Beat Jackson To Top Another Albums Poll

29th August 2006

THE BEATLES' classic SGT PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND has topped a poll to find the UK's favourite album. The 1967 disc beat out competition from MICHAEL JACKSON's 1982 effort THRILLER in the survey of...

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Zeppelin Gets Politicians' Vote

26th July 2006

LED ZEPPELIN's classic 1969 sophomore album has topped a poll to find the favourite record among British politicians. LED ZEPPELIN II beat out competition from three BEATLES albums - REVOLVER (1966), SGT PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS...

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Ritchie Senior: 'My Son Is Struggling But Won't Give Up'

11th April 2006

GUY RITCHIE is determined not to quit directing despite the failure of his last two films, his father JOHN reveals. SWEPT AWAY and REVOLVER flopped at the box office, but 76-year-old JOHN RITCHIE insists Guy...

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Monkeys Beat The Beatles

26th January 2006

Newcomers ARCTIC MONKEYS have beaten THE BEATLES in a poll of the best ever British albums compiled by UK music weekly New Musical Express (NME), even though their debut disc was only released on Monday...

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Radiohead Beat Themselves

30th December 2005

RADIOHEAD have released the two best albums of all time, according to a new poll. OK COMPUTER was named the greatest ever by readers of British magazine Q, followed by the group's earlier effort THE...

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Revolver Shoots To The Top Of 2005 Turkeys

27th December 2005

Director GUY RITCHIE's REVOLVER has topped a poll of the biggest screen turkeys of 2005. The gangster movie was voted the worst movie this year by members of online UK DVD rental company,...

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Ritchie Ditches Kabbalah

20th November 2005

Director GUY RITCHIE is reportedly turning his back on the Kabbalah, risking the fury of his religious wife MADONNA. The REVOLVER film-maker fears studying the mystical offshoot of Judaism has done him no favours...

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Ritchie Eyes Fantasy Movie After Revolver Failure

19th November 2005

British film-maker GUY RITCHIE is in talks to direct a fairytale fantasy following the box-office failure of his gangster movie REVOLVER this year (05). Ritchie is teaming up with MATTHEW VAUGHN, who produced his...

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Ritchie Confident Revolver Will Be Dvd Hit

10th November 2005

Director GUY RITCHIE predicted his latest film REVOLVER would flop on the big screen, but insists it will go on to be a hit DVD. The movie was slammed by critics and abandoned by...

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Ashcroft Draws On Beatles For Inspiration

10th November 2005

Former THE VERVE frontman RICHARD ASHCROFT is drawing on the music of THE BEATLES while recording his new album in a bid to reestablish his place in the music industry. The DRUGS DON'T WORK...

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Tisch Tells Ritchie To Sort Himself Out

30th October 2005

Film friends of British director GUY RITCHIE are convinced his work is suffering because of his marriage to pop superstar MADONNA. They are adamant that Ritchie's role as a family man is taking its...

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Rourke's Reputation Nearly Cost Him Domino

11th October 2005

Director TONY SCOTT had to battle to cast actor MICKEY ROURKE in his new film DOMINO, because movie bosses were unsure about the reformed wildman's reliability. Rourke has a reputation for being volatile and...

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Ritchie Faces Resistance With Music Taste

7th October 2005

Film director GUY RITCHIE would rather listen to traditional Irish drinking music than his wife MADONNA's albums. The movie-maker also cites Republican songs as preferred listening - but maintains his controversial music taste doesn't...

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Ritchie Plans Historical Comedy

4th October 2005

Director GUY RITCHIE is undeterred by the poor response to his latest movie, he's already planning his next film project - an ancient historical comedy. REVOLVER, Ritchie's return to the gangster genre, disappointed critics...

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Pride And Prejudice Holds Off Ritchie's Revolver

28th September 2005

Period drama PRIDE AND PREJUDICE has triumphed in the UK box office for a second week, despite competition from GUY RITCHIE's crime drama REVOLVER and GEORGE A ROMERO's horror film LAND OF THE DEAD....

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Ritchie Fails Madonna Tv Quiz

26th September 2005

Director GUY RITCHIE was left redfaced when he was unable to answer questions about his superstar wife MADONNA on a French chat show yesterday (25SEP05). The SNATCH film-maker, 37, was the surprise contestant of...

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Statham Enjoying Single Life

22nd September 2005

Hollywood hardman JASON STATHAM has moved on from his failed seven-year romance with British beauty KELLY BROOK. The SNATCH actor was left heart-broken when Brook left him last year (AUG04) to date her THREE...

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Ritchie Unhurt By Revolver Critics

21st September 2005

GUY RITCHIE is undeterred by the critical mauling his new movie REVOLVER has received in America and Britain - insisting he anticipated it and isn't hurt. After his last film SWEPT AWAY flopped, Ritchie...

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Ritchie Denies Kabbalah Features In Revolver

21st September 2005

British film-maker GUY RITCHIE has laughed off suggestions his new movie REVOLVER makes reference to the Kabbalah. The rumours started after Ritchie become devoted to the mystical offshoot of Judaism since marrying pop superstar...

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Ritchie And Madonna Booed At Revolver Premiere

21st September 2005

British film-maker GUY RITCHIE and his wife MADONNA were booed at the London premiere of his new movie REVOLVER last night (20SEP05) - because they refused to sign autographs for expectant fans. JASON STATHAM,...

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Andre 3000 And Madonna To Duet?

16th September 2005

Hip-hop star ANDRE '3000' BENJAMIN is considering recording a duet with MADONNA after meeting the Queen of Pop on the set of new movie REVOLVER. The OUTKAST rapper was wracked with nerves when the...

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Ritchie: 'Revolver Isn't Gratuitous'

13th September 2005

British director GUY RITCHIE has defended his new movie REVOLVER against claims it is too violent, insisting he cut shocking scenes to keep it realistic. The gangland film has been accused by some critics...

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