A British man who wrote his resignation letter on a cake, in icing, was surprised to find that the picture of the cake posted online by his brother-in-law went viral and he’s now found himself hitting the headlines and his cake-making business was so inundated with enquiries yesterday (April 16, 2013) that his website crashed under the pressure.

Chris Holmes, 31, welcomed a baby boy into the world just a few weeks ago and decided to bite the bullet and quit his job working for the immigration services, for Border Force at Stansted. He had decided to pursue his big passion in life: baking cakes. In order to jump ship in a fitting manner, he baked a huge passion cake (a spiced carrot cake with pecans and sultanas and coconut) and carefully iced his resignation onto the plain white coating. He carried it to work and handed the cake to the duty manager when he arrived at work. The cake measured 10 by 12 inches and contained 18 eggs. A spokesperson for Border Force said that “The people who tasted it say it was very nice.”

Chris has admitted that it’s a risk setting up the business in the current climate. “But I have looked at the books time and again and every way I look at it, it is viable as a sole employment,” he told The Guardian. “If it all goes to plan, Ben is to thank for giving me that kick to get on and do something I have a passion for.” Judging by the surge of interest on his Twitter page, he won’t be short of business for a while. He even got an exceedingly encouraging message from the king of bakers, Mr. Kipling himself.