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Alien Vs Predator Role Written For Salmon

27th October 2004

British actor COLIN SALMON's role in ALIEN VS PREDATOR was written especially for him after the movie's director felt guilty for killing him off in an earlier film. PAUL WES ANDERSON created the role...

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Bollywood Pulls In British Cinema-goers

12th October 2004

The Bollywood take on JANE AUSTEN's classic novel PRIDE AND PREJUDICE has shot to the top of the British movie charts. BRIDE AND PREJUDICE - starring Indian beauty AISHWARYA RAI and Hollywood actor MARTIN...

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Jovovich: I Relate To Jolie

11th October 2004

MILLA JOVOVICH refuses to view fellow action movie babe ANGELINA JOLIE as a rival - preferring instead to see her as an ally. The RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE star embraces TOMB RAIDER beauty Jolie because...

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Jovovich's Career Threatens Anderson Relationship

8th October 2004

Model-turned-actress MILLA JOVOVICH fears her longterm relationship with director PAUL ANDERSON is being threatened by their demanding careers. The FIFTH ELEMENT star has accepted they will probably never marry because she is constantly travelling...

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Guillory Slams 'Surgically-enhanced' Beckinsale

5th October 2004

RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE beauty SIENNA GUILLORY has launched a scathing attack on fellow Brit KATE BECKINSALE for becoming one of the "bitchy Hollywood" set and allegedly having breast implants. The London-born actress says she...

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Sky Captain Flies High

20th September 2004

JUDE LAW's new sci-fi action movie SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW is flying high after taking the top spot in the new box office chart in America. The retro-futuristic film, which also...

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Resident Evil Sequel Top Us Box Office

13th September 2004

Actress MILLA JOVOVICH's sci-fi sequel RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE has ended JET LI film HERO's two-week reign at the top of the American box office, earning $23.7 million (GBP13.1 million). KIM BASINGER's thriller CELLULAR, the...

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Jovovich's Mongolian Adventure

24th August 2004

Movie star MILLA JOVOVICH celebrated the completion of her new action film RESIDENT EVIL 2: APOCALYPSE by taking a course in yak milking in Mongolia. The adventurous actress went trekking with her brother in...

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Purefoy Fights Off Serial Groupie

23rd August 2004

British movie heart-throb JAMES PUREFOY had to enlist the skills of his publicist to help him fight off the amorous attentions of a notorious groupie. The RESIDENT EVIL hunk, 40, was socialising at the...

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Snoop Doll To Hit Stores

13th October 2003

Rapper SNOOP DOGG has taken on a new guise - as a doll. After branding himself a gangster and a pimp as well as becoming a TV host and owning his own clothing line...

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Jovovich's Joy From Monster-slaying

2nd September 2003

Ukrainian beauty MILLA JOVOVICH loves filming new flick RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE - because beating up a huge monster every day has boosted her confidence. The 27-year-old model-turned-actress, currently shooting the sequel to last's year's...

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Snoop Dogg For Resident Evil Sequel

17th August 2003

Controversial rapper SNOOP DOGG is lined up to appear in upcoming movie RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE. The production will be the sequel to successful British flick RESIDENT EVIL, which starred MILA JOVOVICH and JARED HARRIS....

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Musical Milla

31st July 2003

Model-turned-actress MILLA JOVOVICH is turning her hand to music. The Ukrainian-born FIFTH ELEMENT star is a keen guitarist and hopes her new financial security will afford her time to hone her musical abilities....

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Wedding Bells For Milla Jovovich

27th July 2003

Ukrainian star MILLA JOVOVICH has announced her engagement to British director PAUL ANDERSON. The RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE actress plans to marry her beau in just a few weeks' time, and it is believed they...

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