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Roth Blames Lack Of Leading Roles On Nose

22nd November 2006

British actor TIM ROTH insists he has been denied leading movie roles because he has a big nose. The 45-year-old is best known for his acclaimed performances in QUENTIN TARANTINO movies RESERVOIR DOGS and PULP...

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Fascinating Fact 2272

22nd October 2006

The original OCEAN'S 11, NORTH BY NORTHWEST, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, TRAINSPOTTING, SHAFT, BULLITT and RESERVOIR DOGS have been named among the 25 Most Stylish Films of All Time in a new GQ magazine poll.

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Penn Clears Up Reports About Brother Chris' Death

14th September 2006

Reclusive movie star SEAN PENN has agreed to a sit down interview with CNN talk show host LARRY KING to talk frankly about his brother CHRIS' death. Actor Chris Penn died in mysterious circumstances, and...

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Another Hollywood Feud Heats Up As Madsen Slams Pitt

3rd August 2006

RESERVOIR DOGS tough guy MICHAEL MADSEN has attacked his one-time co-star BRAD PITT for not standing up for him and helping him land a leading role in his new movie. Tough guy Madsen was offered...

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The Things They Say 2583

3rd August 2006

"I never understood the attention that scene got. I always thought that scene was kind of tame. I didn't really see it as being so violent." MICHAEL MADSEN on his torture scene in RESERVOIR DOGS,...

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Reservoir Dogs Game Under Fire

31st July 2006

A controversial computer game based on gory 1992 movie RESERVOIR DOGS has been met with fierce criticism from police officials in the UK, who fear it encourages violence against authorities. The graphically gruesome game, also...

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Pink Hates Her Real Name

13th May 2006

Pop star PINK hates that her friends are now calling her by her real name - because she associates it with being told off. The STUPID GIRLS star, real name ALECIA MOORE, claims to have...

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Chris Penn Died Of Enlarged Heart

14th February 2006

RESERVOIR DOGS actor CHRIS PENN died accidentally from an enlarged heart and the effects of a combination of various medications, according to autopsy and toxicology tests. The Los Angeles coroner's office released a statement...

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Chris Penn Found Dead

25th January 2006

SEAN PENN's actor brother CHRIS was found dead at his Santa Monica, California condominium yesterday (24JAN06). The 43-year-old was discovered in his bed by police, but authorities are baffled by the death, and insist...

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Reservoir Dogs Star Mauled By Rottweiler

5th January 2006

Tough guy actor CHRIS PENN had to shoot one scene in RESERVOIR DOGS with blood gushing from his neck after co-star MICHAEL MADSEN's rottweiler attacked him. Madsen recalls his dog, BLUE, biting Penn just...

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Tarantino Plans Christmas Day Film Marathon

23rd December 2005

QUENTIN TARANTINO is planning a Christmas Day marathon, watching all his own movies. The cult movie maker was thrilled when bosses at the Encore cable channel announced they would be screening all of his...

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Sex Shock Scene In The Crying Game Tops New Movie Poll

27th September 2005

THE CRYING GAME's pivotal penis scene has topped a new movie poll of shocking moments. The scene in question, where STEPHEN REA's character is confronted by the naked truth that the dancer he's in...

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Ten Years To Wait For Kill Bill 3

22nd September 2005

Fans of QUENTIN TARANTINO's hardcore action films KILL BILL should not hold their breath for part three, because the story will focus on THE BRIDE's daughter 10 years on. Tarantino's last film KILL BILL...

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Madsen Announces Actors In New Tarantino Film

24th May 2005

Hollywood actor MICHAEL MADSEN has confirmed director QUENTIN TARANTINO's all-star line-up for his highly-anticipated war movie INGLORIOUS BASTARDS. Madsen, who has collaborated with the maverick filmmaker on RESERVOIR DOGS and the KILL BILL movies,...

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Bates' Naked Scene Tops Men's Magazine Awful Poll

4th May 2005

KATHY BATES' naked Jacuzzi scene with JACK NICHOLSON in ABOUT SCHMIDT has topped a quirky new poll to find the Most Ball Clenching Movie Moment of All Time. The scene in the 2002 movie...

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Keitel And Loren Receive Lifetime Achievement Awards

18th April 2005

Movie legends HARVEY KEITEL and SOPHIA LOREN received lifetime achievement awards on Saturday (16APR05) at the 24th ISTANBUL FILM FESTIVAL for their astounding contributions to film. Italian actress Lauren, who won Best Actress OSCAR...

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Keitel: 'I Almost Quit Acting'

31st March 2005

Hollywood star HARVEY KEITEL almost quit acting after he was fired from the set of APOCALYPSE NOW in the late 1970s. Keitel, who enjoyed a renewed bout of fame in the early 1990s with...

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Tarantino To Cut Up Bastards?

23rd March 2005

QUENTIN TARANTINO is so happy with the success of his KILL BILLs he's planning to make his next movie in two parts, according to his favourite actor MICHAEL MADSEN. Madsen, who appeared in RESERVOIR...

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Keitel Grateful For Tarantino Influence

21st March 2005

HARVEY KIETEL is happy he's most remembered for his movie collaborations with director QUENTIN TARANTINO - because they made two "great" movies together. Keitel played career criminal MR WHITE in RESERVOIR DOGS and then...

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Hopper's Reservoir Regrets

10th January 2005

Acting veteran DENNIS HOPPER bitterly regrets turning down the chance to star in cult QUENTIN TARANTINO film RESERVOIR DOGS. The EASY RIDER star, 68, claims his decision to snub the 1992 crime thriller was...

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Psycho Shower Scene Voted Best Death

21st May 2004

Critics have hailed JANET LEIGH's chilling shower scene in classic film PSYCHO the "best movie death" of all time. The 1960 ALFRED HITCHCOCK thriller beat other iconic movies like THE GODFATHER and QUENTIN...

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Madsen Curses Mr Blonde Role

11th May 2004

Veteran actor MICHAEL MADSEN is sick of being typecast as the violent bad guy, sparked by his appearance in QUENTIN TARANTINO's blood-soaked classic RESERVOIR DOGS. The 45-year-old frequently gets called MR BLONDE - his...

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Madsen And Keitel Hesitate Over Satan

23rd April 2004

Movie tough guys MICHAEL MADSEN and HARVEY KEITEL had a difficult decision during the christening of Madsen's son - whether to renounce Satan or not. Madsen picked his RESERVOIR DOGS co-star to be the...

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Tarantino Defends Kill Bill Violence

3rd October 2003

Cult movie-maker QUENTIN TARANTINO has leapt to the defence of his ultraviolent new movie KILL BILL. The RESERVOIR DOGS director frequently attracts criticism for the extreme violence in his movies, but feels cinema is...

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Tarantino: Kill Bill Isn't Matrix Reloaded

3rd October 2003

Maverick director QUENTIN TARANTINO has defended his new movie KILL BILL from accusations the finale is similar to that in THE MATRIX RELOADED. The outspoken film-maker insists the thought didn't occur to him until...

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Harvey Keitel's War Of Words With Lawyer

23rd July 2003

Intense actor HARVEY KEITEL engaged in a war of words with his ex-girlfriend's lawyer in MANHATTAN FAMILY COURT yesterday (22JUL03). The RESERVOIR DOGS actor is battling his former love LISA KARMAZIN over child support...

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Is Most Shocking

20th July 2003

Legendary seventies shocker THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE has topped a list of the most "profoundly disturbing" movies of all time. The 1974 horror flick - which follows a group of teenagers as they are...

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Tarantino's Bloody Demands

4th July 2003

Hollywood hero QUENTIN TARANTINO is bank - and he's as bloody as ever. The TRUE ROMANCE scribe has finally completed his long-awaited fourth feature film as a director, KILL BILL, which stars UMA THURMAN...

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Steve Buscemi: Hidden Acting Hopes

1st July 2003

BIG LEBOWSKI star STEVE BUSCEMI was so convinced he would never make it as an actor - he turned into a tearaway teenager. Buscemi, who played MR PINK in RESERVOIR DOGS, spent his formative...

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Buscemi Arrested In Fire Station Protest

26th May 2003

Quirky character actor STEVE BUSCEMI has been arrested during a protest over the closure of a New York fire station. The star, best known for off-beat films like THE BIG LEBOWSKI, FARGO and RESERVOIR...

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