Republica frontwoman Saffron took up martial arts to help her deal with overzealous fans.

The British singer was left fearing for her life when a man sneaked into her room at a hotel in Germany in 1998 after convincing staff he was a friend and needed a spare key.

Saffron reveals, "It was like a horror film. I was half-asleep, my eyes were flickering and then I saw the door opening. I jumped out of bed and started screaming."

She suffered another scary run-in with fans when a group of men picked her up in a nightclub and attempted to carry her out of the door, and she admits the incidents spurred her on to learn self-defence techniques.

Saffron, whose mother has Chinese heritage, tells Britain's The Independent newspaper, "I have always had a call to the east because of my background and I got into it because I was curious. It's a female style of Kung Fu designed by a nun... The moves they use in (movie Kill Bill) are based on Wing Chun. It gives you inner confidence, so if somebody comes into your space you can dissolve the situation. I think it's calmed me down a lot."