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Kellan Lutz Is The Greek Hero In 'The Legend Of Hercules' [Trailer]

By Jack de Aguilar | 28th November 2013

Kellan Lutz is still in the infancy of his career, considering how long movie stars can go on for, but he’s already starred in all the Twilight movies, as well as voicing Tarzan in a...

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Screenwriter Michael France Dies Aged 51

15th April 2013

Screenwriter Michel France has passed away aged 51.France - best known for his Marvel film screenplays - died on Friday (12.04.13) at his home in St. Pete Beach, Florida, after complications from his diabetes-related illness,...

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Renny Harlin Tricked Sylvester Stallone Into Facing His Fear Of Heights For Cliffhanger

21st February 2013

Moviemaker Renny Harlin helped Sylvester Stallone combat his fear of heights on the set of 1993 mountain climbing action movie Cliffhanger by playing on the actor's ego.Stallone left the Finnish filmmaker feeling a little nervous...

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Jackson And Harlin Keen To Kiss Again

17th March 2009

SAMUEL L. JACKSON and RENNY HARLIN are in talks to revisit their 1996 action movie THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT without the director's former leading lady and ex-wife GEENA DAVIS. Jackson has been quietly developing the project...

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Warlock Film Produces No Box-office Magic

12th September 2006

The top film at the box office last weekend, the teen warlock flick TheCovenant, drew less than $8.9 million-- the lowest figure for a No. 1 infilm in three years -- while the No. 2...

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Davis Learned From Marriage Mistakes

4th April 2006

Oscar-winning actress GEENA DAVIS refuses to look at her first three marriages as failures, because she learned so much from the broken unions. The THELMA + LOUISE star, who is currently married to her fourth...

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Stallone To Helm Rambo 4

13th February 2006

SYLVESTER STALLONE has signed up to direct RAMBO 4 when he finishes work on ROCKY BALBOA - the sixth installment in the boxing movie series. The 59-year-old had reportedly been considering approaching RIDLEY SCOTT...

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Banned 'Exorcist' Prequel To Be Released

25th March 2005

PAUL SCHRADER's EXORCIST prequel, PAUL SCHRADER'S EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING, is finally hitting the big screen after extended controversy saw the film initially being abandoned. Schrader, who wrote TAXI DRIVER and RAGING BULL, was...

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Schrader Pleased He Disliked Harlin's Exorcist

24th March 2005

Director PAUL SCHRADER was relieved when he finally watched film-maker RENNY HARLIN's version of EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING - because he thought it was so bad his edit might stand a chance of securing a release....

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Schrader's Exorcist Prequel Is Finally Released

21st February 2005

The original version of horror prequel EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING is to have its world premiere - even though producers dropped the movie for lacking the scare factor. The psychological drama, which stars STELLAN SKARSGARD...

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Exorcist Prequel Attracts Terrified Cinemagoers

23rd August 2004

Prequel EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING has scared up another chart-topping movie weekend for the horror franchise at the American box office. The RENNY HARLIN film, which stars STELLAN SKARSGARD as a young FATHER MERRIN, made...

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Harlin Liked Filming Crippled After Exorcist Curse Struck

23rd August 2004

Scandinavian director RENNY HARLIN tasted the curse of THE EXORCIST while he was shooting prequel EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING after he was hit by a car. Harlin was just two weeks into filming when he...

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Ditched Exorcist Movie To Be Released On Dvd

15th April 2004

Veteran director PAUL SCHRADER is furious his axed prequel to 1973 horror classic THE EXORCIST will be released on DVD at the same time as its replacement - because he wants it to receive a...

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Harlin Set To Scare In New Exorcist Movie

24th October 2003

Finnish movie maker RENNY HARLIN has signed to make the latest film in THE EXORCIST series. The DEEP BLUE SEA director will replace PAUL SHRADER next month (NOV03) when he takes charge of EXORCIST:...

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