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Jake Gyllenhaal Hospitalized On 'Nightcrawler' Set. What's The Movie All About?

By Michael West | 15th November 2013

Jake Gyllenhaal was briefly hospitalized after punching a mirror on the set of his new movie Nightcrawler on Wednesday morning (November 13, 2013). The actor lost 20 pounds to play a crime reporter in the...

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The Things They Say: 3951305

13th November 2013

"I do laser treatments, and tried a little bit of Botox this year for my frown lines and I like it!" Actress Rene Russo, 59, likes to try new beauty procedures to preserve her looks.

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Russo Shocks Pal Leary

7th August 2003

Movie star RENE RUSSO provided comic DENIS LEARY with his biggest shock at his recent Hollywood roast - by wearing a penis. THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR star startled the funnyman when she "performed a...

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