Reg Traviss claims the woman he is accused of raping ''begged'' him to get into bed with her.

The film director - who was engaged to Amy Winehouse before she died in July 2011 - told the jury at Southwark Crown Court yesterday (11.12.12) the ''attractive'' woman kissed him and asked if he had condoms, and after they had consensual sex twice, he was too tired to continue.

He said: ''It was a bit too much for me, I couldn't perform that much longer.''

The alleged victim - who had claimed she was too drunk to stand - said she did not remember leaving the Jet Black bar on December 30, 2011 with the filmmaker and her next clear memory was of being raped.

However, his lawyer, Ian Winter QC, spoke of CCTV footage from the bar that showed her ''perfectly able'' to walk.

He said: ''It shows you coming out with Mr. Traviss, waving goodbye and walking down the path.

''You pause to chat to the bouncer (security guard), Mr. Traviss turns back to talk to the bouncer again, and as you and he walk off he puts his arm around you to go to get in a taxi. You are perfectly able to walk.''

The woman - who alleged she woke twice to Traviss raping her - admitted kissing her alleged attacker after he walked her to a nearby underground station the day after but said she didn't want to be ''rude'' and ask what had happened.

She said: ''When I woke up that afternoon I was confused and not sure if it was a dream or I had been raped.

''When I left I didn't want to ask Reg in case it came across really rude.

''It was only when I got home I thought about it again and realised what had happened.''

She then went out with friends to celebrate New Year's Eve (31.12.11).

She said: ''I didn't want to be at home miserable thinking about it.''

Traviss denies two counts of rape. The trial continues.