Reg Traviss says being accused of rape made him feel ''lower'' than when Amy Winehouse died.

The 35-year-old director - who was engaged to the singer at the time of her death in 2011 - was acquitted of two charges this week, and was horrified when he first learned of the claims against him.

He said: ''When Amy died I thought I couldn't reach a lower ebb.

''I'm reluctant to say it, but when this came up I don't think I ever have, or ever will, feel so low.''

Reg believes authorities did not question his innocence throughout the legal process, and thinks the allegation was pursued because of his high-profile status.

He told The Sun newspaper: '' I don't want to slag off the police -- they have a job to do and were all decent fellas -- but I do wonder about political pressures and meeting targets.

''On their report I was described as 'the famous film director and partner of the late Amy Winehouse'. It does make you wonder if I was a big scalp.

''The problem is, the system is like a runaway train. Once the wheels are in motion, there is no stopping it.''

The woman who accused Reg of attacking her following a night out on December 30 2011 was an old friend and the filmmaker insists he now feels ''blank'' towards her.

He said: ''The woman who gave evidence wasn't the woman I knew. She was aggressive and angry and completely different to the person I thought I knew.

''How do I feel about her now? I have no emotions towards her at all. I am blank.''