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Irina Shayk To Star On Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover

15th February 2011

IRINA SHAYK is set to appear on the cover of the annual swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated.IRINA SHAYK, the 25-year-old Russian model, has won the race to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit...

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The Things They Say 19808

13th January 2011

"What I love is people go, 'It's gonna get better...' They're just starting to talk. They won't let me comb their hair. People think I'm being abusive - they're (screaming)." Actor JERRY O'CONNELL's two-year-old twins...

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The Things They Say 18903

11th November 2010

"It's very difficult having two little kids in the house. It's tough to keep the relationship going. My wife and I were thinking about getting a divorce but neither of us want the children so...

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Jerry O'connell Considering Vasectomy

14th October 2010

Jerry O'Connell considered having a vasectomy because he doesn't want more children.The 36-year-old actor - who has twin daughters, 22-month-old Dolly and Charlie, with wife Rebecca Romijn - admits taking time off to care for...

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The Things They Say 17785

25th August 2010

"Once in a while I blow my wife's hair out. I learned from watching some of those reality hairstyling shows like Shear Genius." Actor JERRY O'CONNELL occasionally styles his wife, former model REBECCA ROMIJN.

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The Things They Say 17570

5th August 2010

"My children are actually worse than the terrible twos; they're the horrifically terrible twos!" Actor JERRY O'CONNELL admits his twin baby girls with wife REBECCA ROMIJN are not the best behaved of kids.

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Fascinating Fact 9708

24th July 2010

JERRY O'CONNELL's wife REBECCA ROMIJN missed the chance to accompany her husband to the Comic-Con convention in San Diego, California because she was attending her high school reunion.

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Jennifer Lawrence Cast In X:men Prequel

16th July 2010

Jennifer Lawrence has landed the part of Mystique in 'X Men: First Class.'The 'Winter's Bone' star is in demand from Twentieth Century Fox to play the role of the shape-shifter in the prequel which starts...

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Amber Heard Linked To X

15th June 2010

Amber Heard and Rosamund Pike are set to star in 'X-Men: First Class'.Studio 20th Century Fox have a "strong interest" in recruiting the actresses to portray Mystique and Moira MacTaggert respectively in director Matthew Vaughn's...

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Rebecca Romijn's Baby Dilemma

27th May 2010

Rebecca Romijn won't tell her twin daughters who was born first.The former 'Ugly Betty' actress - whose fraternal twins Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip with her husband Jerry O'Connell are 17-months-old tomorrow -...

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Rebecca Romijn Amazed By Twins

10th May 2010

Rebecca Romijn is "shocked" at how different her twin daughters are.The 37-year-old actress - who had twins Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip with husband Jerry O'Connell 16 months ago - loves every aspect...

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Romijn Models With Twins In Milk Ad

13th January 2010

REBECCA ROMIJN's twin girls are already following in their one-time model mum's famous footsteps - the one-year-old tots appear alongside the star in a new Got Milk? ad.Romijn sports a 'milk moustache' on her upper...

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O'connell To Get Romantic With Wife's Co-star

27th October 2009

Movie star JERRY O'CONNELL is putting his marriage to REBECCA ROMIJN to the test by kissing one of her co-stars.The actor has signed on to guest star in his wife's spooky new Witches of Eastwick...

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Rebecca Romijn's Grappling Girls

7th October 2009

Rebecca Romijn's nine-month-old twins love wrestling.The 'Ugly Betty' actress is surprised at the way daughters Dolly and Charlie - her children with husband Jerry O'Connell - wriggle and fight as she expected them to be...

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Tomkat Tops Loved-up List

14th June 2006

TOM CRUISE's couch-jumping antics and his outward show of affection for sweetheart KATIE HOLMES has earned the loved-up pair the top spot on a new Most Affectionate Couples in Hollywood poll. The new parents beat...

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Scarlett Tops Breast List

8th June 2006

Sexy SCARLETT JOHANSSON has the best boobs in Hollywood, according to a new magazine poll. Editors at American magazine In Touch gave the actress' "irresistible assets" top marks in the new best breasts list, claiming...

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The Things The Say:

2nd June 2006

"All of (JERRY O'CONNELL's) neighbours were drag queens, so if I ask him to play dress-up with me, he's not afraid." X-MEN star REBECCA ROMIJN on her fiance, who is very comfortable with his sexuality.

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Fascinating Fact 1562

30th May 2006

REBECCA ROMIJN looks naked except for blue paint as MYSTIQUE in X-MEN: THE LAST STAND, but co-star KELSEY GRAMMER has revealed the sexy actress wore prosthetic breasts.

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Romijn + Anderson Lose Out In Us Tv Shake-up

25th May 2006

REBECCA ROMIJN's new TV show PEPPER DENNIS and PAMELA ANDERSON's sitcom STACKED are two of the casualties in one of US TV's most ruthless cuts job. The two shows join a long list of programmes...

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Romijn Devastated By Weight Criticism

24th May 2006

X-MEN star REBECCA ROMIJN was devastated when US tabloids slammed her for gaining weight, because she had never felt better in her life. After years of maintaining a strict diet for her modeling career, she...

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The Things They Say 2029

14th May 2006

"She's blue and fabulous. If I looked like that I would be naked and let people paint me blue." ANNA PAQUIN is a fan of her X-MEN co-star REBECCA ROMIJN's naked body. The former model...

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Romijn Dedicates Mystique To 'Boy Fans'

9th May 2006

Movie beauty REBECCA ROMIJN was thrilled to reprise her role as MYSTIQUE in X-MEN: THE LAST STAND, because she is committed to pleasing her male fans. The actress squeezed into the character's impossibly tight lycra...

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The Things They Say 1954

3rd May 2006

"I was really self-conscious and awkward in high school. I wanted nothing below my waist to exist. I always wore un-pressed shirts around my butt - I dressed like the Olsen twins!" X-MEN star REBECCA...

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Romijn Lashes Out At Lagerfeld

2nd May 2006

Actress REBECCA ROMIJN has no regrets over her failed modelling career, insisting she hated working with temperamental designers - especially Chanel's KARL LAGERFELD. Romijn began modeling when she was in college and moved from Berkeley,...

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Wonder Woman Fans Pick Baccarin

18th April 2006

WONDER WOMAN's internet fans have waded into the ongoing casting debate about who should play the big screen superheroine as director JOSS WHEDON prepares to make his announcement. Amid reports that CHARISMA CARPENTER is the...

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The Things They Say 1844

13th April 2006

"I can't wait to have kids. I'm at a point in my life where when I see a pregnant woman, I get tears in my eyes." REBECCA ROMIJN, 33, is keen to become a mother.

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Romijn's Crazy Christmas Celebration

12th April 2006

Actress REBECCA ROMIJN and fiance JERRY O'CONNELL decided to plan a wacky Christmas celebration when their families met for the first time last year (05). The families gathered at a lodge in Northern California to...

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Romijn Regrets Helping O'connell Become The Bachelor

12th April 2006

X-MEN star REBECCA ROMIJN regrets helping her future brother-in-law CHARLIE O'CONNELL search for love on reality TV show THE BACHELOR, because of his embarrassing behaviour. The actress is engaged to CROSSING JORDAN star JERRY O'CONNELL...

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The Things They Say 1834

11th April 2006

"He was found tied to the back of a taco truck in a not-so-great part of Los Angeles, so we call him TACO TRUCK THE RUNAWAY JUNKYARD RASCAL." Actress REBECCA ROMIJN on the poodle-mix dog...

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Romijn All Wet About Fountain Film

9th April 2006

Model-turned-actress REBECCA ROMIJN has turned her fascination with fountains into a new documentary. The X-MEN star has been obsessed with dancing fountains since she was a little girl and recently realised a dream to take...

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