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Johnny Depp Flagging Big-time As 'Transcendence' Takes $11 Million

By Michael West | 21st April 2014

Warner Bros' flagging star Johnny Depp will be desperate for one of his upcoming projects - Mortdecai, Into The Woods and Black Mass - to land big on the box-office after his latest sci-fi flick...

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'Transcendence' Passed Over For Critics' Praise: What's Wrong With Johnny Depp's First Sci-fi?

By Lauren James | 17th April 2014

Johnny Depp's new science fiction thriller Transcendence isn't even out yet in most countries but box office prospects are looking shaky for its upcoming debut weekend. With its intriguing premise and dark moral message, the...

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'Transcendence': Negative Reviews For Johnny Depp's 'Lone Ranger' Comeback

By Jack de Aguilar | 16th April 2014

‘Transcendence’ is a stern Springtime test for Johnny Depp; the 50-year-old actor mooted an end to his film career following the very public failure that was ‘The Lone Ranger’, and a crowded box office, including...

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Johnny Depp Promotes 'Transcendence', But Attention Turns To 'Black Mass'

By Michael West | 8th April 2014

Johnny Depp has begun his promotional tour for his new science fiction thriller Transcendance, which opens on April 18. However, journalists appear to be more concerned with another of the actor's upcoming projects, Black Mass...

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If Women Make The Best Spies, Will We Ever See A Female Bond?

By Michael West | 31st March 2014

A leading female intelligence officer has gone on record as saying women make "bloody good spies" because of their ability to understand emotions and multi-task. During an interview with the Times, an anonymous intelligence officer...

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With Bana And Hall, How Did 'Closed Circuit' Fail To Please?

By Michael West | 28th August 2013

Closed Circuit, the new crime-thriller from Is Anybody There? director John Crowley, has failed to impress the critics ahead of its highly anticipated release this week. The international suspense thriller features a glittering cast including...

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The Lone Ranger: When Was The Last Time Johnny Depp Got So Little Attention?

By Michael West | 3rd July 2013

You'd be forgiven for assuming Gore Verbinski's The Lone Ranger was still weeks away from its cinematic release, with animations Despicable Me 2 and Monster's University dominating the movie talk ahead of the weekend's box-office....

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Stars Talk Iron Man 3 Ahead Of Hollywood Premiere [Video]

By Contributor | 24th April 2013

The Hollywood red carpet premiere for one of the most anticipated films of the year, Iron Man 3, takes place tonight (April 24, 2013) and ahead of the big evening, several of the cast's stars...

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A Week In Movies: Cruise's Oblivion & Butler's Olympus Have Their Worldwide Release & The Lone Ranger, The Hunger Games & Man Of Steel Launch New Trailers

By Staff Writer | 19th April 2013

Cinemas are now fully in the grip of blockbuster season, with Tom Cruise's Oblivion and Gerard Butler's Olympus Has Fallen expanding their reach into new countries this week. And next week sees Iron Man 3...

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Robert Downey Jr, Rebecca Hall, Stanley Tucci Among Guests At 'Iron Man 3' Premiere [Pictures]

By Michael West | 19th April 2013

Robert Downey Jr, Rebecca Hall and Stanley Tucci were among the high profile attendees at the Iron Man 3 premiere in London on Thursday (April 18, 2013). After an initial postponement following the death of...

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Iron Man 3 Stills Show Robert Downey Jr In Full Armour (Pictures)

By Michael West | 25th March 2013

It's been a big week for fans of Iron Man 3, with a brand new TV spot airing during the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, confirmation that Gywneth Paltrow's Pepper Potts will be suiting up alongside...

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Rebecca Hall Joins Johnny Depp On The 'Transcendence' Cast

By Contributor | 5th March 2013

Rebecca Hall has been announced as joining Johnny Depp for the film Transcendence, which will be the directorial debut of Christopher Nolan’s cinematographer Wally Pfister.Though not as celebrated an actor as Depp – few are...

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Better Than Downton? Benedict Cumberbatch Drama 'Parade’S End' Is A Critical Hit

By Hayley Avron | 26th February 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch’s new period drama Parade’s End depicts life in World War I England and the co-production between HBO and the BBC has so far impressed TV critics, with the first of five episodes, due...

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Hot Tickets! This Weekend’S Us Movie Releases: Hyde Park On Hudson, Playing For Keeps, Lay The Favorite, Bad Kids Go To Hell

By Hayley Avron | 7th December 2012

Kind of a disappointing showing this week folks, best hold on for those Christmas heartwarmers, or, if you’re one of the 56 people left on the globe that haven’t seen Skyfall, that’s probably still showing…Hyde...

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Iron Man 3 Teaser Trailer Does The Trick

By Lorna Greville  | 22nd October 2012

A brief but effective teaser trailer of the upcoming 3rd installment of the Iron Man series of movies has been released online.Those cheeky devils at Marvel certainly do know how to tickle our movie-going-tastebuds. The...

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