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Posh's Distaste For Gaudy Madrid Mansions 1952848 18th December 2003 <p>Former SPICE GIRL VICTORIA BECKHAM took her time when searching for a new home in Madrid, Spain earlier this year (03) - because she didn't want a tacky home.</p> <p> Victoria - who is married to REAL MADRID ace DAVID BECKHAM - says some of the mansions she saw were vulgar.</p> <p> She says, "You should have seen some of the houses that we saw when we first came out. They were so Hollywood, they had lifts and discos and cinemas and I don't want anything like that.</p> <p> "I want something that's a nice size so that, when I'm on my own with the children, I'm not going to feel scared." </p> <b>18/12/2003 17:14</b> news_wenn_old 41568 429512 Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, Real Madrid
Beckham Signs $8.5 Million Sunglasses Deal 1952943 17th December 2003 <p>Soccer star DAVID BECKHAM has gone back on his word to focus solely on the sport - by signing a $8.5 million (GBP5 million) sponsorship deal with POLICE Sunglasses.</p> <p> The REAL MADRID midfielder has inked a three-year deal to become a global figurehead for the brand, after doubling sales of the shades in Britain.</p> <p> Police spokesperson MASSIMO DE RIGO says, "He is a charming man who loves our sunglasses and looks exceptionally good in them."</p> <p> When Beckham signed for Madrid this summer (03) he vowed to cut back endorsement deals and publicity commitments so he could concentrate on his sport. </p> <b>17/12/2003 13:37</b> news_wenn_old 69356 427350 David Beckham, Gbp, Police, Real Madrid
David Beckham's Weekly $2,500 Haircut 1953102 15th December 2003 <p>Soccer superstar DAVID BECKHAM pays a hairdresser $2,500 (GBP1,500) to cut his hair each week, despite only having 3mm trimmed off each time.</p> <p> The REAL MADRID ace flies out his longtime barber BEN COOKE from London to Madrid, Spain for the weekly session.</p> <p> And 28-year-old David - who is married to pop singer VICTORIA BECKHAM - doesn't even have his mop styled because he's growing his hair.</p> <p> An insider says, "Ben isn't just a pal of the Beckhams. He is more like a family member.</p> <p> "He is allowed into their inner sanctum, where hardly anyone else if trusted. He even sings old SPICE GIRLS hits in karaoke bars with Victoria." </p> <b>15/12/2003 13:36</b> news_wenn_old 69356 427350 David Beckham, Gbp, Real Madrid, Ben Cooke, Victoria Beckham -, Spice Girls
Victoria Beckham Picks Up Christmas Presents 1953110 15th December 2003 <p>Pop singer VICTORIA BECKHAM enlisted the help of a shop assistant when out Christmas shopping for soccer superstar husband DAVID BECKHAM.</p> <p> The LET YOUR HEAD GO star asked CARL SHEEHAN to try on a $320 (GBP190) ski coat for her because he is the same build as the REAL MADRID ace.</p> <p> But the 18-year-old didn't recognise the former SPICE GIRL at the Bluewater shopping centre in Dartford, South England.</p> <p> Carl says, "I didn't know who she was and felt so stupid when I found out.</p> <p> "She said I was the same size as David and asked me to pick a coat.</p> <p> "It felt very weird choosing BECKS's Christmas present. I hope he doesn't blame me if it doesn't fit."</p> <p> And Victoria spent more cash on David during a shopping trip to HARVEY NICHOLS in London, when she bought a handpainted T-shirt costing $680 (GBP400). </p> <b>15/12/2003 13:36</b> news_wenn_old 41568 429512 Victoria Beckham, David Beckham, Carl Sheehan, Gbp, Real Madrid, Spice Girl, Becks, Harvey, Nichols
Beckham To Launch Kids Television Show 1953232 12th December 2003 <p>Soccer ace DAVID BECKHAM is poised to educate children about football and life as an international sportsman, by launching a new television show in his native Britain.</p> <p> The REAL MADRID player - who is married to former SPICE GIRL VICTORIA - is making a 10-part series for the BBC called BECKHAM'S HOTSHOTS, to be screened next year (04).</p> <p> A source close to the 28-year-old hunk says, "You only have to see him with his own children BROOKLYN and ROMEO to know how much he loves kids. Because of that, this is the sort of programme David likes to get involved in.</p> <p> "This show will be football tips as well as giving an insight into his personal life - I'm sure a lot of adults will tune in as well." </p> <b>12/12/2003 13:40</b> news_wenn_old 69356 427350 David Beckham, Real Madrid, Spice Girl Victoria -, Bbc, Beckham's Hotshots, Brooklyn, Romeo
David And Victoria Form 'Team Beckham' 1953394 10th December 2003 <p>Soccer ace DAVID BECKHAM bought himself out of his contract with managers SFX on Friday (05DEC03) in order to set up 'Team Beckham' with pop star wife VICTORIA.</p> <p> The REAL MADRID player has paid a massive $3.4 million (GBP2 million) to his managers of the last 10 years, and will now handle all sponsorship deals via his own company FOOTWORK PRODUCTIONS.</p> <p> And the move - which is thought to have "deeply hurt" SFX manager TONY STEPHENS - will mean Beckham is guided by Victoria's mentor, former SPICE GIRLS manager SIMON FULLER.</p> <p> The relationship between singer Victoria and SFX has been notoriously difficult - and it was her lawyers, not David's, who faxed the company to inform them her husband no longer wished to do business with them.</p> <p> When Beckham signed a new two-year deal with SFX in August, Victoria reportedly went "ballistic". According to London's EVENING STANDARD newspaper, she and svengali Fuller want her husband to play a significant role in helping relaunch her solo career with new single THIS GROOVE/LET YOUR HEAD GO, which is slated for release on 29 December (03). </p> <b>10/12/2003 21:09</b> news_wenn_old 69356 427350 David Beckham, Sfx, Dec, Victoria, Real Madrid, Gbp, Footwork Productions, Tony, Stephens -, Spice Girls, Simon Fuller, Evening Standard, This Groove, Let Your Head Go
David Beckham Hit By Egg 1953660 7th December 2003 <p>Soccer superstar DAVID BECKHAM was pummeled with eggs and tomatoes thrown by BARCELONA fans as he arrived at a hotel in the city Friday night (05DEC03).</p> <p> Despite being under intense security after receiving death threats from the rival Spanish fans, an egg struck the REAL MADRID ace's ear.</p> <p> But cool-headed Beckham kept his cool and ignored the taunts.</p> <p> Earlier, some Barcelona fans threatened the British footballer this weekend (6/7DEC03). One read, "He may not be alive by the end of the game." </p> <b>07/12/2003 11:23</b> news_wenn_old 69356 427350 David Beckham, Barcelona, Dec, Real Madrid
Beckham Eyes Simpsons Cameo 1953912 3rd December 2003 <p>Soccer ace DAVID BECKHAM is poised to become the latest high-profile Briton to make a cameo on THE SIMPSONS.</p> <p> The REAL MADRID player - who is married to former SPICE GIRL VICTORIA - had reportedly been turned down by producers of the hit animation series earlier this year (03) because they feared he was not famous enough in America.</p> <p> However, after the sexy sportsman's profile was raised in the States during a promotional tour this summer, TV bosses changed their minds and he will get his chance to star alongside the country's most famous family.</p> <p> BECKS joins a host of British stars to make an appearance alongside HOMER and MARGE, including SIR PAUL McCARTNEY, SIR MICK JAGGER and British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR. </p> <b>03/12/2003 02:15</b> news_wenn_old 69356 427350 David Beckham, The Simpsons, Real Madrid, Spice Girl Victoria -, Tv, Becks, Homer, Marge, Sir Paul Mccartney, Sir Mick Jagger, Tony Blair
Posh's Saucy Video 1954001 2nd December 2003 <p>Former SPICE GIRL VICTORIA BECKHAM can be seen doing the vacuuming clad only in her underwear in new video THIS GROOVE.</p> <p> The wife of soccer ace DAVID is determined to top the singles charts with her new solo track, which was produced by rap mogul DAMON DASH, and hopes the raunchy promo will help her achieve her goal.</p> <p> During the film Victoria is seen chatting to her REAL MADRID player husband on a diamante phone before her skimpy attire is revealed.</p> <p> Those close to the sexy singer say that she intends the video to be a tongue-in-cheek look at her diva reputation.</p> <p> A source whispers, "Victoria likes people to know she has a sense of humour and doesn't take herself seriously." </p> <b>02/12/2003 02:25</b> news_wenn_old 41568 429512 Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, This Groove, David, Damon Dash, Real Madrid
Furnish: Beckhams Marriage Is 'Fine' 1954025 1st December 2003 <p>DAVID FURNISH has dismissed reports his pop star pal VICTORIA BECKHAM's marriage to soccer superstar DAVID BECKHAM is in trouble.</p> <p> David - who is the long-term partner of veteran singer SIR ELTON JOHN - admits the couple's move to Spain following David's transfer to REAL MADRID this summer (03) has put strain on the couple - but insists they're as in love as ever.</p> <p> He says, "They're fine. It's hard. Take any family, relocate to another country where you don't speak the language and you're living in a hotel, and then on top of that you're being hounded by the paparazzi.</p> <p> "Victoria said, 'David, I can't take the kids outside the hotel. They're climbing the walls.'</p> <p> "She can't win. If she sits back, does nothing, everyone says, 'She doesn't do anything.' But if she's away from David working, they say, 'She should be supporting him.'</p> <p> "They're absolutely fine. They're in great shape." </p> <b>01/12/2003 17:30</b> news_wenn_old 64469 438109 David Furnish, Victoria Beckham, David Beckham, Sir Elton John -, Real Madrid
Beckham Voted Sexiest Man In The World 1954037 1st December 2003 <p>Soccer superstar DAVID BECKHAM and screen beauty JENNIFER LOPEZ have been crowned the world's sexiest man and woman, according to a new global poll.</p> <p> More than 15,000 people voted for the REAL MADRID hunk, ahead of actor GEORGE CLOONEY, who finished second, and BEN AFFLECK in third.</p> <p> While Lopez topped the sexiest female poll, OSCAR-winning CATHERINE ZETA-JONES came second, with equal third place going to beauties HALLE BERRY and BRITNEY SPEARS.</p> <p> The votes were collected in the online 2003 DUREX GLOBAL SEX SURVEY. </p> <b>01/12/2003 14:08</b> news_wenn_old 69356 427350 David Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Real Madrid, George Clooney, Ben Affleck, Catherine, Zeta-Jones, Halle Berry, Britney Spears, Durex Global Sex Survey
David Beckham's Ad Error 1954040 1st December 2003 <p>Soccer star DAVID BECKHAM made an embarrassing blunder on the set of a TV advert when he mistook an actor for a genuine estate agent.</p> <p> REAL MADRID player Beckham asked his co-star in the commercial for cellphone giants VODAPHONE, advice on buying the mansion featured in the ad.</p> <p> And although JORGE ALONSO frequently reminded Beckham throughout the shoot he was just an actor, the hunky ENGLAND captain continued to quiz him about property.</p> <p> Alonso says, "He really thought I was a genuine estate agent and kept asking all sorts of things about the mansion we were using.</p> <p> "I told him that I was only an actor but he still carried on asking me questions.</p> <p> "I was a little surprised but tried to humour him. I said such a dream home would cost a fortune, but he could afford it.</p> <p> "He just smiled and said, 'Maybe, maybe.'" </p> <b>01/12/2003 14:08</b> news_wenn_old 69356 427350 David Beckham, Tv, Real Madrid, Vodaphone, Jorge Alonso, England
Beckham's Obe Taunts 1954072 1st December 2003 <p>British soccer ace DAVID BECKHAM is being mercilessly teased by his teammates at Spanish club REAL MADRID after receiving an ORDER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE (OBE) last week (28NOV03).</p> <p> The sexy sportsman - who is married to former SPICE GIRL VICTORIA - has come under fire from jokey pals including Brazilian players RONALDO and ROBERTO CARLOS who have decided to address Beckham as "Sir" from now on.</p> <p> BECKS laughs, "Some of the players have got mixed up and are calling me 'Sir', 'Your Majesty' and 'Your Highness' and bowing at my feet. So it's all been quite funny.</p> <p> "They saw pictures of me and Victoria at Buckingham Palace and have been taking the mickey out of me ever since. They keep asking me to show then the OBE, but I don't think I'll be risking taking it to training." </p> <b>01/12/2003 02:13</b> news_wenn_old 69356 427350 David Beckham, Real Madrid, Order Of The British, Empire, Obe, Nov, Spice Girl Victoria -, Ronaldo, Roberto, Carlos, Becks
Victoria Beckham Masters Spanish 1954156 28th November 2003 <p>VICTORIA BECKHAM is doing her best to settle into her new home of Madrid, Spain - and has even tried her hand at the local dialect.</p> <p> The former SPICE GIRL singer moved to the Spanish capital in the summer (03) when her soccer superstar husband DAVID BECKHAM transferred to the country's top club REAL MADRID.</p> <p> And the singer - speaking in an interview with BBC chat show host MICHAEL PARKINSON, to be aired in Britain tomorrow (29NOV03) - reveals she's studying hard to master the Spanish language.</p> <p> She laughs, "I can say, 'Donde Gucci?' That means, 'Where is GUCCI?'</p> <p> "I can say, 'Do you have a BENTLEY?' All the things you need to know. I'm getting there." </p> <b>28/11/2003 17:21</b> news_wenn_old 41568 429512 Victoria Beckham, David Beckham, Real Madrid, Bbc, Michael, Parkinson, Nov, Gucci, Bentley
Victoria Beckham: Pop Is Just A 'Hobby' 1954171 28th November 2003 <p>Former SPICE GIRL VICTORIA BECKHAM has labelled her troubled pop career a 'hobby' which she may give up - if the timing is right.</p> <p> Victoria - speaking in an interview with BBC chat show host MICHAEL PARKINSON, to be aired in Britain tomorrow (29NOV03) - freely admits her life with soccer superstar hubby DAVID BECKHAM is more important than her attempts at chart success.</p> <p> She said, "Music is a hobby, I don't have to do it. I could give up, as soon as I stop enjoying it."</p> <p> Victoria also dismissed gossip she's near to splitting with REAL MADRID ace David following a series of arguments about living in the Spanish capital.</p> <p> She said, "We've always been travelling backwards and forwards. I wanted David to go. He was very down before, and we want to have fun in Spain." </p> <b>28/11/2003 14:24</b> news_wenn_old 41568 429512 Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, Bbc, Michael, Parkinson, Nov, David Beckham, Real Madrid
Beckhams 'Don't Need' To Renew Wedding Vows 1954191 28th November 2003 <p>Singer VICTORIA BECKHAM and her soccer ace husband DAVID have blasted reports they are planning to renew their wedding vows, insisting they have no need to reaffirm their love.</p> <p> The couple - who have two sons together, BROOKLYN, four, and ROMEO, one - have been at the centre of frenzied speculation that their four-year marriage is in trouble following David's move to Spain to play for footballing giants REAL MADRID.</p> <p> But the twosome, who married in a lavish ceremony in 1999, insist their love is stronger than ever and were annoyed when reporters quizzed them on a report that they were staging a renewal ceremony as David collected his ORDER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE (OBE) at Buckingham Palace yesterday (27NOV03).</p> <p> David snapped, "It's the first I've heard about that. We don't need to do that." </p> <b>28/11/2003 09:07</b> news_wenn_old 41568 429512 Victoria Beckham, David, Brooklyn, Romeo, Real Madrid, Order, Of The British, Empire, Obe, Nov
Beckham Lines Up $17 Million Diamond 1954243 27th November 2003 <p>Soccer superstar DAVID BECKHAM is poised to spend $17 million (GBP10 million) on a diamond necklace for his pop star wife VICTORIA.</p> <p> The REAL MADRID ace wants to buy the necklace - which is built around the BLUE EMPRESS, a rare blue diamond - to match a $3.4 million (GBP2 million) diamond ring he bought the former SPICE GIRL earlier this month (NOV03).</p> <p> But David faces competition from other buyers who want to take home the rare gem stone - recently modelled by YASMIN LE BON - from exclusive London department store HARRODS when bidding ends on 23 December (03).</p> <p> An insider says, "The Beckhams love diamonds and this is one of the best in the world.</p> <p> "David and Victoria are sure to have a good look at it before deciding if it's one to add to their collection of jewels." </p> <b>27/11/2003 13:44</b> news_wenn_old 69356 427350 David Beckham, Gbp, Victoria, Real Madrid, Blue Empress, Spice Girl, Nov, Yasmin Le Bon -, Harrods
Beckham Arrives At Buckingham Palace For Obe Honour 1954246 27th November 2003 <p>Soccer ace DAVID BECKHAM arrived at London's BUCKINGHAM PALACE this morning (27NOV03) to receive his ORDER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE (OBE) by QUEEN ELIZABETH II.</p> <p> The ENGLAND captain - clad in formal top hat and tails - was accompanied by his pop star wife VICTORIA as he made his way through the palace gates in a swanky silver BENTLEY vehicle.</p> <p> Following behind the couple, in a separate Bentley, were Beckham's proud grandparents, who were invited to watch the investiture.</p> <p> A delighted Beckham told reporters it was "the best honour" he'd ever received, adding, "It's great to receive an award for playing football, for something I love doing."</p> <p> He also took the chance to thank those who have helped shape his career, "It's not just for me but for MANCHESTER UNITED, England, all of my teammates and my family."</p> <p> Although all eyes were on her sportsman husband, former SPICE GIRL VICTORIA stole some of the limelight by wearing a dramatic designer hat, replete with black feathers, for the auspicious occasion.</p> <p> The England captain spoke of how supportive his wife had been of his career and said, "I love her a lot. She's my wife, she's going to be with me whatever happens."</p> <p> David and Victoria left the palace after the ceremony to join their family - including young sons BROOKLYN, four, and ROMEO, one - for a celebratory lunch at an undisclosed location.</p> <p> Beckham, who now plays his club football for Spain's REAL MADRID, is being honoured for his services to English football. </p> <b>27/11/2003 13:44</b> news_wenn_old 69356 427350 David Beckham, Buckingham Palace, Nov, Order Of The British Empire, Obe, Queen Elizabeth, Ii, England, Victoria, Bentley, Manchester United, Spice Girl, Brooklyn, Romeo, Real Madrid
Beckham Wins Wax Vote 1954328 26th November 2003 <p>Soccer star DAVID BECKHAM is being honoured with a waxwork model in his adopted home of Spain - after scoring a landslide victory in a public vote.</p> <p> The hunky blonde, who transferred to leading club REAL MADRID in the summer (03), was the resounding answer when the city's MUSO DE CERA asked the public which star they would like to be included in their display.</p> <p> Spokesperson GONZALO PRESA says, "He's a star footballer and a powerful media figure. He's caused a real commotion here."</p> <p> The museum has vowed to keep up to date with Beckham's oft-changing hairstyle. </p> <b>26/11/2003 13:51</b> news_wenn_old 69356 427350 David Beckham, Real Madrid, Muso De Cera
Beckhams Unite For Pop Reinvention 1954339 26th November 2003 <p>Soccer ace DAVID BECKHAM is extending his visit to Britain to support his wife VICTORIA as she launches her new hip-hop career - because she's nervous about the reception she'll receive.</p> <p> The former SPICE GIRL is performing on a revamped version of British TV music show TOP OF THE POPS on Friday (28NOV03), and critics are eagerly awaiting her much-hyped reinvention as an urban artist.</p> <p> And REAL MADRID player Beckham is expected to stay in London after he receives his ORDER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE (OBE) honour from QUEEN ELIZABETH II today (26NOV03) so he can be close to his spouse as she prepares for a live performance of her first single - double A side LET YOUR HEAD GO and THIS GROOVE - in two years.</p> <p> An insider says, "It's going to be the most important night in Victoria's music career. She is dreadfully nervous, but with David there she knows she can cope with whatever response she'll get." </p> <b>26/11/2003 13:51</b> news_wenn_old 69356 427350 David Beckham, Victoria, Spice Girl, Tv, Top Of The Pops, Nov, Real Madrid, Order Of The British Empire, Obe, Queen Elizabeth Ii, Let Your Head Go, This Groove -
Maradona Slams 'Girly' Beckham 1954969 17th November 2003 <p>Soccer legend DIEGO MARADONA has launched a vicious attack at English sports superstar DAVID BECKHAM, accusing him of looking like a woman and being "too pretty" to play the game.</p> <p> The ENGLAND captain is widely viewed as one of the game's greatest talents, with Spanish side REAL MADRID paying Britain's MANCHESTER UNITED $40 million (GBP25 million) this summer (03) to secure his services - but Argentinean Maradona is sceptical of the 28-year-old's talents.</p> <p> The 43-year-old, who led Argentina to WORLD CUP glory in 1986 following the notorious 'Hand of God' goal against England, says, "Beckham is too pretty for a football pitch. He's so pretty, he looks like a woman. He's a good player, but not a world star."</p> <p> Maradona, promoting his new autobiography in Beijing, China, also accused Beckham of being obsessed with his wife - singer VICTORIA - and not dedicating enough time to soccer.</p> <p> But Beckham isn't alone as the subject of Maradona's vitriol - during a outburst he called American President GEORGE W BUSH a killer. </p> <b>17/11/2003 13:28</b> news_wenn_old 68616 674115 Diego Maradona, David Beckham, England, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Gbp, World Cup, Victoria -, George W Bush
Beckhams To Sue Paper Over Marriage Crisis Reports? 1955003 17th November 2003 <p>LATEST: Furious superstar couple VICTORIA and DAVID BECKHAM are threatening to sue a British newspaper for claiming their marriage is in crisis.</p> <p> According to an article published in today's (16NOV03) SUNDAY MIRROR, the former SPICE GIRL is demanding her soccer star husband moves back to Britain, just months after his transfer to Spanish club REAL MADRID.</p> <p> The paper reported that Victoria is refusing to sacrifice her pop career to live in Spain with David - the father of her two children BROOKLYN and ROMEO - and has warned him she'll walk out on the marriage if he doesn't return home.</p> <p> But the British couple have slammed the allegations and have announced a lawyer is investigating the story for possible legal action.</p> <p> A statement issued by the Beckhams today says, "Contrary to newspaper reports, our marriage is not in crisis.</p> <p> "Since we first met, our careers have always meant we have spent time apart. This is not a reflection on the strength of our marriage and we are very much enjoying our new life in Spain." </p> <b>17/11/2003 09:50</b> news_wenn_old 69356 427350 Victoria, David Beckham, Nov, Sunday Mirror, Spice Girl, Real Madrid, Brooklyn, Romeo
Beckham's Step Out 1955172 13th November 2003 <p>DAVID and VICTORIA BECKHAM made a public display of affection by going on a date on Tuesday night (11NOV03) - with POSH SPICE sporting a new $3.2 million (GBP2 million) diamond ring.</p> <p> The pair, dressed in matching black outfits, dined at London's exclusive DRONES CLUB following reports Victoria had been unsettled by her soccer star husband's move to Spanish team REAL MADRID this summer (03) - and the pop singer flashed her latest expensive piece of jewellery.</p> <p> One eyewitness reports, "It was sparkling in the camera flashes and looked huge on her dainty hand. Posh certainly seemed proud of the ring, and she and Becks looked very happy together."</p> <p> A spokesperson for the Beckhams revealed that, although David paid for the ring, Victoria had designed it - but they would not confirm reports on how much the band's cost.</p> <p> She said, "The ring was designed by Victoria then made by a friend. I do not really want to discuss how much it cost." </p> <b>13/11/2003 14:17</b> news_wenn_old 41568 429512 David, Victoria Beckham, Nov, Gbp, Drones Club, Real Madrid
Beckham Greatest Pop Culture Icon Of All Time 1955257 12th November 2003 <p>Soccer star DAVID BECKHAM is a bigger popular culture icon than ELVIS PRESLEY and MARTIN LUTHER KING, according to a new poll.</p> <p> The REAL MADRID player has come out top of a viewers vote conducted by the VH1 TV channel to find the greatest pop icon of all time - beating off competition from rock'n'roll king Elvis, who was third, legendary group THE BEATLES, who came fourth, and American superstar MADONNA, who was runner-up to Beckham.</p> <p> Beckham says of the award, "I am really honoured that I have been voted number 1 in VH1's 100 Greatest Pop Culture Icons, especially when you look at the incredible list of people in this poll - many of whom I really admire."</p> <p> Civil rights icon King came twelfth in the poll, one behind movie legend MARILYN MONROE, with late British royal DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES completing the top five.</p> <p> Beckham's wife VICTORIA only managed number 32 for her part in all-girl group SPICE GIRLS. </p> <b>12/11/2003 13:49</b> news_wenn_old 69356 427350 David Beckham, Elvis, Presley, Martin Luther King, Real Madrid, Vh, Tv, The, Beatles, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Diana, Princess Of Wales, Victoria, Spice Girls
Beckhams Sing Duet Together 1955348 11th November 2003 <p>Former SPICE GIRL VICTORIA BECKHAM is desperately bidding to spark more interest in her pop comeback, by enlisting the musical talents of her soccer superstar DAVID BECKHAM.</p> <p> A voicemail message left by the REAL MADRID ace in which he tells Victoria he loves her and asks her to call him back is sampled on one her new tracks.</p> <p> However, it is unknown if the track will be released on the new album as Victoria's label TELSTAR are reportedly unhappy with some of her new songs.</p> <p> Hip-hop producer DAMON DASH - who worked on the new material - says, "The track is about waiting for a call from a loved one and obviously David was the only man for Victoria to sing about.</p> <p> "It's a mellow R+B tune as opposed to some of the harder hip-hop tracks we've recorded." </p> <b>11/11/2003 13:48</b> news_wenn_old 41568 429512 Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, David Beckham, Real Madrid, Telstar, Damon Dash -
Victoria And David Join Spanish Society 1955426 10th November 2003 <p>VICTORIA BECKHAM has forged a new friendship with fellow pop star ENRIQUE IGLESIAS's mother, ISABEL PREYSLER.</p> <p> The OUT OF YOUR MIND singer was invited to a plush society dinner party at Preysler's home along with her soccer superstar husband DAVID, after originally meeting up in Britain prior to David's move to REAL MADRID this summer (03).</p> <p> A source says, "Isabel met Victoria in London before she moved to Madrid and they got on like a house on fire."</p> <p> Present at the dinner party last week (ends07NOV03) were Enrique, Spanish Prime Minister's daughter ANA AZNAR and various aristocrats and models.</p> <p> The source adds, "The creme de la creme of Spanish society was there. Isabel is Madrid's premier hostess." </p> <b>10/11/2003 18:20</b> news_wenn_old 41568 429512 Victoria Beckham, Enrique, Iglesias, Isabel Preysler, David, Real Madrid, Nov, Ana Aznar
Beckham Hits Out At Marriage Rumours 1955597 6th November 2003 <p>Soccer ace DAVID BECKHAM has attempted to end speculation about the state of his marriage to wife VICTORIA - by declaring how happy they are together.</p> <p> The REAL MADRID player confronted reports that the British golden couple's fairytale marriage was falling apart, because of the former SPICE GIRLS's work in London and New York.</p> <p> Ever since the ENGLAND captain and his young family moved to Spain, there has been reports that Victoria was unhappy with moving so far from family and friends.</p> <p> But David insists, "People can talk as much as they like, but I'd just like to let people to know that my wife is very happy here.</p> <p> "But the thing is, she'll always work and always go to London and America and that is the reason why she is not here every day. One of the major reasons for coming here was to get a house and settle down properly. I've been in a hotel for three months, which was great. But to have my own house so that my family and me feel more settled will be even better and hopefully it will make me a better player.</p> <p> "I have to say, though, that I am already fully focused on the football. Moving to Madrid was one of the best decisions I've ever made." </p> <b>06/11/2003 21:02</b> news_wenn_old 69356 427350 David Beckham, Victoria -, Real Madrid, Spice Girls, England
Victoria Beckham 'Has A Lot To Do' With David's Image 1955776 4th November 2003 <p>Soccer star DAVID BECKHAM's tattooist has confirmed long-held suspicions - his pop singer wife VICTORIA "has a lot to do with his image".</p> <p> The REAL MADRID player's sartorial choices have often been the subject of ridicule, with claims his ex-SPICE GIRL wife tells him what to wear and how to style his hair.</p> <p> Now in a new TV documentary, the footballer's personal tattooist LOUIS MALLOY confirms, "Victoria does have a lot to do with his image."</p> <p> However, Malloy adds Victoria has not always been a fan of her husband's bodyart.</p> <p> When David announced he was going to get the number seven - the shirt he famously wore for his last club MANCHESTER UNITED - tattooed on his right arm in Roman numerals, she tried to dissuade him, saying, "I think it's tacky."</p> <p> Malloy also defends the Beckham's tattoo tribute to Victoria - her name written out in Hindi - even though it is spelt incorrectly.</p> <p> He says, "I did a reading on an Indian family who instantly told me it was Victoria. If it was good enough for them, it was good enough for me." </p> <b>04/11/2003 14:00</b> news_wenn_old 69356 427350 David Beckham, Victoria, Real Madrid, Spice Girl, Tv, Louis, Malloy, Manchester United -
Beckhams Move Next Door To Royalty 1955932 2nd November 2003 <p>Soccer ace DAVID BECKHAM and his family have finally found their dream house in Madrid - next door to Spanish KING JUAN CARLOS.</p> <p> For the past 11 weeks, Beckham and his pop star singer wife VICTORIA, along with young sons BROOKLYN and ROMEO, have been staying in hotels following David's transfer to Spanish team REAL MADRID from MANCHESTER UNITED.</p> <p> But the family is delighted to be moving into the luxury $7.2 million (GBP4.5 million) home at Las Encinas next week (begs3NOV03), which is close to both David's training ground and the school Brooklyn is expected to attend.</p> <p> Because of its close proximity to the King, the property is in a no-fly zone, and the Beckhams' new home also boasts armed security guards for 24 hours of the day, as well as hi-tech sensors around the three and a half metre (12 foot) perimeter fence.</p> <p> A friend confirms, "The family can't wait to move in. It meets their privacy and security demands."</p> <b>02/11/2003 10:36</b> news_wenn_old 69356 427350 David Beckham, King Juan Carlos, Victoria, Brooklyn, Romeo, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Gbp, Nov
Beckham Spends Big At Posh Hotel 1956061 30th October 2003 <p>Soccer superstar DAVID BECKHAM has run up an incredible $692,552 (GBP432,875) bill in just three months at the Spanish hotel he is using as a home.</p> <p> The REAL MADRID player has been staying at the plush SANTA MAURA hotel in Madrid with his pop star wife VICTORIA and their sons BROOKLYN, four, and ROMEO, one, while they search for a house in the Spanish capital.</p> <p> The cost stems from two suites Beckham hired at the five-star resort costing $128,480 (GBP80,300), plus a bill of $86,856 (GBP54,285) at the restaurant, $28,800 (GBP18,000) on room service, $123,200 (GBP77,000) on guests and $10,960 (GBP6,850) in the bar.</p> <p> Big-spending Beckham has also splashed out on keeping a fleet of cars parked at $28,800 (GBP18,000), massages, a birthday party for Romeo and laundry service.</p> <p> And Beckham's generous nature has made him a popular hotel resident.</p> <p> A source says, "David is without doubt our favourite guest. We are used to powerful people but he has been a real pleasure. He is always polite and friendly and has signed autographs for guests and staff." </p> <b>30/10/2003 13:27</b> news_wenn_old 69356 427350 David Beckham, Gbp, Real Madrid, Santa Maura, Victoria, Brooklyn, Romeo

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