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Razorlight Star To Lobby Parliament Over Poverty

2nd November 2005

RAZORLIGHT frontman JOHNNY BORRELL has lobbied the British parliament to continue the Live 8 campaign to erase poverty in the developing world. The GOLDEN TOUCH rocker took part in the Make Poverty History and...

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Doherty Slams 'Snake' Borrell

6th October 2005

PETE DOHERTY has defended his attack on rock rival JOHNNY BORRELL at the Leeds Festival in England this summer (05), dubbing the singer a "f**king c**t" and a "poisonous snake". BABYSHAMBLES rocker Doherty adds...

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Razorlight Fuel Doherty Feud

7th September 2005

British rockers RAZORLIGHT are pursuing their feud with PETE DOHERTY after he headbutted lead singer JOHNNY BORRELL at last month's (AUG05) V Festival in Britain. Stunned briefly by the BABYSHAMBLES singer's unprovoked attack, Borrell...

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Doherty Involved In Backstage Brawl With Borrell

30th August 2005

Troubled rocker PETE DOHERTY was involved in a backstage fight with RAZORLIGHT frontman JOHNNY BORRELL at the Carling Weekend: Leeds Festival in England on Sunday night (28AUG05). BABYSHAMBLES star Doherty is said to have...

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Keane And Magic Numbers Join War Child Line-up

16th August 2005

LATEST: KEANE and THE MAGIC NUMBERS have joined the star-studded line-up for War Child charity album HELP: A DAY IN THE LIFE. The record marks the tenth anniversary of the legendary 1995 HELP...

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Bands Rally For War Child Cause

10th August 2005

RADIOHEAD, RAZORLIGHT and THE CORAL are among a galaxy of stars planning to record the fastest album ever made in an effort to raise money for War Child - a charity which aids children whose...

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Borrell Tempers His Ego

5th August 2005

RAZORLIGHT frontman JOHNNY BORRELL has slammed speculation his famous ego is spinning out of control - he insists the songs he writes only "get good" when the rest of the band add their special touches...

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Borrell's Voice Saved By Good Posture

5th August 2005

JOHNNY BORRELL was terrified he had destroyed his voice after years spent treating it badly, but subsequently made a complete recovery by improving his posture. The RAZORLIGHT frontman had strained his vocal chords almost...

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Razorlight Drummer Confesses To Knitting Habit

4th August 2005

RAZORLIGHT drummer ANDY BURROWS is a keen knitter, and would rather conjure up a woolly creation than go out drinking. The GOLDEN TOUCH rocker's dream is to get busy with a pair of needles...

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Razorlight Cameo In British Comedy

14th July 2005

British rockers RAZORLIGHT have swapped the stage for the screen and will make their acting debut in a sketch for acclaimed British comedy THE MIGHTY BOOSH. The London group will make a cameo role...

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Queen To Honour London Rescue Workers

13th July 2005

British rockers QUEEN are handing out free tickets to their rescheduled London concert to emergency workers who were plunged into action in the aftermath of Thursday's (07JUL05) terrorist attacks in the city. Singer PAUL...

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Daltrey Courts Razorlight

8th July 2005

THE WHO rock legend ROGER DALTREY was so impressed with RAZORLIGHT's performance at London's LIVE 8 concert on Saturday (02JUL05) - he has signed them up to star at his next charity concert. The...

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Razorlight To Keep Live 8 Money

6th July 2005

British rockers RAZORLIGHT have angered Live 8 organisers by vowing to keep any extra royalties they earn as a result of their performance at the London charity concert on Saturday. Artists who performed at...

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Pink Floyd Top Live 8 Poll

4th July 2005

Live 8 is over and now it's all down to the politicians to make decisions that could change the world at the G8 Summit later this week (begs06JUL05), but didn't the rockers, rappers and pop...

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Eavis Snubs U2

27th June 2005

Irish rockers U2 have been snubbed by Glastonbury Festival organiser MICHAEL EAVIS for a future appearance at the legendary music event, because he would rather champion new acts. Eavis has tried and failed to...

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U2 And The Who Triumph At Charity Awards

19th June 2005

Irish rockers U2 were presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the NORDOFF-ROBBINS SILVER CLEF AWARDS in London on Friday night (17JUN05). The VERTIGO hitmakers - who formed in 1977 - were awarded...

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Razorlight Seal Fate Of New Album

5th June 2005

British rockers RAZORLIGHT have sealed the sound of their forthcoming album in a brown envelope to secure its fate. Halfway through production, frontman JOHNNY BORRELL and drummer ANDY BURROWS have together written down exactly...

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Razorlight Sign Up To Make Poverty History Campaign

23rd May 2005

British rockers RAZORLIGHT are the latest celebrities to join the high-profile MAKE POVERTY HISTORY coalition - which aims to stamp out Third World Debt and champion fair trade. The GOLDEN TOUCH band recently filmed...

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Christe Still Number One

25th April 2005

Veteran crooner TONY CHRISTIE has maintained his iron grip on the UK singles chart for a sixth consecutive week - holding off ELVIS PRESLEY, Bodyrockers and NINE INCH NAILS. The re-issue of 1971 classic...

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Green Day, Snoop And Brown Headline Oxegen Festival

19th April 2005

American acts GREEN DAY, SNOOP DOGG and JAMES BROWN will descend on the tiny Irish town of Naas for this year's (05) OXEGEN FESTIVAL. Naas - 32 kilometres (20 miles) south of the capital...

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Borrell Ditches Entire Album

18th April 2005

RAZORLIGHT frontman JOHNNY BORRELL has ditched an album's worth of songs because he deemed them unsuitable for his band. The 25-year-old perfectionist composed the tunes in a series of hotels he stayed in whilst...

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Tony Christie Tops Historic UK Singles Chart

18th April 2005

Veteran crooner TONY CHRISTIE has made British chart history - his track with comedian PETER KAY, (IS THIS THE WAY TO) AMARILLO, has topped the first chart to include internet downloads. Aside from being...

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Borrell Wants Fans To Buy Vinyl

17th April 2005

British rocker JOHNNY BORRELL hopes RAZORLIGHT fans will purchase his music in vinyl form rather than download it from the internet. Borrell remains unimpressed by the news that the UK singles chart featured internet...

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Borrell Asks Gallagher For Second Album Advice

15th April 2005

RAZORLIGHT frontman JOHNNY BORRELL is so determined to make sure his band's second album is as good as possible, he's been asking NOEL GALLAGHER for tips. Borrell wants to top Razorlight debut UP ALL...

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Borrell Blames Us Walkout On Singing Paranoia

12th March 2005

RAZORLIGHT frontman JOHNNY BORRELL has given another reason for walking offstage midway through a gig in Denver, Colorado - he was paranoid he was singing out of tune. The British rocker decided to prematurely...

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Ferdinand Top Winners At Nme Awards

18th February 2005

Rockers FRANZ FERDINAND emerged victorious at last night's (17FEB05) NME AWARDS in London, where they picked up the Best Album and Best Track honours. The Scottish band's eponymous debut record was the most popular...

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Razorlight Dismiss Split Rumours

10th February 2005

RAZORLIGHT have again slammed persistent reports the band are on the verge of splitting after quitting their American tour and axing their British shows. Drummer ANDY BURROWS admits the band endured a "stressful" week...

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Razorlight Reschedule Dates

3rd February 2005

LATEST: Rockers RAZORLIGHT have quashed reports they're on the verge of splitting after cancelling their US and UK tours - by rescheduling the British live dates. Frontman JOHNNY BORRELL fell ill with laryngitis after...

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Razorlight Explain Us Walkout

1st February 2005

LATEST: RAZORLIGHT frontman JOHNNY BORRELL walked off stage midway through his last month's (JAN05) Denver concert date, because he felt suicidal following a series of heavy drinking binges. The UP ALL NIGHT rockers subsequently...

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Franz Ferdinand Top Nme Nominations

1st February 2005

Scots rockers FRANZ FERDINAND are leading the nominations at this year's (05) NME AWARDS. The TAKE ME OUT stars are up for Best British Band, Best Live Act, Best Single, Best Video and Best...

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