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Ray J's Dating Contestant Made Up Gay Rumour

15th January 2010

The woman who tried to 'out' RAY J as gay has apologised to the R&B singer after admitting she made up the rumours about his sexuality.Monica Danger, who appeared on his VH1 series For the...

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Ray J: 'I'm Not Gay'

12th January 2010

R&B singer RAY J has come forward to set straight rumours he is gay - insisting the stories were started by a snubbed contestant on his reality TV dating show.Monica Danger, who appeared on his...

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Alexa Ray Joel Going Back To School

4th January 2010

Alexa Ray Joel is going back to school to study psychology following her apparent suicide attempt.Alexa - the 23-year-old daughter of 'Piano Man' singer Billy Joel and ex-wife Christie Brinkley - was rushed to hospital...

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Ray J's 'Sexy' Christmas Tips

26th December 2009

R&B singer RAY J is offering up his top tips to having a very "sexy" Christmas - put on some romantic music and snuggle up in front of the fireplace.The 28-year-old star, who names Whitney...

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Billy Joel's Daughter Stable

7th December 2009

Billy Joel insists his daughter will be "fine" following her alleged suicide bid.Alexa Ray Joel - daughter of the 'Piano Man' singer and ex-wife Christie Brinkley - was rushed to hospital on Saturday (05.12.09) when...

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Ray J Hints At Future Love With Houston

28th October 2009

R&B star RAY J has hinted he could rekindle his romance with WHITNEY HOUSTON, explaining the pair "understand each other".The stars shocked showbiz in 2007 when it was revealed they were secretly dating - an...

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Brandy Nursing Ray J After Surgery

12th August 2009

Singer BRANDY is nursing her brother RAY J back to health following extensive dental surgery.The 28 year old's face has swollen and he is in "considerable pain" after having all his wisdom teeth pulled out...

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Ray J Has Shot At Love With Tila Tequila

5th May 2009

Reality TV star TILA TEQUILA has refuted reports linking her to rocker BILLY CORGAN and rapper SEAN COMBS - insisting she has actually found love with R&B singer RAY J. The Internet pin-up was rumoured to...

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Tv Rep: 'Ray J Baby Claims Not True'

11th February 2009

A spokesperson for RAY J's new TV dating show has dismissed allegations the R&B singer impregnated a contestant during filming, insisting there is "no truth" to the claims. The Sexy Can I star - who has...

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Brandy: 'Ray J And Whitney Never Dated'

3rd February 2009

R&B singer BRANDY has revealed all about her brother RAY J's relationship with WHITNEY HOUSTON - insisting it's purely platonic. The I Will Always Love You superstar was alleged to be dating Ray J on and...

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The Things They Say 10949

29th January 2009

"Its something unfortunate that happened to both of us, and weve both made it into something positive and turned our careers around." R&B star RAY J on the sex tape he made with ex-girlfriend KIM...

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Fascinating Fact 6728

28th January 2009

R&B star RAY J has put the "seven figures" he made from his sex tape with KIM KARDASHIAN to good use - the singer has bought a nightclub, called Club Poetry, in Las Vegas.

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Fascinating Fact 6099

3rd October 2008

R+B star BRANDY is to team up with her brother RAY J for a new album project. The siblings plan to release R+B in 2009....

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Ray J To Sue Hotel Over Drugs Claims

30th May 2008

LATEST: R+B singer RAY J is considering taking legal action against hotel staff who accused him of stashing drugs in his room - insisting the story was a publicity stunt. The 27-year-old was reported to...

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Ray J Kicked Out Of Hotel For Drug Possession?

27th May 2008

R+B singer RAY J was reportedly kicked out of a Washington, D.C. hotel this weekend (24-25May08), after bosses allegedly found marijuana in his room. According to website, the 27-year-old star was forced to shorten...

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Neil Diamond And Rihanna Top Us Charts

15th May 2008

Veteran musician Neil Diamond and R 'n' B star Rihanna have both made history in topping the US albums and singles charts this week.Home Before Dark, Diamond's 29th studio album, has debuted at number one...

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Houston Fuels Ray J Romance Reports

21st April 2008

WHITNEY HOUSTON has fuelled reports of a romance with sex-tape star RAY J by flying all the way to Las Vegas just to hear the R+B singer belt out the American National Anthem. Houston was...

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Ray J Hits Back At Brown's `Little Man' Jibes

16th April 2008

R+B star RAY J has hit back at love rival BOBBY BROWN over jibes about him in his upcoming book. Ray J has been dating Brown's ex-wife Whitney Houston since the couple split last year...

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Ray J Gives An Insight Into Sex Life With Houston

10th April 2008

R+B singer RAY J has gone public with details of his romance with WHITNEY HOUSTON in a new song, which also takes aim at the superstar's ex-husband BOBBY BROWN. Ray J dated Houston - who...

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Ray J's Love For Whitney And Lil' Kim

12th March 2008

RAY J is refusing to be tied down to one woman, particularly when he is being linked with two of the biggest names in music - WHITNEY HOUSTON and LIL' KIM. The R+B star, most...

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Ray J Vows To Find Fame Without Relying On Sex Tape

11th March 2008

RAY J has dubbed ex-girlfriend KIM KARDASHIAN a hypocrite for complaining when their sex tape leaked onto the internet - and then use it to build a TV career. The R+B star, the brother of...

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Ray J Studies Sex Tape To Improve His Bedroom Technique

11th March 2008

R+B star RAY J watches his controversial sex tape regularly, so he can analyse and critique his bedroom performance. The singer is the star of a saucy video he shot with his ex-girlfriend, socialite Kim...

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Fascinating Fact 4634

13th January 2008

R+B singer/songwriter and sex tape star RAY J will release his new album ALL I FEEL in partnership with basketball star SHAQUILLE O'NEAL and DJ MONEY MARK's new label DEJA34.

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Ray J Loves 'Chunky' Britney

14th December 2007

R+B singer RAY J has a fat fetish and dreams of seducing "chunky" superstar BRITNEY SPEARS. The star has been linked with Kim Kardashian, Lil' Kim and Whitney Houston, but claims Spears his number one...

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Ray J: 'Sex Tape Made Kim Kardashian's Career'

14th December 2007

R+B star RAY J is stunned by former lover KIM KARDASHIAN's negative reaction to their leaked sex tape - insisting she should be grateful it launched her career. The socialite and her sister Kourtney landed...

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Ray J Banned From Christmas Parade Due To Sex-tape Past

7th December 2007

Officials in Jackson, Mississippi have axed plans to allow R+B singer RAY J to front the city's annual Christmas parade on Saturday (08Dec07) - because of his sex-tape past. The singer and his sister Brandy...

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Kardashian: `I Didn't Urinate On Ray J'

3rd September 2007

Socialite KIM KARDASHIAN has rubbished reports her infamous sex tape featured footage of her urinating on ex-boyfriend RAY J. The sexy brunette was successful in halting the release of the video sex session after trailers...

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Sex Tape Star Kardashian Lands Reality Show

11th August 2007

Sex tape star KIM KARDASHIAN has landed her own reality TV series, which is aimed at filling the gap left by former best pal PARIS HILTON's show THE SIMPLE LIFE. The socialite, who hit the...

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Ray J Dating Another Kim?

18th July 2007

R+B lothario RAY J is romancing rapper LIL' KIM after splitting from WHITNEY HOUSTON, according to U.S. reports. The singer/actor, who is Brandy's younger brother, treated Kim to a $20,000 (GBP10,000) shopping spree at Louis...

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Fascinating Fact 3397

14th June 2007

R+B star RAY J donates 10 per cent of his earnings from sex tapes and porn films to his local church in California....

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