Country star Ray Price's pancreatic cancer is in remission.

The 87 year old was diagnosed with the disease last year (12) after doctors discovered a tumour in his pancreas while removing his gallbladder during an unrelated procedure.

He went through six months of chemotherapy and responded well to treatment, and now medics have given him a clean bill of health. And Price admits he plans to begin touring soon.

In an email to, the Release Me hitmaker writes, "We are so happy to tell you that I am back home. I bring good news that All Test Reports Show That My Cancer Is Still In Remission and I am improving daily...

"I am now entering a physical rehab program to improve my muscle tone and rebuild my strength. I hope to see you soon when I am On The Road Again!"

Price suffered a previous cancer scare in 2009, when he underwent surgery to remove polyps from his colon.