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Rashida Jones & Rob Lowe Exit 'Parks & Recreations'

By Elinor Cosgrave | 31st January 2014

Rashida Jones promised fans there was going to be "a lot of crying (on and off screen) during tonight's Parks and Recreation." And the episode certainly delivered!Rashida Jones tweeted about the emotional episode. Fans of...

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Rashida Jones Ignites Twitter Debate With "Whores" Slamming Tweets

By Lauren James | 22nd October 2013

In the wake of Kim Kardashian's now-infamous booty pic that whipped the internet into a crazed frenzy of retweets, compliments, disdain and arousal, actress Rashida Jones has emerged as the most talked-about Twitter celeb after...

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Rashida Jones Cries Out To Female Entertainers: "Stop Acting Like Whores"

By Joe Wilde | 22nd October 2013

If you ever thought that the bulk of female entertainers seem to nowadays wear little other than nipple tassels and g-strings all the time, then you're not alone, because Rashida Jones thinks the same thing...

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Rashida Jones Requests Famous Females "Leave Something To The Imagination"

By Elinor Cosgrave | 22nd October 2013

Rashida Jones wants female celebrities to stop showing off too much skin. The 37-year-old actor reflected, via Twitter, on the issues surrounding famous females showing off their bodies in the public forum. Rashida Jones wants...

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Rashida Jones Developing New Drama Series After Leaving 'Parks & Rec'

By Joe Wilde | 24th August 2013

Rashida Jones will leave her role as Ann Perkins on NBC's ever popular Parks & Recreation at the halfway point in the upcoming sixth season, but rather than go straight to the unemployment office and...

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Rashida Jones Leaving Nbc's Show 'Parks And Recreation' With Rob Lowe

By Elinor Cosgrave | 2nd August 2013

Rashida Jones is leaving the show Parks and Recreation during season 6. She will be joined by Rob Lowe, according to an announcement made by creator Mike Schur. The pair will exit by the middle...

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Say Goodbye To Rob Lowe And Rashida Jones On 'Parks And Recreation'

By Victoria Pavlova | 1st August 2013

Parks and Recreation – Amy Poehler’s masterpiece of an ABC comedy is set to lose a pair of castmembers after its current season. Rashida Jones – who plays the conscientious nurse-turned-Pawnee-city-council member and Rob Lowe...

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Parks And Recreation Creator Confirms Rob Lowe And Rashida Jones Will Be Leaving Season 6

By Elinor Cosgrave | 1st August 2013

Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones will be leaving NBC's comedy Parks and Recreation in the middle of the sixth episode. The serie's creator, Mike Schur, released a statement on Wednesday (31st July) confirming actors would...

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