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Tyler: Jersey Girl Made Me Broody

1st July 2004

Pregnant actress LIV TYLER was keen to wait a few years after marrying before having children - until she starred alongside child star RAQUEL CASTRO in JERSEY GIRL. The LORD OF THE RINGS beauty...

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Ill Affleck Steers Clear Of Jersey Girl Premiere

2nd June 2004

Actor BEN AFFLECK has pals fearing for his health after pulling out of the London premiere of his new movie JERSEY GIRL, because he's bedridden with bronchitis. The Hollywood hunk - who appears in...

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Ben Affleck's Hot Kitchen Bother

2nd April 2004

BEN AFFLECK was left red all over while shooting JERSEY GIRL, when he burned his buttocks on an oven - prompting him to swear in front of his seven-year-old screen daughter. The Hollywood heart-throb,...

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Affleck's Knuckles Wrapped Over Smoking Habit

1st April 2004

Hollywood superstar BEN AFFLECK was nagged to quit smoking on the set of JERSEY GIRL - by his seven-year-old screen daughter RAQUEL CASTRO. Affleck's nicotine habit greatly annoyed his diminutive co-star, and she had...

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Jen And Ben's Screen Daughter Upset With Break-up

1st April 2004

JERSEY GIRL star RAQUEL CASTRO has expressed her sadness at her screen parents BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER LOPEZ's break-up - blaming the press for putting a strain on their romance. J.LO and Affleck shot...

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Lopez Not Promoting Jersey Girl With Affleck

26th January 2004

JENNIFER LOPEZ has been spared the ordeal of promoting her upcoming movie JERSEY GIRL alongside former fiance BEN AFFLECK, because she dies just 12 minutes into the movie. Director and longtime Affleck pal KEVIN...

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Jersey Girl Director Defends J.lo Against 'Misquoted' Article

19th August 2003

JERSEY GIRL director KEVIN SMITH has hit back at claims he has re-edited his upcoming movie to reduce JENNIFER LOPEZ's time on-screen in the wake of flop flick GIGLI. Smith - who is a...

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