The hitmaker, who is racing up the U.S. charts with his Trap Queen song, was fitted with an ocular prosthesis as a kid, but he decided not to try to hide his missing eye when he launched his music career, so he would stand out from the crowd.

He tells, "I was born with glaucoma and I lost the eye at six months and I got reconstructive surgery when I was 12. I just stopped wearing the prosthesis because I didn't want to look like everyone else.

"That's the truth, I didn't get shot or hit by a firecracker. The craziest thing somebody said (is) that I got shot in the face with a shotgun. Now, I've heard worse stories, but the craziest thing about that is my (face looks fine).

"I don't hide; this is who I am, this is what I am. I only got one eye but I'm blessed."