Five years on from the car accident which claimed the life of his younger sister, Bryan 'Baby' Williams is still unable to fully come to terms with the loss. William's sister, Tamara, was a 26-year-old nursing student, when she was killed in Louisiana in December 2006. Her car was hit when another motorist strayed into the wrong lane and collided with her. 

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The rapper, who also goes by the name 'Birdman', claims that he learned to cope with the loss with help from his friends and family; amongst them, his young protégé Lil Wayne. Despite this, he admits that he will never truly get over the loss of his baby sister. In an interview with 'CelebrityAccess', Williams said:  "That was the joy of my life right there... She was graduating a week later, man before that accident happened."

He continued to explain that: "That was a pill that I could never swallow. I live with that pain, and I just pray on it for the strength. That was something that was hard for me to get through, but you know my 'son' Wayne and my family strengthen me .Every loss that I take, every loss that I done took, I always tried to make it to me to be strong because I know that can weaken you... So I got to be strong for the team. I let a loss always make me into a gain (sic)."

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Williams now resides in Miami, Florida, and revealed that since the passing of his sister, he no-longer considers any of his family to still be in Louisiana. This has contributed to him struggling to go back and visit. He explained: "It's difficult for me going back, period... My daddy's dead; my mama's dead; my sister's dead; my brother's dead; my grandparents on both sides are dead. For me, when I go back it's like I go back to that. It brings me right back to my loved ones. I still go back but I don't go to liking it (sic) because of the feeling I get when I do go back."