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Rambo Meets The Spartans, Loses

28th January 2008

The low-budget Meet the Spartans, a spoof of last year's 300 from 20th Century Fox, earned as much as it cost to produce at the domestic box office over the weekend, taking in an estimated...

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Meet The Spartans Crushes Rambo At Us Box Office

28th January 2008

The reincarnated Rambo has been beaten to the number one spot at the US box office by spoof movie Meet the Spartans after its opening weekend.The parody, starring Carmen Electra and former EastEnder Sean Maguire,...

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Meet The Spartans Tops Rambo To Conquer U.s. Chart

28th January 2008

Spoof movie MEET THE SPARTANS has narrowly beaten out competition from green beret RAMBO to laugh its way to the top of the U.S. box office chart. The Carmen Electra-starring comedy debuted at number one...

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Rambo, Charging Back Into Theaters, Faces Monster

25th January 2008

This weekend will provide a box-office test of whether the public will turn out to see a 61-year-old former action star in a role that he first made popular as a much younger man. Sylvester...

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Movie Reviews: Rambo

25th January 2008

Kevin Crust in the Los Angeles Times gives Rambo one of several so-so and/or grudgingly complimentary reviews. "Rambo hits his stride in the film's second half, meting out justice in an unjust world and ultimately...

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Studios Strike Deal With Writers

25th January 2008

Two film studios producing new movies including RAMBO, SAW 5 and THE INCREDIBLE HULK have become the latest companies to reach a deal with striking screenwriters. Lionsgate and Marvel have agreed interim deals with the...

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Stallone Praises Testosterone For Making Him A Real Man

24th January 2008

Hollywood action star SYLVESTER STALLONE has rubbished rumours he took steroids in preparation for his role as RAMBO - but admits bulking up with the help of human growth hormones. The Rocky star used prescription...

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Stallone Wants Rambo To Highlight Burma's Troubles

21st January 2008

SYLVESTER STALLONE is hoping his new RAMBO movie sheds light on the troubles raging in war ravaged Burma. The movie was in production in the poverty-stricken south-east Asian country last year (06), when the military...

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Stallone Refused To Set Rambo In Iraq

17th January 2008

Hollywood actor SYLVESTER STALLONE reconsidered setting his new RAMBO movie in the Middle East out of respect for the U.S. soldiers currently fighting there. The Rocky star thought about using Iraq or Afghanistan for the...

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T-shirt Design Becomes New Rambo Poster

15th January 2008

The image of SYLVESTER STALLONE adorning new billboards for upcoming movie sequel RAMBO was originally intended as a T-shirt design. The eye-catching black and white stencil painting, by artist Jason Lindberg, features Stallone's bandana-wearing, mercenary...

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The Things They Say 6768

14th January 2008

"I thought it would be a walk in the park compared to ROCKY and it was a walk through hell... We were in a place that was very hard to get to. Sometimes we had...

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The Things They Say 6613

21st December 2007

"The last Rambo, it was unrealistic. You know, you don't walk around in a desert, in 130-degree heat, with a tank top on. You'll get blistered on a beach in Miami in six hours! So,...

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Stallone's Hellish Rambo Shoot

11th December 2007

SYLVESTER STALLONE feared for his life while shooting the new RAMBO movie in Asia after the crew was caught up in a "horrifying" crossfire between two warring nations. The Hollywood star was filming scenes for...

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Stallone Has A Death Wish

6th November 2007

Rocky star Sylvester Stallone is reportedly in talks to step into Charles Bronson's shoes in a remake of 1974 revenge flick Death Wish.According to Variety, the Rambo actor is in talks to direct and star...

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Movie Reviews: The Kingdom

28th September 2007

The Kingdom refers to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the movie is set (it was filmed mostly in Arizona), and it concerns the efforts of U.S. special agents played by Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper,...

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Rambo Creator Brings Captain America Back To Life

4th September 2007

RAMBO creator DAVID MORRELL has signed on to revive comic book hero CAPTAIN AMERICA after the patriotic crimefighter was killed off by Marvel Comics bosses at the beginning of the summer (07). The best-selling author's...

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Stallone: 'Fourth Rambo Will Be Goriest Yet'

5th July 2007

The long-awaited fourth installment of the RAMBO franchise will be the goriest yet, filmmakers have promised. John Rambo producer John Thompson reveals he had to "raise the stakes" in the latest movie which stars action...

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Wahlberg Slams Rambo Comparisons

10th April 2007

Hollywood hunk MARK WAHLBERG has dismissed suggestions his latest film is similar to 80s action film RAMBO - insisting his movie SHOOTER is far superior. The action film sees Wahlberg playing a sniper who is...

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Stallone Hires Unknown Soldier To Play Rambo Villain

26th February 2007

A former Thai soldier has been plucked from obscurity to battle SYLVESTER STALLONE's movie hero RAMBO in a new film. Retired Shan resistance officer SAI MAWNG, 40, will play the villain in Stallone's new film...

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Stallone Brands Australia Debacle 'Stressful'

26th February 2007

LATEST: SYLVESTER STALLONE has branded his troubled visit to Australia "eventful and stressful". The actor's luggage, private jet and hotel room were searched by customs officials last week (ends23FEB07), with banned substances taken from the...

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The Things They Say 4112

22nd February 2007

"It'll be RAMBO dealing with old age. He won't be outrunning helicopters and dropping napalm." SYLVESTER STALLONE, 60, reveals his revived action star will be slowing down in the next sequel....

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Stallone's Private Jet Searched

19th February 2007

LATEST: SYLVESTER STALLONE's private jet and hotel room have been searched by Australian customs officials today (19FEB07), three days after they seized banned substances from his entourage's luggage. The Hollywood tough guy arrived in Australia...

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Glover: 'No More Lethal Weapon'

13th February 2007

DANNY GLOVER has categorically ruled out a fifth LETHAL WEAPON film, despite the recent resurgence of interest in 1980s action movies. The star, who played ROGER MURTAUGH in the police thriller which spawned three sequels,...

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The Things They Say 3898

26th January 2007

"I haven't met him yet, but I might just put him in my next RAMBO film and chase him around the jungle for a couple of months." SYLVESTER STALLONE on soccer ace DAVID BECKHAM....

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Celebs Snap Up La Galaxy Tickets To Watch Beckham

15th January 2007

A host of celebrities have snapped up season tickets for soccer team LA Galaxy in the hope of watching DAVID BECKHAM wow them with his ball skills. It's reported ROD STEWART, STEVEN SPIELBERG and JENNIFER...

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Stallone: 'Time Is Right To Bring Back My Hero Roles'

15th December 2006

Hollywood actor SYLVESTER STALLONE likens the world in 2006 to the dark Cold War days that gave him his biggest film successes. The star will reprise his role as iconic boxer ROCKY in ROCKY...

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Stallone's Mom Regrets

11th December 2006

Hollywood hardman SYLVESTER STALLONE bitterly regrets making 1992 comedy STOP! OR MY MOM WILL SHOOT. The RAMBO star teamed up with ESTELLE GETTY to play a mother and son crime-fighting duo in the movie, which...

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Stallone Confirms Tarantino Interest

7th December 2006

RAMBO star SYLVESTER STALLONE has confirmed rumours he could star in QUENTIN TARANTINO'S long-planned World War II movie INGLORIOUS BASTARDS. The war epic was initially rumoured to team up eighties action heroes ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, BRUCE...

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Stallone To Quit Acting

31st October 2006

Hollywood hardman SYLVESTER STALLONE is so sick of making bad movies, he is quitting acting to become a director. The RAMBO star's big screen career has slipped in recent years, and he holds the embarrassing...

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Thai Officials Urge Rambo Not To Destroy The Environment

28th October 2006

Thai film officials have asked SYLVESTER STALLONE to reassure villagers and environmentalists that bombing scenes in his RAMBO comeback won't harm local nature sites. Stallone will shoot RAMBO IV: IN THE SERPENT'S EYE in the...

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