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Fascinating Fact 13964

20th August 2012

Raiders Of The Lost Ark star Karen Allen is heading to New York to star in upcoming Off-Broadway production A Summer Day. The actress will take the stage at the Cherry Lane Theatre for her...

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Raiders Of The Lost Ark Named Best Action Movie

29th January 2010

INDIANA JONES adventure RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK has been named the best action movie of all time in a new online survey.Editors of picked the 1981 Harrison Ford blockbuster as their number one,...

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The Godfather Named The Greatest Of All Time

24th September 2008

Mafia classic THE GODFATHER has beaten RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK and STAR WARS: EPISODE V - THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK to be named the greatest movie of all time in a new poll. Director...

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Spielberg Reluctant To Revive Indiana Jones

16th May 2008

STEVEN SPIELBERG dismissed pleas to revive INDIANA JONES for a fourth movie - because he was convinced his ending to the RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK trilogy was perfect. The legendary moviemaker returned to the...

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The Things They Say 7401

27th February 2008

"I thought he was a helluva good looking guy. He was rugged." Actress VALERIE BERTINELLI on her brief romance with moviemaker STEVEN SPIELBERG. The couple dated after she auditioned for a part in RAIDERS OF...

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Raiders Star Allen Shocked By Spielberg Call

4th December 2007

RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK star KAREN ALLEN was stunned when STEVEN SPIELBERG phoned her and asked her to be part of the new INDIANA JONES movie - because she was just a sweater shop...

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Diaz's Indiana Jones Obsession

25th July 2007

Actress CAMERON DIAZ was so obsessed with RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK as a child she watched it over and over again every day. The star loved the 1981 action movie about intrepid archaeologist Indiana...

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Superman Costume Sells At Auction For $115,000

6th April 2007

Late actor CHRISTOPHER REEVE's SUPERMAN costume has sold at auction for $115,000 (GBP59,000) on website The red and blue ensemble, worn by Reeve in the 1978 movie, had been expected to fetch between $50,000...

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Hollywood Accused Of Islamophobia

25th January 2007

Hollywood films like RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, ALADDIN and THE SIEGE are depicting "exaggerated and ridiculous" stereotypes of Muslims and perpetuating Islamophobia, according to a British report published today (25JAN07). The report by the...

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Lucas Sets Indiana Shoot Date

30th December 2006

The much-anticipated fourth INDIANA JONES installment will be filmed next year (07), writer/producer GEORGE LUCAS confirms. The filmmaker promises the sequel will be the most exciting chapter to date after finalising the script with director...

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Darabont 'Lucas To Blame For Indiana Jones Delay'

7th November 2006

Screenwriter FRANK DARABONT has blasted GEORGE LUCAS for the delays behind the fourth INDIANA JONES movie. The highly anticipated sequel was ready for filming back in 2004, but despite a script from Darabont that impressed...

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Portman To Play Indiana Jones' Daughter?

10th July 2006

NATALIE PORTMAN is being lined up to play INDIANA JONES' daughter in the fourth and final movie adventure to star HARRISON FORD as the daredevil archaeologist. THE PERFECT STORM star KAREN ALLEN, who is expected...

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Ferrell's Old School Boozer Celebrated In Drinking Poll

21st February 2006

WILL FERRELL's party-loving OLD SCHOOL character FRANK 'THE TANK' RICARD has topped a quirky new list of The Greatest Movie Drinkers. Ferrell's character beat DUDLEY MOORE's ARTHUR, JACKIE CHAN's WONG FEI-HUNG and INDIANA JONES'...

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Arnie Stuns At Stunt Awards But It's Tarantino's Big Night

27th September 2005

California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER stunned fans at the Taurus World Stunt Awards in Hollywood on Sunday night (25SEP05) when he showed up to present pal, stuntman icon VIC ARMSTRONG, with a Lifetime Achievement prize....

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Author Fights Lucas

24th June 2005

A Scottish author is suing director GEORGE LUCAS for $3.6 million (GBP2 million), claiming he is owed money from a book he wrote based on the 1981 INDIANA JONES film RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK....

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Nolan Looks To The Past For Batman Begins

10th June 2005

Director CHRISTOPHER NOLAN was determined to go back in time for BATMAN BEGINS by ensuring dazzling special effects don't distract from the all-important characters. Nolab, 34, adores 1970s style film-making, and was keen to...

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Abbey Road Opens Its Doors For Film Festival

14th January 2005

ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS, the former home of THE BEATLES, is to open its doors to the public for a film festival aimed at honouring the scores recorded there. The London landmark will stage showings...

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Spielberg Donates $1.5 Million To Tsunami Victims

5th January 2005

Hollywood director STEVEN SPIELBERG is donating $1.5 million (GBP798,000) to the post-tsunami relief effort, and hopes his actions will encourage other wealthy celebrities to do the same. The RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK film-maker's...

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Shyamalan's Career Inspired By Spielberg

22nd October 2004

Director M NIGHT SHYAMALAN credits movie RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK with inspiring his film career. The VILLAGE film-maker saw STEVEN SPIELBERG's first INDIANA JONES adventure when he was 12, and was so impressed...

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The Shawshank Redemption Tops Movie Poll

23rd September 2004

THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION has been voted the best movie never to win the Best Picture ACADEMY AWARD. In a survey of 6,000 film experts conducted by British film guide the RADIO TIMES GUIDE TO...

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Saving Private Ryan Scores Best Opening

14th May 2004

The dramatic Normandy invasion scene at the beginning of SAVING PRIVATE RYAN has been crowned the greatest opening movie sequence of all time. The World War II film - directed by STEVEN SPIELBERG and...

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Freeman Hits Out At Caviezel

6th May 2004

British actor PAUL FREEMAN has slammed THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST star JIM CAVIEZEL, branding him a "bad actor" and an "awful man". The 61-year-old actor, who played INDIANA JONES bad guy DR RENE...

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Crowe's Gladiator Voted Top Hero

25th April 2004

RUSSELL CROWE's brave Roman general MAXIMUS in GLADIATOR has been voted the greatest cinema hero of all time. The fearless fighter in the OSCAR-winning film has beaten SUPERMAN and ELLEN RIPLEY of ALIENS...

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Producer Says Indy Iv Will Not Rely On Cgi

9th September 2003

INDIANA JONES producer FRANK MARSHALL is determined to shun the current trends in movie making - insisting the upcoming fourth installment of the hit franchise will avoid using computer effects. Frank is adamant the...

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Scanners Tops Film Murder Poll

2nd September 2003

A scene from legendary sci-fi shocker SCANNERS has topped a poll listing the best screen murders in history. The horrific moment - when a man's head explodes in graphic detail - was voted for...

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Crouching Tiger Tops Best Fight Scene Poll

3rd July 2003

CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON's stunning fight scenes have been voted the best in cinema history, beating off competition from STAR WARS and ROCKY. The gravity-defying martial arts battles in ANG LEE's celebrated 2000 movie...

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Lecter And Finch Are Hollywood's Hero And Villain

4th June 2003

ATTICUS FINCH and HANNIBAL LECTER have been named Hollywood's greatest hero and villain. GREGORY PECK's character from 1962 OSCAR-winner TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD and ANTHONY HOPKINS' gruesome SILENCE OF THE LAMBS serial killer topped...

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Indy Gets The Dvd Treatment

6th May 2003

Fans of the INDIANA JONES films are to get a special treat as they wait for the fourth movie in the series - the hit trilogy is to finally be released on DVD. The...

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Ben Affleck.s Younger Brother Lands Big Role

25th March 2003

BEN AFFLECK's younger brother CASEY has landed a role in a star-studded movie - heightening his bid for big screen success. Casey has joined JUDE LAW, GWYNETH PALTROW and ANGELINA JOLIE in independent science-fiction...

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