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Supreme Court Judges Allow Raging Bull Lawsuit To Proceed

19th May 2014

Judges at the U.S. Supreme Court have granted late screenwriter Frank Petrella's daughter permission to proceed with her copyright infringement lawsuit over classic Martin Scorsese movie Raging Bull.Paula Petrella has been locked in a legal...

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Raging Bull Copyright Infringement Case Taken Up By U.s. Supreme Court Officials

1st October 2013

The daughter of late screenwriter Frank Petrella is taking her Raging Bull copyright infringement case to the U.S. Supreme Court.Paula Petrella has been locked in a legal dispute with executives at MGM Holdings Inc. since...

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Michelle Pfeiffer Auditioned For Raging Bull

16th September 2013

Michelle Pfeiffer's new role alongside Robert De Niro in mob comedy The Family has been over 30 years in the making - she originally auditioned to work with him in 1980 classic Raging Bull.The actress...

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Robert De Niro Shares Spotlight With Kirk Douglas At Santa Barbara Film Festival

10th December 2012

Robert De Niro made Kirk Douglas' 96th birthday extra memorable by handing him an original Raging Bull script at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in California on Saturday (08Dec12).De Niro was the guest of...

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Jake Lamotta Sued Over Raging Bull Sequel

4th July 2012

An upcoming sequel to Oscar-winning movie Raging Bull has been thrown into jeopardy after bosses behind the original film filed a lawsuit in a bid to stop production.Executives at Mgm, the studio behind the 1980...

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Stars Line Up For Raging Bull Sequel

7th June 2012

Actresses Penelope Ann Miller, Natasha Henstridge and Alicia Witt have joined the cast of the Raging Bull sequel.Martin Landau's daughter Juliet, Twin Peaks star Ray Wise, Paul Sorvino and Joe Mantegna are also onboard the...

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Martin Scorsese Bemused By Raging Bull Sequel

9th April 2012

Filmmaker Martin Scorsese is baffled by plans to make a sequel to Raging Bull and insists moviegoers have "moved on".Argentinian director Martin Guigui has started production on a follow-up to Scorsese's classic 1980 biopic, which...

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The Things They Say 19553

20th December 2010

"I saw that film with my wife in L.A. and after it was over we snuck (sic) out to go down the alleys and I just started crying and she said, 'Why are you crying?...

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Moriarty Joined De Niro's Binges

26th November 2010

CATHY MORIARTY showed ROBERT DE NIRO moral support by joining him in junk food binges on the set of RAGING BULL - but quit when she piled on the pounds.De Niro famously put on five...

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Moriarty Was Friends With Real-life Lamotta

26th November 2010

Actress CATHY MORIARTY is glad she was cast as the wife of boxer JAKE LAMOTTA in RAGING BULL - because she became lifelong friends with the real VIKKI LAMOTTA after filming wrapped.Moriarty landed her first...

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De Niro Helps Damon With Weight Gain

14th September 2009

MATT DAMON called on ROBERT DE NIRO for advice when he learned he'd have to pile on pounds for his role in THE INFORMANT - because the movie great had done such a great job...

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The Things They Say 10484

8th December 2008

"Listen, it isn't that I don't want to do the parts like LaMotta. It's just that they don't come along. And you don't just wait. You keep going." ROBERT DE NIRO won't be holding out...

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Rocky Ii Scene Is Best Film Sporting Moment Of All Time

10th April 2007

A scene from the 1979 hit ROCKY II where SYLVESTER STALLONE's character knocks out APOLLO CREED has been voted the best film sporting moment of all time. Second place in the poll by movie advertising...

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Director Ramis Offers De Niro Advice

9th April 2007

Hollywood director/writer HAROLD RAMIS has advised ROBERT DE NIRO's future castmates to stand up to the "bullying" actor. Ramis insists the best way to work with the RAGING BULL star is to stay confident and...

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Dicaprio Backs Scorsese Oscar Bid

18th January 2007

Hollywood star LEONARDO DiCAPRIO is backing director MARTIN SCORSESE to win an Oscar for THE DEPARTED, and finds it ridiculous the film-maker has never won an Academy Award. Despite making acclaimed movies including TAXI DRIVER,...

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De Niro Done With Directing

12th December 2006

Movie icon ROBERT De NIRO is considering hanging up his director's hat once he's revisited his current movie THE GOOD SHEPHERD. The RAGING BULL star insists he's almost done as a moviemaker after taking charge...

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The Things They Say 3287

7th November 2006

"I like gangster films. I love stuff like RAGING BULL, GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS, actors' films. I love when an incredible actor moves me like music moves me." JANET JACKSON has tough tastes when it comes...

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The Things They Say 3285

7th November 2006

"I like gangster films. I love stuff like RAGING BULL, GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS, actors' films. I love when an incredible actor moves me like music moves me." JANET JACKSON has tough tastes when it comes...

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Dicaprio Dreamed Of Working With Scorsese

9th October 2006

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO always dreamed of working with acclaimed movie director MARTIN SCORSESE, ever since he was a teen actor trying to make it in Hollywood. The Oscar-nominated star has made three films to date with...

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De Niro And Scorsese Reteam For Biopic

21st September 2006

Longtime pals MARTIN SCORSESE and ROBERT DE NIRO will reteam for a movie about their lives. The director and Oscar-winning actor grew up in the same New York City neighbourhood and have worked on a...

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De Niro Donates Film Memorabilia To Students

7th June 2006

Generous actor ROBERT DE NIRO has donated his collection of movie memorabilia to film students at a US university. The Academy Award winner presented more than 3,000 of his own costume items and props to...

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Norton Breaks His Back Playing British Doctor

8th May 2006

Movie star EDWARD NORTON was left in agony on the set of his new movie THE PAINTED VEIL after he was thrown from a horse onto a pile of rocks. The FIGHT CLUB actor was...

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Clumsy Williams Gets A Break In De Niro Nose Horror

19th April 2006

ROBIN WILLIAMS will forever be grateful for happy accidents after learning he'd broken ROBERT DE NIRO's nose on the set of AWAKENINGS. Williams felt sure his life and career was over when he accidentally struck...

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Raging Bull Tops Sports Movie List

20th November 2005

ROBERT DE NIRO's portrayal of boxer JAKE LA MOTTA in RAGING BULL has been named the best sports movie of all time in a new US magazine poll. The cult 1980 film beat golf...

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Tarver Plans To Fight Stallone For Real

17th November 2005

Boxer ANTONIO TARVER isn't planning to pull any punches when he takes on fictional fighter ROCKY BALBOA in ROCKY VI - because director SYLVESTER STALLONE wants the bouts to be the film world's most authentic....

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Robert De Niro Was Really Waiting For Bananarama

16th October 2005

British girlband BANANARAMA were left in shock when Hollywood icon ROBERT DE NIRO asked to meet them after they released their hit single ROBERT DE NIRO'S WAITING in 1984. The SHY BOY hitmakers were...

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Bloody Mess Inspires New Franz Ferdinand Song

31st August 2005

FRANZ FERDINAND's new tune THE FALLEN documents a fight singer ALEX KAPRANOS had with a musician pal, who wanted a black eye as part of his stage costume. The frontman recalls his unnamed friend...

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Dicaprio To Move On From Scorsese

29th June 2005

Hollywood heart-throb LEONARDO DiCAPRIO is set to try out a new director after working with legendary film-maker MARTIN SCORSESE on three successive movies. The TITANIC star has signed up to star in THE BLOOD...

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De Niro Sheds A Tear At Dad's Painting Exhibit

20th June 2005

ROBERT DE NIRO was brought to tears on Saturday (18JUN05) when he attended an exhibition of paintings by his late father in France. The showcase of 56 works in Roubaix's La Piscine Museum is...

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