Football star Rafael Van Der Vaart probably wants to keep as low a profile as possible following recent troubles in his personal life, so he can't have been too happy that he had to move his car in full view of the paparazzi after returning from a shopping trip in Hamburg this week. 

The Hamburger SV striker had originally arrived back at his city centre apartment holding some bags while his housemaid took care of parking the car. However, she struggled to get the very flash, very expensive thing started, leaving Rafael to reluctantly return onto the street to move his vehicle! It was all pretty funny stuff, with the paparazzi getting their shot in the end,

It's been a pretty rough couple of weeks for the former Tottenham Hotspur star, who split with wife Sylvie Van Der Vaart after he admitted assaulting her on New Year's Eve. Rafael has since apologized, though their marriage looks to be in tatters, with the model currently holidaying in Mexico.

Rafael Van Der Vaart, And Wife SylvieRafael And His Wife Sylvie Van Der Vaart During Happier Times