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Paul Simon Won't Record With Art Garfunkel

23rd May 2012

Paul Simon doesn't think he'll ever record with Art Garfunkel again.The iconic duo have not completed an album since 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' - which was released shortly before they split in 1970 - and...

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Duran Duran And Tony Blair Pay Tribute To Robin Gibb

21st May 2012

Duran Duran, Liam Gallagher and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair have all paid tribute to the late Robin Gibb.Pop stars, politicians and public figures have all offered their condolences after the Bee Gees star...

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Simon Cowell: 'The Voice' Rips Off 'X Factor'

17th May 2012

Simon Cowell thinks 'The Voice' copies the same format as 'The X Factor'.The 52-year-old music mogul thinks the BBC1 singing contest is ''the same'' as his ITV1 talent show.He said: ''That show puzzles me because...

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Damon Albarn Working On Solo Album

9th May 2012

Damon Albarn is working on a solo album.The singer - who has fronted Blur and Gorillaz - has just released his soundtrack album to his musical 'Dr Dee', but is already looking to his next...

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Piers Morgan Refuses To Shed Light On Phone Hacking

21st December 2011

Piers Morgan has repeatedly denied any knowledge of phone hacking at the Daily Mirror. The former editor of the newspaper told the Leveson inquiry into press standards he "had no reason or knowledge to believe...

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Amy Winehouse Death Leaves Ronson Devastated

24th July 2011

Amy Winehouse's frequent collaborator Mark Ronson is devastated by her death. The 27-year-old singer was found dead at her home in North London from a suspected alcohol and drugs overdose yesterday (23.07.11) and Mark -...

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Damon Albarn's ' Emotional Connection' To Opera

9th June 2011

Damon Albarn wrote his opera 'Doctor Dee' because of a "strong emotional connection" to the character. The former Blur frontman has prepared the re-enactment of the life of 16th century scientist John Dee, because he...

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Kate Bush Inspired To Write By Fertiliser

6th May 2011

Kate Bush is being inspired to write new songs by fertiliser.The 'Wuthering Heights' singer has revealed she has experienced a flow of creativity since she rested a bag of organic bone meal - a garden...

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Morrissey Doesn't Sing Mating Calls

21st April 2011

Morrissey doesn't sing some of his older songs live because they are "mating calls". The 'Boy With the Thorn in his Side' singer recorded four albums with The Smiths between 1982 and 1987 before embarking...

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Jennifer Aniston Slammed By Rupert Everett

30th December 2010

Jennifer Aniston's films have been slammed by Rupert Everett.The British actor claimed the 'Bounty Hunter' star is a good example of someone who manages to maintain A-list celebrity status, despite appearing in a string of...

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Jennifer Aniston Blasted By Rupert Everett

30th December 2010

Rupert Everett thinks Jennifer Aniston's films are "flops".The British actor used the actress, who has starred in 'The Bounty Hunter' and 'The Switch', as an example as someone who doesn't have a good movie career...

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Anne Hathaway's Judy Garland Biopic Fan Worries

22nd December 2010

Anne Hathaway's is concerned Judy Garland fans will scream "murder" when she sings in a forthcoming biopic. The Oscar-nominated beauty has been in talks to star as the screen legend - best known for her...

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Julianne Moore's Gay Parenting Role

29th October 2010

Julianne Moore believes her new movie normalises the idea of gay parenting.The flame-haired actress - who plays a lesbian mother in 'The Kids Are Alright' - believes the film shows the different kinds of successful...

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Radio 4 Writing Music For Strummer Movie

20th February 2007

American rockers RADIO 4 are writing the soundtrack for a movie about the life of THE CLASH star JOE STRUMMER. The New York-based band admit they feel daunted by the prospect of scoring a film...

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