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Jolie Tops 100 Sexiest List

6th December 2007

Angelina Jolie has been named the sexiest movie star ever in a new vote carried out by Tomb Raider star defeated V For Vendetta actress Natalie Portman to take the number one spot -...

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Weisz Dreams Of Marriage

30th November 2007

British actress RACHEL WEISZ is hoping her boyfriend film director DARREN ARONOFSKY will propose to her - so she can start planning her dream wedding. The couple has been dating for six years and have...

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Sienna To Play With Gi Joe

20th November 2007

British actress Sienna Miller has reportedly signed up for a decidedly childish-sounding movie – she will be appearing in the GI Joe film.The Interview star is to play the thriller's female lead, "a raven-haired baroness...

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Knocked Up Star To Make A Porno

16th November 2007

Knocked Up star Seth Rogen has been signed up to play the lead role in Kevin Smith's upcoming comedy Zack & Miri Make a Porno. The chubby actor - steadily building a reputation as one...

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Weisz Slams 'Vulgar' Celebrity Culture

13th November 2007

Oscar winner RACHEL WEISZ has slammed talentless celebrities who pursue fame - branding them "vulgar". The British actress insists she has earned her place in the limelight because of her profession and feels contempt for...

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Fascinating Fact 4216

1st November 2007

Hollywood actress RACHEL WEISZ has proved she is the fairest of them all by dressing up as Disney character Snow White for a photoshoot with celebrated photographer ANNIE LEIBOVITZ.

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Fascinating Fact 3479

29th June 2007

Actor RYAN GOSLING has signed up to join RACHEL WEISZ and director PETER JACKSON on the big screen adaptation of Alice Sebold's 2002 book The Lovely Bones....

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Weisz Lands The Lovely Bones

14th June 2007

THE MUMMY star RACHEL WEISZ has beaten a host of Hollywood's leading ladies to land a coveted role in the big screen adaptation of Alice Sebold's 2002 masterpiece The Lovely Bones. Oscar winner Weisz will...

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Norah Jones Debuts At Cannes

17th May 2007

American singer Norah Jones made her screen debut at the Cannes film festival yesterday, appearing alongside British actor Jude Law as their new film opened the annual celebration of cinema.My Blueberry Nights, the first English...

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Opening Cannes Of Blueberry

16th May 2007

The 60th annual Cannes Film Festival opens tonight with the screening of director Wong Kar-wai's English-language My Blueberry Nights, starring Jude Law, Norah Jones, Natalie Portman, and Rachel Weisz. A bevy of top Hollywood stars...

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New Mum For The Mummy

14th May 2007

THE COOLER star MARIA BELLO is to replace RACHEL WEISZ in the third MUMMY movie. The actress will play Brendan Fraser's wife Evelyn in the upcoming sequel. The blockbuster will also feature Jet Li, Michelle...

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Next Mummy Casting Underway

1st May 2007

Casting for the next instalment of the Mummy franchise is underway, with 26-year-old Luke Ford set to star in the film.The Australian actor has been picked with a view to working towards a father-son relationship...

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Weisz Dumps Mummy Project

13th April 2007

MUMMY RETURNS star RACHEL WEISZ has reportedly pulled out of negotiations for the third instalment of the Mummy franchise.The Oscar-winning actress, who appeared in the first two Mummy films, was thought to be interested in...

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Weisz Drops Out Of Mummy 3

12th April 2007

Oscar winner RACHEL WEISZ has turned down a role in THE MUMMY 3, leaving her co-star BRENDAN FRASER without an on-screen wife. Weisz and Fraser played love interests Evelyn Carnahan O'Connell and Rick O'Connell in...

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Winslet Teams Up With Mendes For Circus Film

21st February 2007

Actress KATE WINSLET is teaming up with her Oscar-winning director husband SAM MENDES to work on a new movie. Winslet, who has been married to the AMERICAN BEAUTY filmmaker for three years, has been interested...

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Jones Stunned By Weight Loss Demands

7th February 2007

Singer NORAH JONES feared she had made a big mistake when she agreed to make her film debut in MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS - she was told to lose weight for the role. The svelte beauty...

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Weisz: 'Jackman Told My Husband To Cast Me In His Movie'

3rd February 2007

Oscar winner RACHEL WEISZ has hit back at claims she scored her role in new movie THE FOUNTAIN because husband DARREN ARONOFSKY was the director, insisting HUGH JACKMAN recommended her for the part. The English...

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Weisz: 'I Want To Make The Mummy Iii'

2nd February 2007

English actress RACHEL WEISZ hasn't given up on appearing in another THE MUMMY movie - she's appealing to writer STEPHEN SOMMERS to pen a third installment in the blockbuster film series. Weisz scored her Hollywood...

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Weisz's Parents Offer Harsh Truth

26th January 2007

RACHEL WEISZ's parents are her harshest critics and often tell her they think she is a "s**t actress". The Oscar winner and Cambridge University graduate expects total honesty from her Austrian psychoanalyst mother EDITH and...

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O'halloran Praises Dawson's 'Regular Guy' Humour

24th January 2007

Actor BRIAN O'HALLORAN has lavished praise on his CLERKS II co-star ROSARIO DAWSON, insisting other actresses muted for the part wouldn't have fitted in with the film's lewd humour. The 41-year-old grew nervous when executive...

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Weisz: 'I Thought Aronofsky Would Be Weird'

16th January 2007

British actress RACHEL WEISZ expected her filmmaker fiance DARREN ARONOFSKY to be "intense and weird", but she was thrilled to discover he's not as dark and brooding as his movies. THE CONSTANT GARDENER star admires...

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Norah Jones Terrified By Hollywood Stars

15th January 2007

Singer/songwriter NORAH JONES was so terrified at the prospect of working alongside actor JUDE LAW in her movie debut MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS she lost control of her voice. The COME AWAY WITH ME star admits...

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'Delicious' Eastwood Moment Pleases Weisz

12th January 2007

British actress RACHEL WEISZ was left dazzled when she met CLINT EASTWOOD at a recent awards ceremony, because the legendary star behaved just like his western characters. Weisz and Eastwood were being photographed at a...

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Cohen Set To Direct Mummy 3

10th January 2007

THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS director ROB COHEN is set to direct the third installment of the popular MUMMY series of movies. BRENDAN FRASER and RACHEL WEISZ have also been in discussions to reprise their...

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Weisz Defends Fiance From Brooding Reputation

4th December 2006

British actress RACHEL WEISZ insists fiance DARREN ARONOFSKY is nothing like the dark, brooding character many people think he is - he's actually a fun-loving US gameshow fan. Despite making deep, depressing movies like REQUIEM...

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Happy Feet Keeps Dancing At Top Of Us Box Office

27th November 2006

Animated penguin film HAPPY FEET has retained the top spot at the US box office over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend with takings of $37.9 million (GBP21 million). In second place is the new JAMES...

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Weisz Turns Oscars Into Fashion Show

20th November 2006

RACHEL WEISZ kept Oscar waiting when she picked up her first Academy Award earlier this year (06) after taking advice from ELLEN BARKIN. The British actress was so stunned when he name was called as...

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Weisz And Aronofsky Lived Separately To Film The Fountain

17th November 2006

British actress RACHEL WEISZ and her director fiance DARREN ARONOFSKY decided to live separately when they collaborated for THE FOUNTAIN, because they wanted to safeguard their relationship and sanity. THE CONSTANT GARDENER Oscar winner agreed...

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Weisz Has No Plans To Marry Aronofsky

16th November 2006

Oscar-winning actress RACHEL WEISZ has no plans to wed fiance DARREN ARONOFSKY, even though they got engaged last year (05) and have a child together. THE CONSTANT GARDENER beauty, 35, gave birth to baby boy...

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Weisz Lashes Out At Pregnancy-alcohol Critics

15th November 2006

LATEST: BRITISH actress RACHEL WEISZ has hit back at critics who slammed her for saying that it was OK to drink alcohol while pregnant. The Oscar-winner gave birth to her first child with director...

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