Viewers were given quite the shock when the QVC host fainted, live during the Sunday night segment. Dan Hughes, however, didn’t stop the show, reports The New York Daily News.

Cassie Slane, who was guest hosting and trying to sell an Android tablet on QVC won’t have expected to end up unconscious on the floor, but after a few worrying chest thumps, the danger was clear; she fainted live on television, giving the studio audience quite a shock. The primary host, Dan Hughes, though, took the saying, ‘the show must go on’ very literally, and continued to try and move units of that tablet computer. Slane wrote on her Facebook page Monday that she was “feeling alot better today,” but didn’t elaborate on what happened. “Kids love tablets. They love playing with tablets, they love the games,” Slane said, before the complications started. After trying to compose herself, Hughes was forced to grab her, asking, “You okay?” It’s that kind of perception and observational prowess that landed Hughes a job in television, we imagine. The show switched to a picture of the product they were trying to sell to both mask the on-screen drama, and of course, promote that shiny new tablet.

Some concerned Facebook users asked QVC host Carolyn Gracie via the social networking site if she was okay, to wit she answered: “Cassie is fine now, thank goodness! She had a couple of fainting spells due to low blood sugar. Poor thing. She is such a nice girl.”