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It's A Hard Knock Life This Christmas With 'Annie' - [Trailer + Pictures]

By Jack de Aguilar | 15th April 2014

The youngest ever Oscar nominee, Quvenzhane Wallis – with a touch of autotune thrown in for good measure - plays the iconic and titular role of Annie in Columbia Pictures’ upcoming modernisation of the classic,...

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The 'Annie' Remake: Everything You Need To Know

By Stephanie Chase | 6th March 2014

The first trailer for the ‘Annie’ remake has finally been released and sees the classic tale given a throughly modern update. Since the film won’t be out until December that means there’s plenty of time...

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First "Annie" Trailer, Starring Quvenzhane Wallis, Makes Its Way Online

By Victoria Pavlova | 6th March 2014

Calling all musical theater fans. Not only is the Annie movie officially coming to a screen near you soon, there’s also a trailer and everything. Just a heads up: there are two kinds of people...

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Solomon Northup's Story Comes To Life In '12 Years A Slave' [Trailer + Pictures]

By Jack de Aguilar | 17th July 2013

Solomon Northup was a regular New York resident who was kidnapped and sold into slavery in 1841. He was rescued 12 years later. 172 years on, and Chiwetel Ejiofor is an early Oscar contender for...

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12 Years A Slave: The Slavery Movie We've All Been Waiting For

By Jack de Aguilar | 16th July 2013

Films - or should we say writers and directors - that dare to tackle the issue of slavery come rarely, and when they due, they face an increased level of scrutiny due to the sensitive...

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"Annie" Movie To Feature Cameron Diaz As Grumpy Orphanage Headmistress

By Victoria Pavlova | 27th June 2013

If an Annie movie, produced by Will Smith and Jay-Z and directed by Jay Z sounds a bit strange, wait till you hear this: Cameron Diaz has been cast as Miss Hannigan. According to Deadline,...

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Cameron Diaz Is Miss Hannigan In Will Smith And Jay Z's 'Annie'

By Elinor Cosgrave | 27th June 2013

Sony have confirmed Cameron Diaz will be starring in Will Smith and Jay Z's musical re-envisioning of the hit Broadway musical Annie. Diaz has landed the role of Miss Hannigan, the cruel manager of the...

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Sandra Bullock In Talks For Jay-z And Will Smith’S ‘Annie’

By Elinor Cosgrave | 13th June 2013

Sandra Bullock is in talks with producers of the upcoming Hollywood remake of ‘Annie,’ according to The Wrap. Rumours of Bullock’s involvement started circulating in March, although it is believed talks have since reopened with...

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The Onion’S Quvenzhané Wallis Tweet – A Pr Stunt?

By Jack de Aguilar | 26th February 2013

The Onion have seemingly taken their shtick too far, but, considering it’s their unflinching, satirical take on the news that won them such a large audience in the first place, we’d be fools not to...

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The Onion Offer Apology To Quvenzhane Wallis Over Crude, Offensive, Tweet

By Michael West | 26th February 2013

Quvenzhane Wallis, the 9-year-old actress nominated for Best Actress at the Oscars on Sunday, has received a personal apology from Steve Hannah, the chief executive of satirical newspaper The Onion, after it tweeted an offensive...

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No. 1: Don't Call A Nine Year Old A C*nt - The Onion Tightens Twitter Rules After Quvenzhane Wallis Insult

By Hayley Avron | 26th February 2013

Rule number one: Don’t call a nine year-old a c*nt. We can only assume that this was the opening gambit of The Onion’s “new and tighter Twitter procedures” after they were forced to apologise for...

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The Onion Went Way Too Far Calling Quvenzhane Wallis A C-word

By Lorna Greville  | 25th February 2013

The Onion is normally very funny. We liked the story about Kim Jong Il being named The Sexiest Man Alive 2012, largely because a Chinese newspaper ran the story as though it were real. The...

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Quvenzhane Wallis To Take On Title Role In The Upcoming Annie Remake

By Joe Wilde | 25th February 2013

Quvenzhane Wallis will follow-up her Oscar nominated role in Beasts of the Southern Wild by taking on the lead role in the remake of the classic musical Annie, Sony Pictures Entertainment announced yesterday morning (Feb...

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The Onion Call 9-Year-old Quvenzhane Wallis A “C**T”

By Jack de Aguilar | 25th February 2013

Poor Quvenzhane Wallis; first of all, Hollywood managed to convince her that she might be in with a chance of an Oscar for Best Actress, then The Onion call her a “c**t”. “Everyone else seems...

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Youngest Ever Oscar-nominee Quvenzhané Wallis Secures Role In Annie

By Jack de Aguilar | 25th February 2013

Ahead of what could be the biggest night in Quvenzhané Wallis’ fledgling career, it has been announced that the young starlet will indeed star in Sony Picture’s upcoming version of Annie.Wallis got the film world...

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Actress Quvenzhane Wallis, 9, Reveals Who She Would Thank In Oscars Speech

By Hayley Avron | 22nd February 2013

In a joint interview with Marlee Martin, Quvenzhane Wallis revealed who she would thank, if she found herself onstage accepting the Oscar for Best Actress, on Sunday evening (February 24, 2013). The nine year old...

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The Oscars 2013 – Quvenzhané Wallis Represents Longest Odds

By Jack de Aguilar | 22nd February 2013

Considering she’s the shortest actress in the category, Quvenzhané Wallis represents the longest odds to win Best Actress at The Oscars come this Sunday. Should the miniature force of nature – as she’s been called...

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Is 9 Too Young For An Oscar? Quvenzhane Wallis Divides Opinion

By Hayley Avron | 13th February 2013

Quvenzhane Wallis is amongst the youngest actors and actresses ever to have been nominated for an Oscar and has just over a week to wait, to determine whether or not she will become the youngest...

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Jennifer Lawrence To Win Best Actress Oscar? Poll Voters Seem To Think So...

By Hayley Avron | 13th February 2013

A poll conducted by voters reveals that the American public have got Jennifer Lawrence pegged as the winner of the Best Actress Oscar, for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook. Lawrence has already bagged a...

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Quvenzhane Wallis Set For Lead Role In Annie? About Time!

By Jack de Aguilar | 13th February 2013

Quvenzhane Wallis is in line for a lead role in the remake of he musical Annie. Will Gluck will direct, and it'll be produced by Will Smith's Overbrook Entertainment, reports Entertainment Weekly.It's finally happening. Quvenzhane...

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How Ben Affleck's 'Argo' Ambushed The Oscars Race For 'Best Picture'

By Michael West | 31st January 2013

Anyone keeping a close eye on the betting for the race for Best Picture at the Oscars will know it's been judged as wide-open for months. Last summer, the magical-drama Beasts of the Southern Wild...

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Bfi Future Film Festival - Are You Involved?

By Jack de Aguilar | 21st January 2013

Perhaps you're inspired by the Academy award nominations, harbouring a fervent desire to create an on-screen wonder, or simply interested in learning more about animation, the London Southbank is where you need to be. Starting...

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Can Youngest Nominee Ever, Quvenzhane Wallis Win The Oscar For Best Actress?

By Lorna Greville  | 11th January 2013

The Oscars don't have an award for 'Breakthrough Artists' unlike many other awards' ceremonies, but in many respects that makes Quvenzhané Wallis's nomination for Best Actress that much more important and laudatory. She's the youngest...

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Best Actress In A Leading Role Oscar Nominee Quvenzhane Wallis The Youngest Ever - Just Who Is She?

By Contributor | 10th January 2013

As ever, the Oscar nominations provided plenty of talking points after being announced earlier today (January 10, 2013), but of all the actors, directors and producers included over all of the categories, few have got...

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Oscars 2013 Nominations For Best Lead Actress See Youngest And Oldest Ever Nominees Pit Their Wits Against Each Other

By Jack de Aguilar | 10th January 2013

The Oscar Nominations for Best Lead Actress are far harder to call than Lead Male, with a excellent selection of work between Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence, Emmanuelle Riva, Quvenzhane Wallis and Naomi Watts, this might...

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Daniel Craig, Ben Affleck And The Les Miserables Cast Warm Up For The Oscars At The National Board Of Review Awards (Pictures)

By Contributor | 9th January 2013

Two of last year's main men inDaniel Craig [Left] and Ben Affleck [Right],both of whom could be on for big things this awards seasonThe National Board Of Review Awards took place last night (January 8,...

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Quvenzhane Wallis Gets Two Critic's Choice Awards Nominations After Age Lie To Star In Beasts Of The Southern Wild

By Jack de Aguilar | 11th December 2012

Sometimes lies are okay. Sure we're told not to lie to anyone, ever, but if the miniature powerhouse that is Quvenzhane Wallis hadn't told a porky pie to the producers and casting directors of Beasts...

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Silver Linings Playbook? Argo? Lincoln? Your Oscars Cheat Sheet For Best Picture!

By Michael West | 27th November 2012

David O. Russell's Silver Linings Playbook - a stunning dark comedy starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper - appears to have hijacked the Oscars race. Russell was tipped for a golden statuette with The Fighter,...

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Beasts Of The Southern Wild Is "Beautiful, Funny, Timely And Tender"

By Lorna Greville  | 19th October 2012

You have probably never heard of Quvenzhane Wallis. Well, you have now, because it has been written and you have read it, and you must now never forget that name (difficult though it may be-...

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Beasts Of The Southern Wild: The Reviews Are In

By Jack de Aguilar | 18th October 2012

Beasts of the Southern Wild was granted its European debut today at the London Film Festival. We’re excited about this one, so we’ve had a look at some reviews and we’ll explain why you should...

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