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The Blind Side Star Keen To Lose Weight For Action Roles

25th May 2014

Heavyweight The Blind Side star Quinton Aaron is on a mission to lose weight so he can compete for roles in action movies.The actor has always been a big guy but a recent embarrassing incident...

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Quinton Aaron Blindsided After Getting Kicked Off Flight

4th April 2014

Actor Quinton Aaron was forced to give up his seat on a flight from Pennsylvania to New York City on Friday (04Apr14) when stewards told him he was too big to fly.The Blind Side star,...

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Blind Side Star Caught In The Rain As Cops Impound His Vehicle

7th February 2014

The Blind Side star Quinton Aaron was blindsided by police officers in Los Angeles on Thursday night (06Feb14) after they pulled his car over and discovered it wasn't registered properly.The actor was caught out in...

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Quinton Aaron Launches Anti-bullying Tour

27th March 2013

The Blind Side star Quinton Aaron has launched a new campaign to stamp out bullying across America.The 28 year old, who was picked on at school, created a self-titled foundation to support youngsters, and experts...

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The Things They Say 16574

19th May 2010

"I called to congratulate her on her first Mother's Day. She's having a great time taking care of baby Louis." Actor QUINTON AARON insists his THE BLIND SIDE co-star SANDRA BULLOCK is doing well as...

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Bullock's Onscreen Son Backs Adoption

29th April 2010

SANDRA BULLOCK's onscreen son QUINTON AARON has praised the actress for adopting a baby from New Orleans, Louisiana - insisting the Oscar-winner will make an "exceptional mother".The 45 year old won an Academy Award for...

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The Things They Say 16041

8th April 2010

"I didn't meet him until after (shooting), at the premiere. He seemed like a real cool guy, real loving. They seemed like the perfect couple when I met them. I had a lot of respect...

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Fascinating Fact 8930

8th March 2010

THE BLIND SIDE star QUINTON AARON was working as a security guard when he heard he'd landed the film role.

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Bullock's Blind Side Co-star Reveals Crush

1st March 2010

SANDRA BULLOCK's THE BLIND SIDE co-star QUINTON AARON was thrilled to land a movie role opposite his Hollywood crush - until he found out she is married.The 25 year old stars alongside the Speed actress...

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