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Stuntwoman Documentary Shows A Desperate Tarantino

19th April 2005

Fans of QUENTIN TARANTINO's KILL BILL movies can get a rare glimpse of the director's painstaking search for a stuntwoman to double up for UMA THURMAN - in a new documentary about Australian danger-girl ZOE...

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Thurman Thanks Tarantino For Tough Training

1st April 2005

Sexy actress UMA THURMAN is still benefitting from the gruelling fitness regime QUENTIN TARANTINO put her through before the KILL BILL shoot. The screen beauty is currently learning a series of complicated dance routines...

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Tarantino Splits With Film Partner

31st March 2005

Maverick director QUENTIN TARANTINO has split with his producing partner LAWRENCE BENDER after a 10-year working relationship. The movie duo first alerted gossips of their separation at the Hollywood premiere of SIN CITY -...

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Weinstein Brothers Agree To Leave Miramax

30th March 2005

Movie mogul brothers HARVEY and BOB WEINSTEIN will cease to be co-chief executives at the DISNEY-owned film production company MIRAMAX in September (05). The pair, who founded the hugely successful firm 25 years ago,...

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Tarantino Snubs Be Cool

30th March 2005

Maverick movie director QUENTIN TARANTINO refuses to watch his muse UMA THURMAN in her latest film BE COOL. The critically-panned comedy features a scene in which PULP FICTION co-stars Thurman and JOHN TRAVOLTA dance...

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Tarantino To Cut Up Bastards?

23rd March 2005

QUENTIN TARANTINO is so happy with the success of his KILL BILLs he's planning to make his next movie in two parts, according to his favourite actor MICHAEL MADSEN. Madsen, who appeared in RESERVOIR...

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Tarantino Picks Supermodel For New Film?

21st March 2005

Maverick director QUENTIN TARANTINO has reportedly found his next martial arts movie muse in the shape of former supermodel LI XIN. According to website MOVIEHOLE.NET, the KILL BILL film-maker is keen to cast Li...

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Kilmer's Top Gun Toilet Encounter

16th March 2005

Screen star VAL KILMER showed his softer side when approached by a TOP GUN fan in a restaurant toilet. The volatile TOP GUN actor was dining at London celebrity restaurant THE IVY with PULP...

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Tarantino: 'I'll Make Films For Another 15 Years'

16th March 2005

Maverick director QUENTIN TARANTINO has promised fans he'll devote another 15 years to movie-making before he retires to open a small town cinema. Tarantino - who was crowned Icon Of The Decade at Britain's...

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Tarantino Snubs Bond After Brosnan Exit

16th March 2005

Maverick film-maker QUENTIN TARANTINO abandoned plans to direct the next JAMES BOND film after PIERCE BROSNAN was fired by studio heads. The KILL BILL director was devastated when he learned Brosnan's stint as 007...

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Winslet Finally Wins Eternal Sunshine Gong

16th March 2005

Actress KATE WINSLET is thrilled she was voted the Best British Actress at Britain's EMPIRE MAGAZINE FILM AWARDS last night (13MAR05) - because they are Britain's only movie gongs chosen by the public. Winslet...

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Tarantino Dismisses Links To Friday The 13th Sequel

15th March 2005

Maverick film-maker QUENTIN TARANTINO has rubbished reports he intends to direct a new entry in the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise. But the KILL BILL creator has confirmed studio NEW LINE approached him with the...

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Tarantino Considers Friday The 13th Movie

9th March 2005

Cult movie icon QUENTIN TARANTINO is in negotiations to revive the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise after showing interest in directing THE ULTIMATE JASON VORHEES MOVIE. The KILL BILL movie maker has been asked by...

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Tarantino Slams Waxman Portrayal

28th February 2005


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Weinstein Brothers Deny Imminent Split

28th February 2005

MIRAMAX bosses HARVEY and BOB WEINSTEIN have quashed rumours they will dissolve their partnership and close working relationship following the movie distribution company's sale to DISNEY. Appearing together at what could be Miramax's last...

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Tarantino On Board For Csi

24th February 2005

LATEST: Movie-maker QUENTIN TARANTINO has confirmed he's lending his maverick talents to the US TV industry - he's signed up to direct the series finale of hit CBS show CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION. Tarantino...

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Thurman's Relief At Blood-free Producers

16th February 2005

KILL BILL actress UMA THURMAN is looking forward to filming forthcoming remake THE PRODUCERS - because there's no blood in it. Thurman starred as THE BRIDE in QUENTIN TARANTINO's violent revenge saga and is...

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Police Blame Tarantino For British Crimewave

27th January 2005

Welsh police have blamed director QUENTIN TARANTINO's bloody movies for the rise in British crime. The North Wales Police Department complain they investigated 11 murders between April and November last year (04) compared with...

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Hopper's Reservoir Regrets

10th January 2005

Acting veteran DENNIS HOPPER bitterly regrets turning down the chance to star in cult QUENTIN TARANTINO film RESERVOIR DOGS. The EASY RIDER star, 68, claims his decision to snub the 1992 crime thriller was...

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Carradine 'Surprised' By Tarantino's Globes Snub

23rd December 2004

Veteran actor DAVID CARRADINE is "surprised" director QUENTIN TARANTINO failed to land a GOLDEN GLOBE nomination for his efforts on the movie KILL BILL: VOL 2. Carradine and his leading lady UMA THURMAN picked...

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Shields Wants To Get Violent With Tarantino

7th December 2004

Hollywood actress BROOKE SHIELDS would love to change her wholesome image by taking on a violent movie role - but only if QUENTIN TARANTINO directs the film. The BLUE LAGOON beauty would revel in...

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Brosnan Turns Down Bond Spoof

17th November 2004

Former JAMES BOND hunk PIERCE BROSNAN has turned down the chance to reprise his role as the superspy in a QUENTIN TARANTINO 007 spoof. The KILL BILL director reportedly wanted the Irish actor to...

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Carey Makes Another Acting Attempt

16th November 2004

Singer MARIAH CAREY is planning to star in another movie - despite the critical mauling her autobiographical film GLITTER received. The HONEY star, whose '80s-themed movie was panned by critics and avoided by fans,...

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Tarantino Turned Down By UK Star

1st November 2004

British actor PETER BOWLES inadvertently snubbed QUENTIN TARANTINO recently, when the KILL BILL director recognised him in a Nottingham, England, bar. Bowles, 68, who is a well-known TV star in the UK but has...

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Gellar Wants To Kill Bill

29th October 2004

Horror film queen SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR wished she had the chance to star in QUENTIN TARANTINO's hit KILL BILL films. The former BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER actress was amazed by 2003's KILL BILL: VOL...

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Serena Gets A Sweet Treat From Ratner

15th October 2004

RUSH HOUR director BRETT RATNER gave his girlfriend SERENA WILLIAMS a sweet treat on her 23rd birthday - by throwing her a candy-themed party. The party took place on 2 October (04) at the...

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Stars Owed Cash By California

11th October 2004

MICK JAGGER, BEN AFFLECK and MARIA SHRIVER are being urged to make their way to California and claim a cheque - because they're owed unclaimed cash by the state. The stars are on a...

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Brando Was A Huge Jackie Brown Fan

8th October 2004

Late actor MARLON BRANDO was such a huge fan of QUENTIN TARANTINO's JACKIE BROWN, he could recite a large chunk of SAMUEL L JACKSON's lines from the 1997 movie. PULP FICTION star Jackson, 55,...

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Travolta Waits For Vega Brothers Call From Tarantino

28th September 2004

JOHN TRAVOLTA is hoping QUENTIN TARANTINO will call him about much-mooted movie THE VEGA BROTHERS - because he would never phone his PULP FICTION director. Tarantino has long talked about the idea of bringing...

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