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Neighbours Rourke And Tarantino Become Pals

17th October 2005

Actor MICKEY ROURKE has struck up a new friendship with QUENTIN TARANTINO, after discovering the film-maker is his neighbour. Once the pair realised they lived just a short stroll away from each other, Rourke...

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Celebrities' Parents Give Fitness Tips

11th October 2005

The parents of QUENTIN TARANTINO, AL PACINO and CINDY CRAWFORD are among a host of individuals who have teamed up to give fitness tips on a new series of videos. Led by former HART...

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Fiennes Wants To Make A 50s Bond

6th October 2005

RALPH FIENNES would consider playing JAMES BOND, if producers hired QUENTIN TARANTINO to make a movie more faithful to 007 author IAN FLEMING's novels. The English actor hates the way the superspy has evolved...

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Arnie Stuns At Stunt Awards But It's Tarantino's Big Night

27th September 2005

California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER stunned fans at the Taurus World Stunt Awards in Hollywood on Sunday night (25SEP05) when he showed up to present pal, stuntman icon VIC ARMSTRONG, with a Lifetime Achievement prize....

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Tarantino's Need For Speed

26th September 2005

Movie maker QUENTIN TARANTINO has a new need for speed after learning how to race NASCAR-style. The PULP FICTION director recently became a huge fan of NASCAR racing and decided to take a crash...

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Ten Years To Wait For Kill Bill 3

22nd September 2005

Fans of QUENTIN TARANTINO's hardcore action films KILL BILL should not hold their breath for part three, because the story will focus on THE BRIDE's daughter 10 years on. Tarantino's last film KILL BILL...

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Tarantino Lights Up Vivica's Booty

16th September 2005

Movie maker QUENTIN TARANTINO was so taken actress VIVICA A FOX's bottom while they were working on KILL BILL together, he insisted on using speciality equipment to light it. While most stars prefer complimentary...

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Madsen Favours Dog's Name For Unborn Baby

16th September 2005

RESERVOIR DOGS star MICHAEL MADSEN plans to call his sixth child ROCCO - in honour of his late bulldog. The movie star already has four sons and a stepson, and he's convinced his sixth...

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Tarantino Takes Riding Lessons From Hannah

11th September 2005

Cult film director QUENTIN TARANTINO has been taking riding lessons from blonde actress DARYL HANNAH. The pair built up a rapport while filming the KILL BILL movies and the horse-loving actress, who has...

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Fascinating Fact 155

9th September 2005

The stars are getting hooked on rockers INXS' US reality TV search for a singer - MATTHEW PERRY, SETH GREEN and ELLEN DeGENERES have been spotted in the audience at select shows, while film-maker QUENTIN...

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Hayek Throws Party To Celebrate Pal's Movie

12th August 2005

FRIDA star SALMA HAYEK was so thrilled with her close pal MIA MAESTRO's performance in the new movie SECUESTRO EXPRESS, she hosted a grand party for her on 3 August (05). The Mexican beauty...

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Bez's Van Attraction

27th July 2005

HAPPY MONDAYS star BEZ had a special attraction for female passengers in his specially modified van during this month's (13-20JUL05) trans-Europe Gumball Rally - a vibrating "orgasm seat". The winner of British reality TV...

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Criminal-turned-actor Bunker Dead At 71

25th July 2005

RESERVOIR DOGS star EDWARD BUNKER has died in hospital in Burbank, California from complications after surgery to improve circulation in his legs. The 71-year-old diabetic was a habitual criminal in his youth, who turned...

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Hannah Quits Movies To Save Planet

18th July 2005

Movie beauty DARYL HANNAH has turned her back on her acting career to focus on saving the planet - despite her remarkable comeback in the hit KILL BILL movies. The 44-year-old actress garnered critical...

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Tarantino On Tv

11th July 2005

Acclaimed movie maker QUENTIN TARANTINO is transferring his directing talents to TV after discovering the medium had "caught up with his aspirations". The PULP FICTION director has acquired a taste TV after he recently...

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Tarantino Woos Federline's Ex

6th July 2005

Maverick director QUENTIN TARANTINO has reportedly embarked on a romance, with the ex lover of BRITNEY SPEARS' husband KEVIN FEDERLINE - SHAR JACKSON. The pair were seen in Las Vegas, Nevada, together last weekend...

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Lee Still Angry With Tarantino

14th June 2005

Director SPIKE LEE is still reeling after his feud with QUENTIN TARANTINO, when the PULP FICTION director claimed his films were more popular to black audiences. Lee claims Tarantino told him he knew...

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Tarantino Considers Beverly Hills Cop 4

7th June 2005

QUENTIN TARANTINO has reportedly signed up to bring EDDIE MURPHY back as BEVERLY HILLS COP legend AXEL FOLEY. The movie-maker came up with the idea for a fourth Beverly Hills Cop film while writing...

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Spielberg Voted Best Director

2nd June 2005

Legendary film-maker STEVEN SPIELBERG has been voted the greatest director of all time. Spielberg - the talent behind huge blockbuster hits including SCHINDLER'S LIST, E.T., CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND and SAVING PRIVATE...

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Tarantino And Rodriguez Grind Together For Weinsteins

27th May 2005

Acclaimed directors QUENTIN TARANTINO and ROBERT RODRIGUEZ are teaming up to make a double feature to help former MIRAMAX moguls BOB and HARVEY WEINSTEIN launch their new film company WEINSTEIN CO. The legendary...

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Madsen: 'Film Violence Is Out Of Hand'

25th May 2005

MICHAEL MADSEN fears violence on screen is spiralling out of control - and insists filmmakers are desperate to outdo each other with increasingly graphic scenes. The 46-year-old actor may have appeared in his fair...

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Madsen Announces Actors In New Tarantino Film

24th May 2005

Hollywood actor MICHAEL MADSEN has confirmed director QUENTIN TARANTINO's all-star line-up for his highly-anticipated war movie INGLORIOUS BASTARDS. Madsen, who has collaborated with the maverick filmmaker on RESERVOIR DOGS and the KILL BILL movies,...

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Curtis Shows Off His Birthday Suit

16th May 2005

Movie great TONY CURTIS is celebrating his upcoming 80th birthday by baring all in the pages of the new VANITY FAIR magazine. The SOME LIKE IT HOT star went nude, holding his pet Yorkshire...

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Le Bon: 'Be Cool Is Appalling'

15th May 2005

DURAN DURAN frontman SIMON LE BON has damningly branded BE COOL one of the worst films ever to hit cinema screens. The 1980s pop icon admits he is a huge fan of screen siren...

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Legendary French Film-maker Viewed Career As Failure

8th May 2005

Legendary film-maker JEAN-LUC GODDARD always viewed his early career as a failure - despite being hailed as the saviour of French cinema in the 1960s. The 74-year-old BREATHLESS director, who counts QUENTIN TARANTINO amongst...

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Stuntwoman Documentary Shows A Desperate Tarantino

19th April 2005

Fans of QUENTIN TARANTINO's KILL BILL movies can get a rare glimpse of the director's painstaking search for a stuntwoman to double up for UMA THURMAN - in a new documentary about Australian danger-girl ZOE...

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Thurman Thanks Tarantino For Tough Training

1st April 2005

Sexy actress UMA THURMAN is still benefitting from the gruelling fitness regime QUENTIN TARANTINO put her through before the KILL BILL shoot. The screen beauty is currently learning a series of complicated dance routines...

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Tarantino Splits With Film Partner

31st March 2005

Maverick director QUENTIN TARANTINO has split with his producing partner LAWRENCE BENDER after a 10-year working relationship. The movie duo first alerted gossips of their separation at the Hollywood premiere of SIN CITY -...

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Tarantino Snubs Be Cool

30th March 2005

Maverick movie director QUENTIN TARANTINO refuses to watch his muse UMA THURMAN in her latest film BE COOL. The critically-panned comedy features a scene in which PULP FICTION co-stars Thurman and JOHN TRAVOLTA dance...

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Weinstein Brothers Agree To Leave Miramax

30th March 2005

Movie mogul brothers HARVEY and BOB WEINSTEIN will cease to be co-chief executives at the DISNEY-owned film production company MIRAMAX in September (05). The pair, who founded the hugely successful firm 25 years ago,...

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