Quentin Tarrantino's hugely popular western flick 'Django Unchained' could be coming to the small-screen.

The filmmaker revealed that he has at least 90 minutes of unseen footage from the 2012 film that could become a four-hour long cut.

With this, Tarrantino would then create a four-part cable miniseries, according to Variety.

This exciting news for the movie's fans was announced during a press conference at the Cannes Film Festival on Friday (May 23rd), which was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 1994 Palm d'Or winner, 'Pulp Fiction'.

The 51 year-old director said, "People love those," when referring to TV miniseries'.

"It's funny. You present someone with a four-hour movie, and they roll their eyes. They go, 'I don't want to watch that!' But you show them a four-part miniseries that they like and they're dying to watch all four episodes in a row," he continued.

Tarrentino also discussed a new western, ''The Hateful Eight,' which he previously chose not to create into a feature film after its script was leaked online, and instead will publish it as a novel.

However, the director of cult classic 'Reservoir Dogs' may have changed his mind.

"I have calmed down," he said. "A bit. The knife-in-the-back wound is starting to scab."

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Tarrantino is currently working on a new draft of the script and will likely produce another.

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"I'm still in the process of writing it, finishing the second draft, and then I intend to do a third draft," he revealed. "Maybe I'll shoot it, maybe I'll publish it, maybe I'll do it on the stage, because I realized it could work really well onstage. Maybe I'll do all three."

Quentin Tarrantino
Tarrantino with 'Pulp Fiction' star, Uma Thurman, at the Cannes Film Festival