Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained and Contemporary Slavery in the USA

Quentin Tarantino kept his word to THR that he believes in what he's doing, and that "Not one word of social criticism that's ever been leveled [his] way has ever changed one word or any script or any story [he] tell[s]". His latest movie Django Unchained Tarantino clearly proves this again and he defended his choices with the movie and all its controversial aspects in a post-Golden Globe interview with THR.

"They [the critics] think I should soften it, that I should lie, that I should massage," he said. "I would never do that when it comes to my characters." His colleague, Christoph Waltz who co-starred in Django Unchained alongside Jamie Foxx, backed Taraninto up, saying :'It should be controversial if you make a movie about a story against the backdrop of slavery... You better be prepared for a controversial discussion. I wish more movies gave us an opportunity to talk about subjects that matter to us today." 

As all his films have shown, Tarantino has never shied away from 'controversial discussion', and he referred to contemporary slavery and America's own problems in-land. "If you go to Malaysia, there's sexual slavery going on in places like that, but I'm more concerned about the slavery that is going on in America," he said. " Drug laws put so many black males in jails. The way private and public prisons trade prisoners back and forth. It's like they are not even hiding it anymore." 


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